Android Developer Resume Samples

This page provides you with Android Developer resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Android Developer resume.

Android Developer Resume Sample and Template
Android Developer Resume Sample and Template
Android Developer Resume Sample and Template
Android Developer Resume Sample and Template


There’s never been a better time to be involved in Android development - its brand is on the steady rise as it continues to develop new technologies. But with that comes fierce competition, all pitching to the same job roles.

Coding is not easy, but writing a standout Android developer resume is not simple either.

If you are looking for the essential key to unlocking your future career success, our android developer samples will inspire you to reach new heights and stand out from the masses. We have helped over 3 million people around the globe to get the dream job they have always been looking for: now, it's your time!

When you’ve only got 6 seconds of review time, you need to make it all count, especially when working on an impeccable resume for an experienced Android developer.

Most importantly, we highly recommend you emphasise your key achievements to really highlight your career growth: a reverse-chronological format will allow you to do that.

When crafting your android developer resume, use easy to read font, combined with big headings and a substantial amount of white space.

On the export, make sure it’s done with PDF rather than Microsoft Word, as the final result will look clear and digitally intact.

How to Write an Android Developer Resume?

To write a job winning Android Developer resume consider the following:

  • List your portfolio clearly at the top. It can be your Github, FOSS or any other project you did.
  • In your experience explain how you implement clean code, follow architectural patterns, your experience with reactive programming, testability of your code and what scale of performance you served.
  • Adding certifications like Google certified Android developer can help you get entry-level Android roles, but won’t carry the same weight for senior Android roles.

Android Developer Resume Summary section:

This is where your sell becomes most important. For the highly-experienced, showcase your biggest achievements with statistics and figures in the summary section.

Experience in designing, developing and testing Android applications should be quantified, as well as key breakthroughs in troubleshooting new equipment.

__A great android developer summary section is: __

Innovative and professional Android Developer with 10+ years experience core designing, testing and maintaining key mobile applications. Proven 20% decrease in app down time in testing phase consistently over 5 year period, leading to improved user experience. Seeking to co-lead specialised training programs into new program innovation, leveraging high-end use of Java to improve equipment.

__Here’s a summary section that fails at the first hurdle: __

Motivated Android Developer with years experience making applications wants to work at your company. Well-versed in troubleshooting procedures and developing new softwares.

Our resume builder can give you tips and examples that will inspire you to create your perfect android developer resume. Check out our easy-to-use, free resume builder now!

If you’re a junior level android developer, or fresh out of university, use this section as an objective statement to highlight any transferable experience. Emphasising that you’re also goal-driven and motivated to progress in the industry will help catch the recruiter’s attention.

Good Junior Android Developer Resume Objective Statement Example

Driven and professional junior android developer with proven knowledge of testing native applications like UI whilst troubleshooting user experience issues and functionality problems. Undertook 3-month industry placement at Diamond Tech, assisting 5+ agile mobile developers in designing new cycling app. Seeking to leverage industry experience to work at X company.

Bad Junior Android Developer Resume Objective Statement Example

Entry-level android developer with experience testing applications wants to gain employment at your company. Did a 3 month placement at Diamond Tech, helping developers with coding tasks.

Related: Our guide on how to write a resume summary.

Writing Your Android Developer Work experience Section (with Examples)

This is where you really get to lay on the details, especially if you’re a niche senior android developer with a substantial amount of notches in your belt. Whether you’re an experienced core features developer highly-skilled in Java, are you just starting to assist in writing code, this section can really light up.

Have you increased your client’s app usage by 50% in the last year because of improved back-end design and development? Have you launched an android application that’s got a ⅘ star rating in Google Play? It’s all worth a mention.

Sample Android Developer Resume with Experience

Consider the following points before writing your experience: What are the particular qualities and skills tied to the role?

  • How do you meet these?
  • Use bullet points to make information clear and concise
  • Start with your current job first

You can start by listing the company name, your position, followed by dates and key achievements and figures. It can be all too tempting to dive into detail - but remember not to overload this section and make it clear for potential HR consultants to pick up.

Thompson & Hitch Android Developer 2016-now

  • Developed 15 market trending Android applications to simplify insurance, the lead app drawing in 500K weekly individual users
  • Implemented key developmental features to improve user experience, which pushed increased usage of apps by 50% each year
  • Manage 5 agile mobile developers to create new applications with MVP pattern and dependency object with Dagger

Here’s an android developer work experience section that’s flawed:

Thompson & Hitch Android Developer 2016-now Helped develop applications to be used by insurance companies Troubleshoot bugs to improve overall user experience

Android Developer with no Experience Examples

We highly recommend taking some part-time or voluntary experience in the developer field to improve your resume. The assistant coding work you did for a friend’s start-up is highly valuable, like any knowledge of JAVA or C++ that you’ve acquired through practical or theoretical experience.

A great junior developer work experience section is:

Freelance developer Martin & Co 2017-now Assisting lead developers with writing maintainable and reusable Java and C++ code with a focus on security Attending key bug testing sessions with company’s core team Learning application of full agile SDLC

This work experience section falls a bit short though:

Freelance developer Martin & Co 2017-now Observing code writing sessions that focused on security Mobile marketing and advertising

Have a look at our detailed resume guide and find out more information on how to write your work experience section.

How to List Education on Your Android Resume

Having a BA in Information Technology alone won’t qualify you to become an Android developer. Completing a MCS (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer) will put you on the path, as will a Google Developer Certification, IBM Certification or GIAS.

Most importantly, include the following information:

  • Where you studied
  • What you studied
  • When you studied
  • Any extra certificates (MCS, GDC, IBM, GIAS)

Did you master in Computer Science, with a particular specialism in JavaScript, Python or Perl? Are you a certified Google Developer? This is the section to mention it.

It goes without saying: this section must be entirely truthful. Gaps in employment history due to illness or career change must be made known.

A good example of an Android Developer resume education section is: Hartcliff University MA Computer Science 2012-2016 GPA 4.0 Dux of XML coding class 6 month industry placement for River Tech, conceptualizing, developing and testing native Android applications with lead developers

Here’s an education section that could use expanding: Hartcliff University BA Computer Science GPA 4.0 Made new apps on placement

Android Developer Resume Certifications

The industry you work in is so fast paced that keeping updated is a huge part of the job hunting process.

If you haven't yet, we recommend you enroll in one of the following online certificates to improve your Android Developer resume:

Top Android Developer Resume Certifications in 2022

  • Oracle Certified Professional
  • MCP
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer
  • Android Developer Nanodegree
  • CompTIA A+
  • Microsoft Technology Associate
  • Udacity Android Nanodegree
  • Java

Top Android Developer Resume skills:

An android developer’s technical skills are what potential recruiters really want to know about. Combine these with softer, interpersonal skills and you can really highlight your suitability for the position.

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
JavaScript, Python, C++, XamarinCritical Thinking
Full agile SDLCTime Management
GitHubAttention to detail
Restful APsIndependent, autonomous worker
Document building process for maintenance and upgradesAnalytical thinking
JSON, EclipseTroubleshooting
Android SDKProblem solving
Cross-Platform Development (UX/UI design)Passion and determination
Internet of ThingsCollaboration & clear communication

__Cover letter: Yes or no? __

Seal the deal in the hiring process with a cover letter! If you are looking for a cover letter for an Android Developer like you, you should check out our cover letter examples.

Extra tips

You have made it to this point, you have believed in our best examples for an Android Developer Resume and, therefore, we believe you deserve some extra tips!

DO (make yourself look great):

  • Include any specific industry experience, like extensive troubleshooting or coding
  • Add any specialised training programs, like MCS or GIAS
  • Include any specific statistics of your best successes, like improved functioning time on influential applications

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie):

  • Forget about professional experience
  • Focus only on basis responsibilities and duties
  • Make bold claims you cannot back up

If you are looking for that extra special touch, we have the Android Developer resume templates you are looking for. Easy to use and professionally designed, our CV templates have helped many professionals like you conquer the world!

Android Developer Resume Sample and Template
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