200+ Top Resume Skills for 2022

Browse through our collection of 200+ resume skills, learn how to list a specific skill on your resume and land your next job offer.


Top Resume Skills for 2024

Discover our extensive collection of 200+ resume skills to learn how you should list a specific skill on your resume to get the attention of hiring managers and recruiters, and land many more job interviews and offers in the process.

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Administration Skills

Time to level up your administration skills by listing them on your resume with perfection. Browse the following administrative resume skills and level up your resume.

  1. Compliance Skills
  2. Contract Management
  3. Budget Management Skills
  4. Event Management Skills
  5. Fundraising Skills
  6. Finance Management Skills
  7. Supply Chain Skills
  8. Procurement Skills
  9. Insurance Skills
  10. Inventory Management Skills
  11. Active Directory Skills
  12. CCNA Skills
  13. Data Center Skills
  14. Security Skills
  15. Unix Skills

Art, Architecture and Design Skills

Let your art, architecture and design skills shine bright on your resume and make your future employer say “I NEED to interview this candidate!” with these resume skill guides.

  1. 3D Printing Skills
  2. Adobe Skills
  3. Acrobat Skills
  4. Architecture Skills
  5. Asset Management Skills
  6. CAD Skills
  7. Design Skills
  8. Drawing Skills
  9. InDesign Skills
  10. Maya Skills
  11. Photoshop Skills
  12. Product Design Skills
  13. UX Skills
  14. Video Production Skills
  15. Videography Skills

Business Skills

MBA or no-MBA - we’ve got your back! Use these business resume skill guides to list your business skills on your resume with confidence. Competition is irrelevant when you stand out from the crowd with your key business skills.

  1. Business Management Skills
  2. Audit Skills
  3. Acquisition Skills
  4. Budgeting Skills
  5. Business Analysis Skills
  6. Crisis Management Skills
  7. Financial Analysis Skills
  8. Implementation Skills
  9. Mathematics Skills
  10. Planning Skills
  11. Process Improvement Skills
  12. Product Management Skills
  13. SPSS Skills

Communication Skills

You are great at communicating complex ideas and innovative solutions. Use that thinking and compliment it with our communication skills guides to land that job.

  1. Documentation Skills
  2. Editing Skills
  3. Stakeholder Management Skills

Data Skills

Want to highlight your data skills in your resume? Follow these guides to learn how to put relevant data skills on your resume and increase your odds of landing interviews.

  1. Business Analytics Skills
  2. Forecasting Skills
  3. Data Collection Skills
  4. Data Analysis Skills
  5. Database Skills
  6. Data Warehouse Skills
  7. Hadoop Skills
  8. Spark Skills
  9. Statistical Analysis Skills
  10. Statistics Skills
  11. Tableau Skills

Language and Academic Skills

Need help better highlighting your academic and language skills? Read through these resume skill guides to learn how to list language or academic skills on your resume.

  1. Sustainability Skills
  2. Bilingual Skills
  3. English Skills
  4. Translation Skills

Engineering Resume Skills

Learn how to list your engineering skills based on your dream job and stand out. These engineering skill guides will give you everything you need!

  1. Angular Skills
  2. Debugging Skills
  3. DevOps Skills
  4. ETL Skills
  5. Java Skills
  6. Javascript Skills
  7. Prototyping Skills
  8. Revit Skills
  9. Solid Skills
  10. UI Skills
  11. Blockchain Skills
  12. Automotive Skills
  13. Electrical Skills
  14. Hardware Skills
  15. Manufacturing Skills
  16. OOP Skills
  17. Oracle Skills
  18. PHP Skills
  19. React Skills
  20. Robotics Skills
  21. Software Development Skills
  22. Software Engineering Skills
  23. Welding Skills
  24. C++ Skills
  25. VBA Skills
  26. Web Development Skills

Human Resources and Recruitment Skills

You know everything you need to get that job! Our goal is to help you put your HR skills in the right format to win. These resume skills guides will help you understand how to list a range of HR and recruitment skills.

  1. Payroll Skills
  2. HRIS Skills
  3. Human Resources Skills
  4. Recruitment Skills

IT Skills

You built your Information technology skills through hard work and dedication. Now it’s the right time to list your IT skills on your resume. Read through our IT skills guides to understand how to list your skills in the best format.

  1. Billing Skills
  2. Cyber Security Skills
  3. Data Management Skills
  4. Data Modelling Skills
  5. Enterprise Architecture Skills
  6. GIS Skills
  7. IoT Skills
  8. Information Security Skills
  9. Information Technology Skills
  10. Integration Skills
  11. Linux Skills
  12. Machine Learning Skills
  13. Mainframe Skills
  14. Network Skills
  15. Network Security Skills
  16. Penetration Testing Skills
  17. Scripting Skills
  18. Software Testing Skills
  19. Solution Architecture Skills
  20. SQL Server Skills
  21. Web Design Skills
  22. CSS Skills
  23. Financial Modelling Skills
  24. IBM Skills
  25. Automation Skills
  26. Cloud Computing Skills
  27. Quality Assurance Skills
  28. Technical Support Skills
  29. Wordpress Skills

Marketing Skills

These skills help you perform as a marketer and create effective customer journeys. Employers across the nation are looking for skilled marketers. These marketing skills guides will help you connect your experience with prospective employers in the right way.

  1. Market Research Skills

MS Office Skills

“I am a Powerpoint ninja” - there’s a way to communicate it without saying it like that. These guides will teach you how to list your MS office skills on your resume.

  1. As400 Skills
  2. Microsoft Access Skills
  3. Microsoft Excel Skills
  4. Microsoft Office Skills
  5. Microsoft Outlook Skills
  6. Microsoft PowerPoint Skills
  7. Microsoft Project Skills
  8. Microsoft Word Skills

Organization Skills

Show prospective employers that you are great at planning, time-management and executing with your resume. These organization skills guides will help your resume communicate to prospective employers that you are focused and detail-oriented.

  1. Client Management Skills
  2. Event Planning Skills
  3. Hospitality Skills
  4. Financial Services Skills
  5. Facilitation Skills
  6. SAP Skills
  7. Logistics Skills
  8. Lean Skills
  9. Maintenance Skills
  10. Scheduling Skills

Personal Skills

These are the most important personal skills that employers look for when they review your resume. Use these guides to understand how to list your top personal skills on your resume.

  1. Chef Skills
  2. Cooking Skills
  3. Flexibility Skills
  4. Independent Skills
  5. Innovation Skills
  6. Motivation Skills
  7. Proactive Skills
  8. Reliability Skills
  9. Relationship Management Skills
  10. Responsibility Skills
  11. Strong Work Ethic Skills
  12. Work Under Pressure Skills

Project Management Skills

Let’s show your prospective employers that you can communicate, adapt, organize, empathize, and keep calm under pressure with these project management skills.

  1. Agile Skills
  2. Product Development Skills
  3. Risk Management Skills
  4. PeopleSoft Skills
  5. Performance Management Skills

Sales Skills

Complement your sales experience with sales skills that will help you stand out from other sales professionals. Show that you're a "Top 1 Percenter".

  1. Account Management Skills
  2. Persuasion Skills

Team Management Skills

Highlighting these team management skills would show a prospective employer that you are “the” team leader that they have been searching for to take their business to the next level.

  1. Operation Management Skills
  2. Training Skills

How to List Skills On Your Resume

Your instincts would push you to list every skill you have on your resume. Listing all skills has it’s pros and cons. From our analysis of reviewing thousands of successful resumes, we noticed a trend. When resume skills were tailored to a specific job, a candidate was more likely to be shortlisted for the job.

So, customizing your resume (and your skills) to a job description is the key to a successful job application. But there’s another thing to note here - your resume skills shouldn’t only be listed in the resume skills section.

You can also tactically place them throughout the resume - for example, in your work experience section or company work history. Doing that will help an employer map your skills to situations and projects you’ve applied those skills to.

Question is, how can you do that?

To help you list skills on your resume, we suggest you follow the STAR methodology.

STAR method stands for:

  • Situation - A situation that you faced that required the use of a particular skill.
  • Task - A task that you performed that involved a specific resume skill.
  • Activity - An activity that was performed involving a certain skill.
  • Results - Results that you achieved using these particular resume skills.

Now let’s try to use the STAR method to list Account-based Sales skills on a resume. You are a SDR who was tasked to generate more sales from existing customers. To highlight your account based sales skills, here’s a breakdown using the STAR methodology:

  • Situation - SDR working with existing customers.
  • Task - Generate 20% additional revenue from existing customers.
  • Activity - Performed account whitespace analysis to explore account expansion opportunities and implemented consultative selling.
  • Results - Achieved a total of 40% net increase in revenue.

Now, we can leverage the breakdown we created above to list your account based sales skills within your work experience section by writing: “Achieved a net 40% increase in sales from existing accounts by performing whitespace analysis and consultative selling tactics.”

Top Resume Skills in Demand for 2021 + 2022

The following top resume skills are in high demand in 2021:

  1. Remote working skills
  2. Project management
  3. Time management
  4. Business management
  5. Problem solving skills
  6. Detailed-oriented skills
  7. Programming skills
  8. Technology skills
  9. Interpersonal skills
  10. Language skills
  11. Writing skills
  12. Administrative skills
  13. Design skills
  14. MS Office Skills
  15. Sales and marketing skills
  16. Organization skills
  17. Communication skills
  18. Team management skills
  19. Leadership skills
  20. Creative skills

Where to Put Skills on a Resume?

There are a couple of places where you can put skills on your resume. They include:

  • The resume summary or objective
  • Your work history section of resume
  • A dedicated resume skills section

What are the Top Skills that Employers are Looking for?

  • Candidates with the following skills are in a high demand:
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • High creativity
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Diverse language skills
  • Management skills
  • High emotional quotient
  • Leadership skills
  • Customer focused
  • Quick learner
  • Communication skills
  • Data skills
  • Ability to think critically

What are Good Skills to Add to a Resume?

Unfortunately there are no general good skills that you can add to your resume. With that being said, you can always leverage the job description to find good skills and add them to your resume.

What Kind of Skills to Put on a Resume?

Every resume should have two types of skills in it: hard skills and soft skills. In today’s world both of these skills are extremely important when it comes to standing out in a job application.

How do I List My Skills on a Resume for 2022?

To list and emphasize your skills on resume you can do the following: Include your most important skills within your resume summary or objective to catch a hiring manager’s attention right from the start.

Next, put these skills in context to achievements and responsibilities by placing them within your work history section. Putting them closer to quantifiable accomplishments makes it very easy for a hiring manager to understand your skill level.

Lastly, create a resume skill section and put your top skills there too.

Where to Put Skills on a Resume?

Generally, you can put your skills on your resume summary, work experience and a resume skills section. But depending upon your resume format, you may or may not have those sections within your resume. In context to the resume formats here’s where you can put your skills:

  • Reverse chronological resume - put your resume skills within the resume summary/objective, work history, certifications and in a dedicated resume skills section.
  • A functional resume - Add your skills to your resume objective and under relevant project work or a volunteer experience.

How Many Skills Should You List on a Resume?

The number of skills you can list on a resume skills section is 10-12, anything more than that would look cluttered and be ignored. But you can list skills in other parts of your resume and can probably reiterate these top 10-12 skills you listed in your resume skills section.

How do You Rate Skills on a Resume?

You can use a range of visuals or a rating system (e.g. 6/10) to rate your skills on a resume. The example below shows how you can rate skills on a resume using VisualCV.

putting resume skills on resume

Should Skills be at the Top of a Resume?

Generally, no. Adding a resume skills section at the top isn’t advisable for a reverse chronological resume layout. But, for functional resumes you can add resume skills below the resume objective section.

What to Put on a Resume When You Have No Skills?

Even when you feel you lack technical skills, you most likely have soft skills that you can place. Most often then not, you have skills that you can put on your resume. Analyze whatever you have done so far and try to summarize it using one word. At the end you will end up discovering relevant skills that you can add to your resume.

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