500+ Professional Resume Examples and Samples for Every Job Description

A collection of 500+ professional resume examples that show you how to create a professional resume, how to incorporate the right resume format and how to ensure your resume stands out to hiring managers and recruiters.


Resume Samples

Accounting & Finance

All companies need someone to balance the books and with the right accounting resume, that someone could be you. When writing a resume for accounting and finance, be sure to use a professional and well-formatted resume template will allow you to showcase the skills needed for the job, be they financial analysis and reporting, budget management and payroll, or receivables and inventory.

Administrative & Support

Emphasize your organizational skills, proficiency in office management, and support services. Our resume guides will help you effectively present your multitasking abilities, communication skills, and proficiency in administrative software, making your resume stand out to potential employers in various administrative roles.

Construction & Engineering

Showcase your technical skills, project management experience, and knowledge in construction or engineering principles. Our guides will help you craft a resume that highlights your expertise in overseeing projects, problem-solving abilities, and proficiency in industry-specific software and tools.

Creative & Design

Designers are experts in expressing ideas visually and creating effective branding. Careers in design can include the development of advertisements and signage, illustration, interior design, and more. Your designer resume should be creative, tasteful, and professional—just like you!


Whether at a high school, elementary school, or vocational school, a career in the education field can be exciting and rewarding. Assisting in the development of the next generation of students is a job inspires many. This is a career that requires clear communication skills, a great attitude, and lots of patience.

1st Grade Teacher ResumeAdmissions Counselor ResumeArt Instructor ResumeArt Teacher ResumeAssistant Superintendent ResumeAssistant Track Coach ResumeAssistant Volleyball Coach ResumeAthletic Director ResumeBand Director ResumeCollege Instructor ResumeCourse Instructor ResumeEarly Childhood Teacher ResumeEducation Consultant ResumeEducation Paraprofessional ResumeEducator ResumeEnglish Teacher ResumeEnglish Tutor ResumeEsl Teacher ResumeFaculty ResumeGraduate Assistant ResumeGraduate Research Assistant ResumeGraduate Student ResumeGuitar Teacher ResumeHead Of School ResumeHead Volleyball Coach ResumeHigh School ResumeHistorian ResumeHonors ResumeInstructional Aide ResumeKindergarden Teacher ResumeKitchen And Bath Designer ResumeLaboratory Teaching Assistant ResumeMathematics Tutor ResumeMba ResumeMBA Student ResumeMiddle School Teacher ResumeOrientation Leader ResumeOutreach Specialist ResumePhD Student ResumePhysical Education Teacher ResumePostdoctoral Fellow ResumePreceptor ResumeReading Specialist ResumeSecond Grade Teacher ResumeSenior ResumeSocial Studies Teacher ResumeSpanish Teacher ResumeSpeaker ResumeStanford ResumeStrength And Conditioning Coach ResumeStudent Athlete ResumeStudent Library Assistant ResumeStudent Manager ResumeStudent Physical Therapist ResumeStudent ResumeStudent Teacher ResumeStudent Worker ResumeSuperintendent Of Schools ResumeTeacher And Coach ResumeTeacher ResumeTeaching Artist ResumeTeaching Assistant ResumeTraining Coordinator ResumeTraining ResumeTraining Specialist ResumeYouth Soccer Coach Resume


Engineering is a broad field with many possible specialties, but whether you are a civil engineer managing infrastructure and public health projects, an electrical engineer designing electrical subsystems, or a mechanical engineer developing and manufacturing machines, you will need a great resume template that showcases your technical skills and passion for your industry.

Assistant Controller ResumeAutomotive Mechanic ResumeCarpet Cleaner ResumeChemical Engineer ResumeChief Engineer ResumeCnc Machinist ResumeComputer Engineer ResumeData Engineer ResumeDesign Engineer ResumeDesktop Support Specialist ResumeDirector of Engineering ResumeDrafter ResumeElectrical Engineer ResumeElectrical Helper ResumeElectrical Technician ResumeEngineer Ii ResumeEngineering Associate ResumeEngineering Director ResumeEngineering Intern ResumeEngineering Manager ResumeEngineering ResumeEngineering Technician ResumeEnvironmental Engineer ResumeExecutive Engineer ResumeFactory Worker ResumeFarm Labour ResumeField Engineer ResumeField Service Engineer ResumeForeman ResumeIt Engineer ResumeJourneyman ResumeJunior Engineer ResumeLandscape Technician ResumeLead Engineer ResumeMachine Operator ResumeMaintenance Engineer ResumeMaintenance ResumeMaintenance Supervisor ResumeMaintenance Worker ResumeMechanic ResumeMechanical Design Engineer ResumeMechanical Engineer ResumeNetwork Security Engineer ResumePackaging Engineer ResumePlanning Engineer ResumePlumber ResumePrincipal Engineer ResumeProcess Engineer ResumeProduct Engineer ResumeProduction Engineer ResumeProduction Operator ResumeProject Engineering Manager ResumeQA Engineer ResumeQuality Assurance Engineer ResumeQuality Engineer ResumeRadio Frequency Engineer ResumeReliability Engineer ResumeSales Engineer ResumeSenior Design Project ResumeSenior Engineer ResumeSenior Engineering Manager ResumeSenior Facilities Engineer ResumeSenior Mechanical Engineer ResumeSenior Network Engineer ResumeSenior Pre Sales Engineer ResumeSenior Systems Engineer ResumeService Engineer ResumeSoftware Engineer ResumeSoftware Test Engineer ResumeSr. Software Engineer ResumeStructural Engineer ResumeSystem Engineer ResumeSystems Engineer ResumeTest Engineer ResumeValidation Engineer Resume

Finance & Banking

Focus on your financial analysis skills, knowledge of banking protocols, and experience in financial management. Our guides will help you structure your resume to underline your proficiency in financial planning, risk management, and regulatory compliance, making it appealing to employers in the finance and banking sector.


Roles in the healthcare field range from physicians to administrators to nurses to pharmacists. The specifics of your healthcare resume will depend heavily on the details of the role you are seeking, but in general it is important to show that you have good independent judgment, experience in patient interaction, and strong critical thinking abilities.

Aba Therapist Resume Examples and Templates ResumeAnimal Technician ResumeBehavior Technician ResumeCertified Athletic Trainer ResumeCertified Pharmacy Technician ResumeChiropractor ResumeCna ResumeDental Assistant ResumeDentist ResumeDietetic Intern ResumeEmergency Dispatcher ResumeFamily Nurse Practitioner ResumeField Nurse ResumeHealth Educator ResumeHealthcare Consultant ResumeHha ResumeLaser Technician ResumeLicensed Practical Nurse ResumeMarriage And Family Therapist ResumeMassage Therapist ResumeMedical Assistant ResumeMedical Coder ResumeMedical Director ResumeMedical Doctor ResumeMedical Interpreter ResumeMedical Laboratory Assistant ResumeMedical Laboratory Technician ResumeMedical Receptionist ResumeMedical Records Clerk ResumeMedical ResumeMedical Science Liaison ResumeMedical Technologist ResumeMental Health Counselor ResumeMental Health Nurse ResumeMental Health Therapist ResumeNurse Educator ResumeNurse Extern ResumeNurse ResumeNursing Assistant ResumeOb Gyn ResumeOphthalmic Technician ResumeOptician ResumeOptometric Technician ResumeOptometrist ResumePatient Care Specialist ResumePatient Care Technician ResumePersonal Care Assistant ResumePharmacist Manager ResumePharmacist ResumePhlebotomist ResumePhysical Therapist Assistant ResumePhysician Assistant Student ResumePhysician ResumePhysiotherapist ResumePsychiatrist ResumePsychologist ResumeQuality Control Chemist ResumeRadiologist ResumeRecreation Assistant ResumeRecreation Therapist ResumeRegistered Dental Assistant ResumeRegistered Dietitian ResumeResidential Counselor ResumeSpeech Language Pathologist ResumeStaff Nurse ResumeSterile Processing Technician ResumeStudent Clinical Rotation ResumeStudent Support Services ResumeSurgical Nurse ResumeSurgical Technician ResumeTherapist ResumeUnit Secretary ResumeVascular Technician ResumeVeterinary Technician ResumeYouth Care Specialist Resume

Hospitality & Travel

Highlight your customer service skills, experience in hospitality management, and travel coordination abilities. Our resume guides will assist in structuring your resume to emphasize your expertise in guest services, event planning, and travel management, appealing to employers in the hospitality and travel industry.

Human Resources & Recruitment

Emphasize your experience in talent acquisition, employee relations, and HR policy implementation. Our guides will help you craft a resume that showcases your ability to manage recruitment processes, develop HR strategies, and maintain positive employee relations, tailored for HR and recruitment roles.

Information Technology (IT)

Working in the IT department, you will administer and monitor the computer networks, hardware, and software that is used by the company and its employees. This will include maintenance and troubleshooting and will often involve working directly with users of the technology. Expertise in network security, industry trends, and database management are all important assets.

3D Artist ResumeAdmin Assistant ResumeAndroid Developer ResumeApplication Developer ResumeBusiness Consultant ResumeBusiness Intelligence Analyst ResumeBusiness Operations Manager ResumeChief Information Officer ResumeComputer Operator ResumeComputer Specialist ResumeCorporal ResumeData Analyst Internship ResumeData Analyst ResumeData Center Technician ResumeData Entry Operator ResumeData Research Analyst ResumeData Transcriber ResumeDeveloper ResumeDevelopment Associate ResumeDirector Of Information Technology ResumeDirector Of It ResumeFreelance Computer Technician ResumeFreelance Web Developer ResumeFront End Developer ResumeFull Stack Developer ResumeGis Analyst ResumeImplementation Manager ResumeInformation Security Analyst ResumeInformation Technology Consultant ResumeInformation Technology Instructor ResumeIt Administrator ResumeIt Assistant ResumeIt Executive ResumeIt Intern ResumeIT Officer ResumeIT ResumeJava Architect ResumeLead Developer ResumeManagement Analyst ResumePHP Developer ResumePL SQL Developer ResumePrinciple ResumeProduct Analyst ResumeProgram Assistant ResumeProgrammer Analyst ResumeProject Analyst ResumeProject Leader ResumeQuality Analyst ResumeQuality Assurance Analyst ResumeSap Consultant ResumeSap Fico Consultant ResumeSas Programmer ResumeSecurity Engineer ResumeSenior .net Developer ResumeSenior Business Analyst ResumeSenior Data Analyst ResumeSenior Graphic Designer ResumeSenior Java Developer ResumeSenior Programmer ResumeSenior Software Developer ResumeSenior Technical Analyst ResumeSoftware Architect ResumeSolutions Consultant ResumeSql Database Administrator ResumeStaff Software Engineer ResumeSystem Admin ResumeSystem Analyst ResumeTechnical Consultant ResumeTechnical Director ResumeTechnical Project Manager ResumeTechnical Support Engineer ResumeTechnical Support Specialist ResumeTechnology ResumeTest Analyst ResumeWindows System Administrator Resume

Jobs in the legal field are varied and will encompass many specialties, but all of them will require an analytical mind, strict attention to detail, and the ability to work under stress. Whether you are an attorney, a paralegal, or a legal assistant, skills in legal research, factual investigations, and document gathering will be important skills. It is also important to show expertise in your area of law, as well as your ability to coordinate complex technical and legal activities and communicate clearly with clients and coworkers.

Highlight your legal expertise, understanding of compliance regulations, and case management skills. Our resume guides will help you showcase your proficiency in legal research, litigation experience, and adherence to regulatory standards, tailored for legal and compliance roles.


Managers are important to the functioning of any business. Managers oversee the day-to-day operation of offices, departments, and teams. Your management resume should showcase your leadership capabilities, organizational expertise, and people skills, as well as your experience leading teams, overseeing budgets, and managing projects.

Accounts Manager ResumeArea Manager ResumeArea Sales Manager ResumeAssistant Manager ResumeAsst. Manager ResumeBoard Member ResumeBusiness Unit Manager ResumeCase Manager ResumeCEO ResumeChief Marketing Officer ResumeChief Operating Officer ResumeClient Manager ResumeCo-founder ResumeCommunications Manager ResumeCommunity Relations Manager ResumeContent Manager ResumeCoo ResumeDevelopment Manager ResumeDigital Marketing Manager ResumeDirector General ResumeDirector Of Client Services ResumeDirector Of Development ResumeDirector Of It ResumeDirector Of Operations ResumeDirector Of Product Management ResumeDistrict Sales Manager ResumeEntrepreneur ResumeExecutive Director ResumeExecutive Manager ResumeExecutive Vice President ResumeExport Manager ResumeFloor Manager ResumeFounder And Director ResumeFounder And Managing Director ResumeFront Desk Manager ResumeFront Office Manager ResumeGeneral Manager ResumeInternational Sales Manager ResumeIT Director ResumeLogistic Manager ResumeManagement Consultant ResumeManagement ResumeManaging Consultant ResumeManaging Director ResumeMarketing Manager ResumeOffice Manager ResumeOperation Manager ResumePlant Manager ResumeProduct Development Manager ResumeProduct Manager ResumeProduction Manager ResumeProject Management Consultant ResumeProject Manager ResumeProperty Manager ResumeQuality Assurance Manager ResumeQuality Manager ResumeRegional Director ResumeRegional Manager ResumeRestaurant Manager ResumeSenior Project Manager ResumeSenior Sales Manager ResumeService Delivery Manager ResumeSocial Media Manager ResumeSoftware Development Manager ResumeSole Proprietor ResumeSupply Chain Manager ResumeTraining Manager ResumeVice President Operations ResumeVp Operations Resume

Management & Leadership

Focus on your leadership achievements, strategic planning skills, and team management experiences. Our resume guides offer strategies to present your leadership style, successful projects, and managerial skills in a way that underscores your capability to drive organizational success.

Manufacturing & Production

Detail your experience in production management, quality control, and process optimization. Our resume guides will aid in structuring your resume to demonstrate your skills in managing production lines, ensuring product quality, and improving operational efficiencies, tailored for the manufacturing sector.

Military & Defense

Showcase your military experience, discipline, and strategic skills. Our guides offer insights on how to translate military skills to civilian job requirements, emphasizing leadership, teamwork, and crisis management skills that are highly valued in the defense sector.

Non-profit & Community Services

Emphasize your experience in community outreach, program management, and fundraising skills. Our guides will assist in presenting your dedication to social causes, project management skills, and ability to mobilize resources, making your resume stand out in the non-profit sector.

Office & Adminstration

Careers in office administration involve ensuring that the day-to-day operations of offices run smoothly. Office administrators coordinate and organize office operations, including meetings, events, inventory, billing, and payroll. Office administrators are skilled with people, highly organized, and clear communicators.

Real Estate

Real estate agents list and sell property, both commercial and residential. As a real estate agent you will coordinate with buyers and sellers, prepare and review contracts, keep a keen watch on housing market trends, and more. Great real estate agents are great salespeople, so your real estate resume must highlight your sales experience and your real estate expertise.

Real Estate & Property Management

Showcase your real estate knowledge, property management experience, and negotiation skills. Our guides offer strategies to present your ability to manage properties, understand market trends, and execute real estate transactions effectively.

Retail & Customer Service

Emphasize your customer service skills, sales experience, and retail management abilities. Our resume guides will guide you in highlighting your interpersonal skills, sales achievements, and ability to manage retail operations, ensuring your resume captures the essence of customer-centric roles in the retail industry.

Retail & Customer Support

Retail associates are responsible for merchandising, assisting customers, cash handling, stocking shelves, and more. Customer support representatives speak with customers, troubleshoot products, provide technical help, and provide expertise in their company and its products. By developing your ability to communicate clearly with customers and positively represent your company, you can ensure a great career in retail and customer support.

Sales & Marketing

Careers in sales and marketing are all about selling products. When working in sales and marketing, your role can range from interfacing directly with customers and clients representing a product or brand to designing and implementing advertising campaigns. The sales department is the face of the business and integral to its success.

Automotive Sales Consultant ResumeBlogger ResumeBusiness Development And Marketing Manager ResumeBusiness Development Executive ResumeBusiness Development ResumeBusiness Executive ResumeCampaign Manager ResumeCar Sales Consultant ResumeChannel Manager ResumeCommunications Director ResumeCommunications Intern ResumeDigital Marketing Intern ResumeDigital Marketing ResumeDirect Sales Agent ResumeDirect Sales Representative ResumeDirector of Marketing & Communications ResumeDirector of Marketing ResumeDirector Of Sales And Marketing ResumeDirector Of Sales ResumeDirector Sales ResumeDirector, Marketing ResumeDistributor ResumeEcommerce Project Manager ResumeEvents Marketing Manager ResumeFreelance Marketing Consultant ResumeFreelance Writer ResumeFreelancer ResumeGroup Sales Manager ResumeInsurance Sales Agent ResumeInternet Marketing Consultant ResumeLead Sales Associate ResumeMarket Research Analyst ResumeMarketing Communications Assistant ResumeMarketing Director ResumeMarketing Intern ResumeMarketing Manager ResumeMarketing Officer ResumeMarketing ResumeMarketing Specialist ResumeMarketing Strategist ResumeMedia Planner ResumeOnline Marketing Specialist ResumeOutside Sales Representative ResumeOutside Sales ResumeProposal Writer ResumePublic Relations ResumePublicist ResumeReal Estate Analyst ResumeReal Estate Appraiser ResumeSales & Marketing Executive ResumeSales Advisor ResumeSales Associate ResumeSales Coordinator ResumeSales Executive ResumeSales Operations Analyst ResumeSales Operations Specialist ResumeSales Supervisor ResumeSalesman ResumeSenior Director Of Marketing ResumeSenior Product Marketing Manager ResumeSenior Sales Executive ResumeSenior Sales Manager ResumeSenior Sales Representative ResumeSocial Media Assistant ResumeSocial Media Intern ResumeSocial Media ResumeSocial Media Specialist ResumeSocial Media Strategist ResumeStaff Writer ResumeStrategic Marketing Consultant ResumeTechnical Account Manager ResumeVice President of Marketing ResumeVice President Of Sales And Marketing ResumeVice President, Marketing ResumeVp Sales & Marketing Resume

Transportation & Logistics

Focus on your skills in logistics management, transportation planning, and supply chain coordination. Our resume guides will help you highlight your expertise in optimizing logistics operations, managing transportation schedules, and ensuring efficient supply chain management.

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How to Use the Perfect Resume Example to Your Advantage

With our real world resume examples, try to find the perfect resume to drive inspiration by:

  1. Finding a resume example related to your job title or field.
  2. Finding a resume example that relates to your level of experience or higlights your resume skills.
  3. Assessing whether a resume sample reflects your personality or not.

Once you have a resume example matched by those three factors listed above, the next thing to consider is how your work experience(or projects), skills, summary(or objective), certifications, etc can fit to make it look like the resume sample. We recommend that you follow the STAR method to make the best out of these professional resume examples.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Results

When you apply the STAR framework to your resume - you write your resume summary (or objective) and resume experience based on a situation you faced, a task you performed, action you took and the results you achieved.

Resume Format Examples

There are a lot of resume formats available for you to select and craft your resume. There are a range of factors that make it easy for you:

  1. If you are applying for an entry level role - consider an entry level resume format that helps you highlight your past projects, relevant skills and your motivation to apply for the role.
  2. If you are applying as an experienced professional with <10 years of experience your preference should be to go for a 1 page resume format.
  3. If you have >10 years of experience and if you feel you can fit all your work experience in a page, a one page resume format is good. Else, consider a two page resume format. Most recruiters expect a two page resume for professionals with >10 years of experience.

Entry Level Resume Examples

From sales associates to entry level management positions, we have a range of resume examples that you can use to craft your entry level resume with confidence and land that role!

While going through our entry level resume samples, we encourage you to focus on the following:

  1. Finding design elements that highlight your personality.
  2. Picking up a resume layout that showcases your skills and ensures that you standout from the crowd.
  3. Keep your resume clutter free.
  4. Cutting down on irrelevant information, but making sure that the hiring manager still finds you proactive and motivated upon reviewing your resume.

Functional Resume Examples

Are you trying to make the transition from one role to another? Or, are you an entry level professional with less than a year of experience? Our functional resume examples will help you create the right first impression to help you get that job.


Reverse Chronological Resume Examples

The best way for professionals to lay out their resume is in the form of a reverse chronological resume format. The professional resume examples we have for experienced professionals follow a reverse chronological layout as shown in the sample below.


Two-Column Resume Examples

You feel your relevant resume is hard to fit in a single page? Consider leveraging our two-column resume examples to find the inspiration to craft the perfect two page resume.


Are these the best resume examples for 2022?

Our professional resume examples are kept updated each year to ensure we support your job search. Further, we work with industry experts and HR professionals to ensure these examples are updated to incorporate high in-demand job skills.

What should I include in my resume?

Always add the following sections to your resume:

  • Resume header
  • A resume summary or an objective
  • Your relevant work experience
  • Your resume skills
  • Your resume certifications

Is it advisable to use these resume examples?

These resumes are crafted by consulting top career and HR experts to help you get the most out of your job search. These examples are easy to customize and help you skip the lengthy process of writing a resume from scratch. You can move sections, customize colors and change fonts all based on your unique needs.

Are these resume examples right for me?

These resume examples are written for specific job titles, experience levels and industries to make sure that they give you the right information. The resume examples listed here have helped millions of people land their dream job!

What should I avoid when using a resume sample?

Depending upon your experience avoid using the wrong resume format. A golden rule is to use reverse chronological resume examples if you have relevant experience, and use functional resume if you don’t.

What to do if I can’t find a resume sample for my role?

Search for a related role and extract key resume insights that are relevant to your job ad. Then use these key insights to craft your resume’s language. Alternatively, you can also click on a relevant resume example and customize it to your needs.

Where can I find cover letter examples?

You can visit our library of cover letter examples. In addition to job winning examples, we also have detailed explanations of why an example is good or bad to further help write the perfect one!

What’s the best resume format?

For experienced professionals, the perfect resume format is reverse chronological resume format. But for entry level or career transitions, a functional resume is often used due to lack of relevant work experience.

How do I use these resume examples for my own resume?

To use the resume examples listed here, follow the link and click on the “sign-up” button and you should be able to use the resume example you want.

Is there a free resume template?

Yes, there are multiple free resume templates available that you can use.

What is a profile title in resume examples?

A profile title is a section that is present on top of the resume. Commonly used to list name, job titles and other resume header information.

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