Research Assistant Resume Samples [+ 3 Examples]

This page provides you with Research Assistant resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Research Assistant resume.

Research Assistant Resume Sample and Template
Research Assistant Resume Sample and Template
Research Assistant Resume Sample and Template
Research Assistant Resume Sample and Template


Research Assistant positions are some of the most prized and sought-after jobs on the market. Your competition are educated, ambitious, and talented scholars with qualifications from prestigious universities. To stand out from the crowd, you'll need the best Research Assistant Resume possible.

Thankfully, we've done our own research that will help you write a resume that will grab a hiring manager's attention and get you a call for an interview.

What is a Research Assistant?

A Research Assistant is employed by a university, a research organization, or a private body to support research fellows or teams. Their primary role is to collect, analyze, and interpret data.

Research Assistants are typically employed temporarily. However, lots of permanent research positions exist. Many Research Assistant roles are filled by postgraduate students in the process of completing a Ph.D. program. These positions help postgrads earn some extra money during their studies. Additionally, they can provide them with valuable experience for their academic career.

The role of a research assistant can be broad and varied. Different projects will require researchers to perform a variety of tasks. These duties can include:

  • Seeking grants and other funding opportunities.
  • Preparing materials for funding
  • Planning research projects and coordinating tasks
  • Scheduling interviews, preparing surveys and collating the results
  • Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data
  • Preparing reports on findings
  • Preparing materials, posters, or slides for research presentation

Research Assistant Resume

Sheryl C. McKenzie Summary Ambitious Research Assistant with 5+ years in modern lab environments resulting in 10+ publications and over $350,000 in funding. Seeking to continue to contribute work towards finding treatments for dementia, specifically Alzheimer's disease. Experience Research Assistant, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRD), University of PIttsburgh | January 2020 - Present

  • Worked closely with Principal Investigator to write grant proposals that generated $350,000 in lab funding
  • Collected, collated, and tabulated weekly data from clinical trials
  • Provided ad-hoc assistance such as translating policy documents and research papers and researching on policies of two projects in participating directories
  • Recruited interview subjects, prepared interview questions, and summarized interviews
  • Supervised three undergraduate students working on the project; maintaining assignment records, liaising between students and faculty researcher

Education Masters of Science in Biology, University of Pittsburgh 2018 - 2020 Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Pittsburgh 2015 - 2018 Skills

  • Research and Analysis
  • Literature Review
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Report Writing
  • Data Collection
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Great Communication Skills

This is an excellent example of a resume for a Research Assistant job because it breaks each section down into easy-to-digest chunks. Additionally, the summary and work experience sections include hard numbers that prove the candidate's ability to raise funding.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Resume

Shadin Jabbar Asfour Summary Dedicated Undergraduate Research Assistant with 2+ years experience in clinical trial research. Excellent communication skills and proficient in data collection and review, clinical trial regulation requirements, and presentation. Exceptional eye for detail helped reduce trial data error rates to below 1%. Work Experience Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Psychology and Neuroscience, Hall University | August 2020 - Present

  • Participated in trial research by locating test subjects via outreach, including leaflets, social media, and communicating with special interest groups, resulting in an increase of participation by 25%
  • Reviewed data collection forms for each participant for completion, ensured accurate entry, lowering error rate to under 1%
  • Responsible for retaining consent forms, explaining processes, and scheduling participant visits
  • Performed review and primary analysis of data and prepared it for annual conference

Education BSc. in Biology, Hall University Anticipated graduation 2023 Skills

  • Database Management
  • Eye for detail
  • Strong communication skills
  • Team player
  • Marketing and outreach

This is a good resume for an Undergraduate Research Assistant because it details the candidate's experience and backs it up with data. Even though the candidate doesn't have a huge amount of experience, what is included is clear and well backed-up.

Lab Research Assistant Resume

Fred Duffy Summary Hard-working, passionate Research Assistant with a proven track record of successfully assisting several lab projects, seeks new opportunities in informatics, healthcare, biotech, or the mobile health sector. Experience Research Assistant, Oregon State University | 2019 - Present

  • Prepared liquid media and agar plates for the lab
  • Drafted and submitted grant proposals to school and government organizations
  • Studied base-pair mutations in strains of e.Coli using a LacZ reversion assay
  • Conducted basic microbiological experiments with e.Coli cultures
  • Performed mutagenesis experiments with an aseptic technique using sodium nitrate
  • Prepared and presented research for two separate conferences (2020, 2022)

Research Assistant, John Hopkins School of Medicine | 2014 - 2019

  • Managed and updated databases to ensure efficiency and quality assurance.
  • Created and conducted public sessions on the importance of cancer screening
  • Interviewed participants for the above-mentioned screenings while increasing the recruitment and advertisement of protocol studies.

Education MSc in Biomedical Sciences, Long Island University 2012 - 2014

BA in Biomedical Sciences, Long Island University 2008 - 2012


  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem Solving
  • Lab Safety protocols
  • Drafting Grant Proposals

This is a great resume for a Lab Research Assistant because it highlights the candidate's previous lab work experience in detail. It presents all the information in a clean, easy-to-read format and uses the summary to highlight the specific areas the candidate has identified for their career path.

How to Write a Research Assistant Resume

Writing a good Research Assistant resume consists of presenting crucial information in an easily accessible format. Hiring managers receive a lot of applications for each role. The best resumes will make their job easy by allowing them to find relevant information quickly.

A solid Research Assistant resume should consist of:

  1. A header with your name, job title, and contact details

  2. A resume summary or objective that outlines your resume succinctly.

  3. A work experience section that lists relevant positions, responsibilities, and skills.

  4. An education section that details your qualifications.

  5. A skills section that lists hard and soft skills that will be advantageous in your role as Research Assistant.

Hiring managers will first look at the header and then read your resume summary. As such, it should be an easily digestible version of your resume. By the end of the paragraph, a hiring manager should have a good idea of who you are, your experiences, and your career trajectory.

Writing Your Research Assistant Resume Summary or Objective

A resume summary or objective should consist of a short, punchy paragraph that explains:

  • Who you are
  • Your role
  • Your experience
  • Your achievements
  • Some of your best skills and attributes

A resume summary is the best choice if you have work experience. However, if you are just out of university, an undergrad, or switching careers, a resume objective is best. Resume objectives concentrate on education and related experiences, like internships or even summer jobs.

Graduate Research Assistant Resume Example - Summary

Hard-working and enterprising graduate student in chemistry with considerable lab and research experience seeks the position of graduate research assistant. Strong organizational skills and thorough subject knowledge as demonstrated in a voluntary position at Houston University. Hoping to leverage my qualities to assist department research projects.

This is a great Graduate Research Assistant resume because it draws on the candidate's voluntary positions and undergrad experience to position themselves as a worthy hire. When you don’t have adequate work experience, you need to use what you can.

Postgraduate Research Assistant Resume Example - Summary

Stanford University MSc in Molecular Biology graduate with 2+ years experience assisting with research projects analyzing RNA, DNA, and protein. Hoping to join the team at the National Cancer Institute to use my data entry and lab maintenance skills to help identify novel targets for cancer treatment.

This is a good biology Research Assistant resume summary because it identifies specific areas of experience while detailing the research areas the candidate is targeting for future positions.

Research Assistant Resume Example - Objective

Diligent, goal-oriented Research Assistant with 3+ years experience in economic research and project coordination. Strong critical thinking with an ability to conduct research quickly and effectively. Excellent written and communication skills, bringing a proven ability to contribute and edit material for publication.

This Research Assistant resume summary works because it outlines the candidate's strengths as a researcher and a project coordinator. Many Research Assistant roles will require candidates to perform administrative tasks and contribute to publications. This summary lets hiring managers understand exactly how the candidate is qualified for the position.

Writing the Perfect Research Assistant Job Description on Resume

Hiring managers will be interested to see what work experience you can bring to the role. The work experience section is your opportunity to show what duties and responsibilities you've undertaken, but it's also your chance to display your achievements and accomplishments.

Formatting this section is straightforward. You should:

  1. List your work experience reverse-chronologically, i.e., list your most recent Research Assistant work experience first and work backward.

  2. For each position, you should include your role, the name of the research organization, and the dates you worked there.

  3. Add bullet points describing your duties and responsibilities. Include any achievements or accomplishments too, and preferably quantity them with some data. For example, "boosted trial participation by 25%."

  4. Use action verbs to describe your duties, for example, "collected" or "performed" as against "duties include collecting data and performing regression analysis."

  5. Study the job description thoroughly and pick out words and phrases to use in your work experience. Where possible, try and tailor your duties to match the responsibilities listed in the job description.

Research Assistant Resume Sample - Job Description

Research Assistant, MEDI-BI | June 2019 - March 2022

  • Drafted and submitted applications for regulatory approval
  • Prepared and submitted applications for grants, helping to raise over $200,000 in funding.
  • Managed and coordinated three successful clinical trials with over 70 participants each
  • Attended area seminars and meetings; presented preliminary findings at two conferences.
  • Supervised undergrad students working on the research project; updating records on assignments, liaising between primary researcher and undergrads
  • Monitored the budget and prepared progress reports for the Primary Investigator and funding agencies

This Research Assistant work experience sample works because it provides a detailed picture of the candidate's duties and backs it up with hard data.

Sample Lab Research Assistant Job Description for Resume

Lab Research Assistant, WC Medicine | November 2019 - Present

  • Handled biological materials from patients with various types of cancer or patients infected with HIV
  • Performed routine molecular biology lab procedures, such as protein electrophoresis, PCR, and DNA and cloning preparation
  • Conducted antibody-based cell staining for Flow Cytometry experiments, prepared genetic libraries for RNA-seq experiments
  • Responsible for the receipt, storage, cataloging, and shipment of samples within and between institutions.
  • Ensured safe laboratory practices were followed, including the disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals.
  • Ensured a clean working area; responsible for washing and storing glassware

This is a great Lab Research Assistant work experience because it underlines the candidate’s specific skills and experience in the lab. By highlighting their specialist work, alongside their more general Lab Assistant duties, the candidate appears very well-rounded.

Entry Level Lab Research Assistant Resume Job Description

Research Assistant, HVIM | April 2021 - Present

  • Performed lab maintenance tasks and cleaning
  • Conducted sample processing and analysis in accordance with project documentation; maintaining sample integrity by observing storage procedures
  • Assisted with storage and tracking of samples in line with HTA legislations
  • Produced sample kits and sample labels, ensuring accuracy and quality control
  • Supported senior research staff in planning and delivering clinical studies

Many people applying for Entry-Level Research Assistant jobs won’t have a great deal of work experience to utilize. However, this work experience summary shows how the candidate has been working well at the basics and is ready for new opportunities.

How to List Education on Your Research Assistant Resume

Your education section will help convince a hiring manager that you have the right tools for the job. If you don't have a lot of work experience to fall back on, this section will form a crucial part of your application.

The main things you need to list in your education section are:

  • The name of your course
  • The name of the institution
  • Dates attended

Some candidates also choose to list their GPA and relevant areas of study. If you don't have a lot of work experience, these additional details could prove useful.

Another thing you can consider adding are achievements and extracurricular activities.

Finally, ensure that you list your education in reverse-chronological order.

Research Assistant Resume Example - Education

Masters of Education, Boston University 2018-2020

BA in Education, University of Texas 2015 - 2018

This is an excellent example of how to list your education because it’s clear, concise, and is presented in the correct order, i.e., reverse chronologically.

How to Become a Research Assistant

Almost all employers will require that a Research Assistant has a bachelor's degree in a relevant field. A degree demonstrates to hiring managers that you have in-depth knowledge of the area of study.

While you study, you can gain research or lab experience as part of your course or on a voluntary basis. These experiences can help you become comfortable using equipment or methodologies that you might encounter during your career as a Research Assistant.

During your degree, you can speak to your professors and ask them for advice about what specific electives or areas of study will help you with a Research Assistant position in a particular field.

Finally, consider Research Assistant internships. These roles can be a great way for you to build a relevant work history. Additionally, they provide an opportunity to network and gain connections in your preferred industry.

Many of these positions turn into full-time jobs, or at least provide you with references and practical experience that you can leverage when applying for jobs

Research Assistant Salary

A research assistant can expect to earn a median salary of around $37,400. Of course, this figure varies depending on your level of experience, location, and the research institution.

Final Thoughts

Research Assistant jobs are ultra-competitive and require facing off against some of the nation's most qualified and ambitious scholars. To make an impact with hiring managers, you need a great Research Assistant resume.

Choosing a clean template and breaking each section down will make your Research Assistant CV easy to read. However, the content needs to be excellent too. A solid resume summary and a detailed work experience section that are personalized for the job description will give you a great chance of grabbing the hiring manager's attention and getting called for an interview.

Research Assistant Resume Sample and Template
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