Project Manager Resume Samples [+ 5 Examples]

This page provides you with Project Manager resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Project Manager resume.

Senior Project Manager Resume Sample and Template
Software Project Manager Resume Sample and Template
Assistant Project Manager Resume Sample and Template
Senior Project Manager Resume Sample and Template


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How to Write a Project Manager Resume

We mentioned it before, this is a crazy space, despite your successful experience as a project manager. You have the experience, the skills, the education and even the referrals, although, if you are not able to translate this into a fantastic resume, the recruiter will most likely perform a Kobe Bryant shot and bin it!

Let us help you, starting from the fact that it is vital to use a down-to-earth but professional overtone. Essentially you want to avoid technical sounding words as employers don’t want technical jargon thrown at them.

You have to ensure you have a simple-to-read layout of the resume. Ideally, your skills or talents, along with your degrees will be highlighted above everything else.

We strongly suggest the reverse-chronological resume format, to showcase who you are: your skills, your expertise, your experience and your strengths.

Project Manager Resume Summary Examples

This is your pitch to the employer: within a few short seconds, the words you use in the summary paragraph may very well determine if the recruiter looks at your resume twice or moves onto another. In a sense, the summary tells the employer about you. Follow our tips and get your agenda ready (and maybe also call the tailor, you might need a new suit for that new job!):

DO (Summarize your employment)

  • Include any and all skills you have that relate to the position being filled.
  • Always tell employers about responsibilities you had at previous jobs which relate to the current position.
  • Be as specific as possible: anyone can be a project manager, not many can be as good as you!.
  • Make sure you give the employer a reason to hire you!

DON’T (Summarize your life)

  • Try not to be too coy about your previous history in project management.
  • Don’t pretend you have skills when you have none.
  • Try too hard.
  • Fluff your resume with irrelevant information.

Assistant Project Manager Resume Summary Examples

Assistant Project Manager resume summary A highly-motivated, strategic, and result-oriented project manager who has developed a diverse skill set to meet the ever-changing requirements within the industry. Known for being a self starter as well as a great team player. Looking for an opportunity to assist the companies of any sector in becoming more successful by contributing my knowledge, creativity, and vigor to their problem-solving needs.

Software Project Manager resume summary Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), highly motivated and goal oriented Project Manager demonstrates proficiency in leading and mentoring individuals to maximize productivity while forming cohesive team environments. Possess comprehensive know-how of Embedded software development (ARM microcontrollers).

Senior Project Manager resume summary Performance driven and entrepreneurial project management expert with 25+ years of experience. PMP certified, driving initiatives that exceed operational performance targets while gaining exposure to the implementation and monitoring of processes. Demonstrates in-depth analytical and strategic ability to facilitate operational and procedural planning while reducing costs.

Project Manager Resume Experience Samples

If you’re lucky enough to have an employer make it this far you’re doing great! However, what about the old adage work history and experience? OK, you can’t fake that but it’s not impossible to improve it. If you lack work history you need to find ways to change that including part-time and seasonal roles.

What is more, adding achievements which you’ve reached can allow your resume to appeal to recruiters. You aren’t trying to inflate your ego but rather showcase why you are the one for the job.

Work experience tips can often help in difficult times and knowing them a little more might prove useful:

DO (Summarize your work history)

  • Add roles which relate to project management.
  • Include internships as a project manager should be included.
  • Beef-up your skills.

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Cram dozens of references into the resume.
  • Miss out references or work history.
  • Lie. No matter what, don’t lie!

Need more tips on writing an efficient work experience section for a Project Manager? Check out our detailed resume guide!

Bad Software Project Manager resume experience sample Software Project Manager Universal Exports

  • Perform the overall day to day management of projects to ensure objectives are achieved within quality constraints, whilst managing stakeholder expectations
  • Responsible for project documentation
  • Monitored and controlled project performances
  • Managed third-parties and ensured that engagements would be respected
  • Recruited and coached team members

Good Software Project Manager resume experience sample Software Project Manager Universal Exports

  • Responsible for day-to-day management of $100MM projects to ensure ISO 9001 standards
  • Achieved 120% sprint efficiencies managing 25-person geographically distributed team
  • Implemented test automation project to far exceed project schedule and reduced costs by 14%
  • Responsible for project documentation of over 14 projects, supported in 15+ languages

Senior Project Manager resume experience example Verizon Senior Project Manager 2015-Present

  • Experience in delivering on complex projects together with an attitude in risk mitigation, applying professional project management principles to accomplish goals.
  • Provide integration/implementation and support services to clients throughout the project lifecycle
  • Coordinate and run all business and gap analysis to track risks and issues to ensure proactive resolution
  • Manage relationships with 3rd party vendors for more than 40 large projects

Project Manager resume experience sample Universal Studios Project Manager 2010-2012

  • Successfully implemented project management methodology, including full life-cycle planning, implementation, budgeting, and control to manage large operations
  • Recognised for higher level of customer satisfaction by successfully interacting with support groups in a matrix management ecosystem, emphasising quality control during project execution
  • Established PMO to improve operational workflow and simplify processes
  • Established and implemented project management processes to assure that the client commitments were completed within contractual timeframes

How To List Education On Your Project Management Resume

Education means a lot to every employer as they want to be assured the person they hire is competent. It’s important to include every piece of education you’ve received, especially what relates to project management.

Always cover the basics:

  • The college you attended and where it can be found.
  • How many years you studied for project management.
  • What, if any, degrees do you hold including but not limited to project management.

These are three basic elements of any resume. Adding work experience can help and there are many ways to help improve upon a lack of experience. Showing you have a knowledge of project management may entice the recruiter to look at you again.

Sample Project Manager Resume Education Section

Education 2007-2011 - Bachelor in Business Administration ACLU

Top Project Manager Resume Skills

Recruiters have newer methods of making a candidate stand out and you have to ensure you put your all into the resume. For starters, skills which relate back to the job will be crucial. You can add your soft skills and hard skills also.

Soft and hard skills are essentially the skills you have within and skills which relate to project management. We can help you when it comes to understanding these further. We believe putting in your soft and hard skills can appeal to employers far more.

Soft SkillsHard Skills
NegotiationProject Management (including Performance metrics)
Interpersonal skillsContract Management
SchedulingCost Control
Resolving IssuesRisk Management

Cover Letter: yes or no?

Cover letters which match the level of professionalism of your resume can often offer an advantage over other potential candidates. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

We want to help you land your dream role and there are a few more tips which can help.

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Add a link to online portfolios you might have.
  • Keep the resume two pages or less.
  • Always include any roles similar to the one you’re applying for now.
  • Be truthful.

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Use an email address which is offensive or unprofessional sounding.
  • Use more than one font type.
  • Spill secrets from past employment roles.
  • Use a link to social networking profiles aside from LinkedIn

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Senior Project Manager Resume Sample and Template
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