Top 10+ Design Resume Skills

Learn the top design skills to list on your resume with real world examples on how to list them on your resume.

design resume skills

Top 10 Design Skills for Your Resume

  1. Programming
  2. Design
  3. Management
  4. Microsoft Office
  5. User Experience Design
  6. User Interface Design
  7. AR/VR
  8. Game Development
  9. Application Development
  10. Communication
  11. Project Management
  12. Photography
  13. Databases
  14. Marketing
  15. Writing
  16. Database

How to List Design Skills on Resume

  1. Took the lead covering the whole User Experience Design for a brand new project.
  2. Oversaw the UX design process to achieve maximum clarity across all stakeholders.
  3. Worked with the team of UI designers to design a world-class user interface.
  4. Used design and development knowledge to provide a bridge from the design team to the development team.
  5. Set up of business architecture Practice & design practice at ACME.
  6. Participated in Design engagements to inform business strategy, transformation roadmaps and development of partnership model
  7. Led the standup of the requirements system to track features,  use cases, operation design domain, stakeholder requirement, system requirements, regulation, testing, and keep expanding as one-sources documentation and traceability.
  8. Collaborated with the marketing team for the advertising plan; designed UX journeys and key visuals for OOH advertising.
  9. Redesigned the webpages on all the ACME platforms; created the online ads and ran A/B tests to lead a better CTR and CVR.
  10. Create interaction design flow.

Jobs That Demand Design Skills

  1. Lead UX Designer
  2. UX Designer
  3. UI Developer
  4. Design Intern
  5. Internship
  6. Web Designer
  7. App Developer
  8. Designer
  9. Senior Business Analyst
  10. UX Researcher
  1. Leadership
  2. Web Development
  3. Social Media
  4. Photoshop
  5. Teamwork
  6. Computer
  7. Programming Languages
  8. Javascript
  9. Research
  10. Product Management
  11. Customer Service
  12. Problem Solving
  13. PHP
  14. Operating Systems
  15. Social Media Marketing
  16. Analytics

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