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Freelancers Need Resumes and CV's Too

Do I still need a resume if I’m freelancing? That’s a question I often hear in my role as a career consultant at Talent Collective.

VisualCV named One of Canada's Top New Growth Companies

Workstory (makers of VisualCV) is one of Canada's fastest growing startups as ranked by Canadian Business and PROFIT magazines.

Creating a cover letter with VisualCV

Introducing VisualCV's latest feature - cover letter customization.

Customize your font in VisualCV

Introducing VisualCV's latest feature - font customization

Introducing Vienna, Chloe, and Arya - three new VisualCV templates

VisualCV is pleased to announce the release of three brand new resume templates

Introducing 'PDF only' VisualCVs

A new privacy option for your VisualCV.

VisualCV Mobile 2.0

The latest update to the VisualCV mobile apps on Android and IOS.

Introducing an all-new VisualCV

The new VisualCV is faster, sleeker, and easier to use. Try it free today.

Ben's Tips: How to add a table to VisualCV

Learn how you can add a table to VisualCV

5 Tools to Research Your Prospective Employer in Under 30 Minutes

Research and preparation are integral parts of any job search. Here are some excellent tools for learning about potential employers with as little fuss as possible.

Ben’s Tips: Showing your Skills in VisualCV

How to display your skills in your VisualCV resume.

Ben's Tips: How to change the colour of your resume

Ben's Tips

Suffering from Professional Value Fuzziness?

How to go from stuck to empowered on your career change

Ben’s Tips: How to change your VisualCV URL

Ben’s Tips

Ben's Tips: How to lower the page count of your VisualCV

Ben's Tips

Ben's Tips: Should I export my VisualCV as a PDF or a Word Document?

Which file format should I use when downloading my VisualCV?

Making your move - internationally

A contributed post by Danielle Lovell

Ben's Tips: How to make copies of your resume

Don't rely on a single resume for every application - make copies of your resume to customize for each position.

Skillshare for VCV members

Ben's Tips: Using the keyboard shortcuts you already know

Ben's Tips

A VisualCV success story featuring Caroline

My job is to engage and attract the world's best talent to come and be a part of the organization I work for

Ben's Tips: Ask a friend for feedback

Ben's Tips

How to write work experience that makes your resume stand out

No matter how impressive your experience is, presenting your work history in a way that is compelling and draws the attention of recruiters can be difficult.

Why you should care about the business you’re applying to and how to get the role

A contributed post by Adam Rogers

1 Million Members!

Since launching in 2014, over 1 million individuals have used VisualCV to grow their career.

Everything you need to know about working at a startup

A contributed post by Ian Walker

Job and Career Searching: How to Embrace These 5 Shifts

A contributed post by David Shindler

A new batch of templates

Meet the designer behind our three new templates

Introducing VisualCV Mobile

Now you can easily create, edit, and download multiple resumes/CVs from your smartphone

Refreshing the VisualCV brand

Introducing an all new look for VisualCV

Work harder on yourself than your job search

Why you should practice self-improvement while looking for a new job

5 reasons why the resume will never die

Is the resume dead? No! And here are our top 5 reasons why the reason will never die.

10 ways to future proof your career

When it comes to your career, you should always be thinking ahead. Check out our suggestions for 10 ways to future-proof your career.

13 must read career quotes

13 quotes to guide your career

Improve your resume - impressing future employers with copy that pops

A new job opening will inundate human resource workers with applications. Many people applying for these jobs aren't qualified, and many applicants that are qualified are essentially filling in a blank template instead of producing a sharp CV.

How to write a perfect freelance resume

We live in a world where working as a freelancer is easier than ever. An Internet connection alone makes it possible for an artist to land a gig designing a logo for a company on the other side of the planet or a writer producing marketing copy from a coffee shop.

Don't follow your passion, build the right skills instead

Dont follow your passion, build the right skills instead

The career switch - utilize old skills on your new career path

How to utilize old skills to switch careers. Lessons learned.

Does an entrepreneur need a resume?

The job application process that improved results by 7000%

The 6-second resume screen and beyond — how to guarantee you will get the job

How to Customize Your Resume to Land the Interview

Benefits of a good CV layout

The best CV layouts will not only impress your employer, but can help you outline your most important skill sets. Check out our tips for the best CV layout.

5 Huge Ways to Improve to Your Resume in 10 Minutes or Less

10 inspiring resume designs to get you hired

The 5 biggest mistakes students make on their resumes

Don't make these common student resume mistakes when applying for a job.

5 of the Best Apps for Job Seekers

Cover letters, resumes, portfolios, profiles, websites! It takes a lot more to apply for a job these days. With so many technological advancements aiming to latch on to the job application process, it’s hard for job seekers to know what employers are really looking for. Essentially, every job-seeking app claims to help applicants hone their skills and market themselves more effectively. Yet, some apps prove to be more helpful than others. Let’s take a look at the best apps for job seekers to help you land the job of your dreams.

7 winning hacks to get exactly what you want from your career

In order to build an amazing career, it takes hard work, skill, and resilience. However, many people don’t get the simple things right that can have a huge impact on their career trajectory. We’ve compiled 7 easy to master tips that if done right will have a massive impact in helping you reach your potential.

How to ask for a job introduction

How to ask for a job introduction

5 Virtual Resume Samples to Inspire your VisualCV

Having a virtual version of your resume is necessary for any job hunt. It is a living online document that you can add much more to than a traditional resume and always keep updated to differentiate you from the competition.

5 visual resume examples that will blow your mind

Standing out in a competitive job market is tough – it takes creativity and hustle. One way job seekers are stepping above the competition is by creating visual resumes to market themselves. Here are five of the best visual resume examples we’ve found.

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