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Computer Engineer - Technical Assistant Resume Sample and Template
Computer Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Computer Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Computer Engineer - Technical Assistant Resume Sample and Template


With new tech companies constantly on the rise, it would be easy to assume that computer engineer jobs are getting handed out faster than ever before.

And you are right - but the most highly skilled, well-paid positions are still hard to attain: you have got leagues of contenders, all vying for that high rank at that latest start-up that is set to boom.

Putting time into crafting the perfect resume is necessary: with the help of our computer engineering resume samples, you will stand out from the masses. Get the career you have always wanted, today.

On average, recruiters will only look at your resume for a grand total of 6 seconds. Make that time count, and more importantly, leave them wanting more.

A combination of the a reverse-chronological and functional format is recommended for a standout computer engineer resume, as it allows you to both showcase your best achievements and highlight the growth of your career.

Use big headings, clear typeface and plenty of white space to make your layout shine.

Exporting your computer engineer resume in PDF rather than Microsoft Word will make sure it looks clean and intact when being looked at by recruiters.

Computer Engineer Resume Examples - Summary Section

What you include here will depend on where you are in your career. If you’re well into career as a computer engineer, be sure to highlight your best achievements, using stats and hard figures where possible.

Consider this as your elevator pitch to your future employer. Are you well-versed in telecommunications? Did you undertake substantial research in a niche field like electromagnetic compatibility? If so, now is your time to make that information known to recruiters.

A great computer engineering summary for the highly experienced would be:

Good Sample Computer Engineer Resume Summary

Computer Engineer with detail-orientated approach, 10+ years experience with digital and microcomputer systems. Highly experienced in digital signal processing. Seeking to bolster leadership and managerial skills as a Computer Engineer at X company.

Here’s a sample that could use a little more work:

Bad Sample Computer Engineer Resume Summary

Computer Engineer with years of experience, processing focused. Spent 2 years in a data analysis role where I helped manage a team.

With our resume builder you will get tips and examples to inspire you to build the best computer engineer resume.

If you’re just starting out in the industry, use a resume objective to show your enthusiasm for the job. It will help cover your lack of experience and also show you are keen for new opportunities.

A great entry-level computer engineering resume would look like this:

Good Entry-level Computer Engineer Resume Summary Example

Ambitious and focused Computer Engineer Graduate with proven knowledge of systems processing, instrumentation and telecommunications. Went on an exchange program to U.S.A with IBM. Looking to gain new experience in modern operating systems.

A less impressive junior computer engineering objective summary would be:

Bad Entry-level Computer Engineer Resume Summary Example

Junior computer engineer seeking entry-level position. No experience in the professional world but keen to learn. Seeking to obtain experience as a Computer Engineer with a reputable company.

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How to Write Your Computer Engineer Resume Work Experience Section

This is your section to shine, especially if you have some niche computer engineering work history to show off. Whether you’re well experienced in data analysis or just starting to learn Java, we can assist you in building up this section.

Have you worked on a highly influential engineering project that revolutionised systems processing? Has your data analysis bettered your previous company’s output? This is the kind of specific experience that works perfectly in this section.

You want to keep this section detailed but also clean and easy to read, especially for HR recruiters that may be picking it up. It’s all well and good to go into the jargon of computer engineering, but make sure it can be understood by a regular reader.

Computer Engineering Resume with Experience: It’s strongly recommended you take these steps before listing your experience

  1. Start with your most recent job
  2. Highlight the qualities listed in the job add - it’s all about the skills
  3. Have proven that you meet these qualities?
  4. List bullet points to make information easier on the eye

Indicate your position name, the company, the dates involved and your duties or responsibilities. It’s important not to overload this section, but at the same time don’t be afraid to include as many stats as possible to show off your best achievements.

Good Example of Computer Engineering Resume with Experience

Computer Engineer, IBM July 2015- February 2019

  • Led and managed key electromagnetic compatibility projects
  • Team-focused embedded systems design projects
  • Collaboration with telecommunications department

Here’s an computer engineering resume that could use a bit of work:

Bad Example of Computer Engineering Resume with Experience

Computer Engineer, IBM 2010-present

  • Worked with team
  • Systems analysis
  • Worked in various locations

Computer Engineering Resume Sample with no experience: We recommend taking on some voluntary experience in the computer engineering field to help build your portfolio. Whether you’re in school or about to graduate, you can list any form relevant or transferable experience here - from building the family computer to trialing new operating systems at your university.

Good Example Computer Engineering Resume with No Experience

Computer Engineer assistant October 2018 - March 2019 Amazon

  • Assisted lead engineers with new trials of operating systems
  • Worked with clients via telecommunication
  • Collaborated on mathematical analysis projects with key engineers

On the other hand, this computer engineering resume could definitely use a little polishing:

Good Example Computer Engineering Resume with No Experience

Computer engineer assistant

  • Volunteered at Amazon
  • Made phone calls

For more information on writing your computer engineering work experience, you can check out our detailed resume guide.

How to List Your Computer Engineering Education on Resume

Your experience in computer engineering extends past the classroom. Extra training and industry placements acquired should definitely be included here, providing it matches the job description.

Most of all, include these pieces of information in your education section:

  • Where you’ve studied
  • What you’ve studied
  • When you studied
  • Any certifications you’ve earned (Computer Maintenance, HDX, WEM, FMA, Advanced Architecture)

Have you taken an intense App Layering course? Did you master StoreFront Optimisation and Routing? This is all really important to include in this section.

Your education section must be completely truthful. Any gaps in your history need to be accounted for. If you’re looking for entry-level jobs in computer engineering, make that known to recruiters.

Here’s a good example of a computer engineering education sample:

Good Computer Engineering Resume Example - Education

Rochester Institute of Technology

  • BA in Computer Engineering
  • Major in computer architecture
  • 3.78 GPA
  • Placement in Amazon’s telecommunications department

Alternatively, here’s something that could use a bit more work:

Bad Computer Engineering Resume Example - Education

Rochester Institute of Technology, Computer Science

  • Excellent GPA
  • Operating systems

Best Computer Engineer Resume Skills

Your hard and soft skills are what potential employers really want to know, so it is essential that you write these clearly in the skills section. Include tangible, industry-specific skills in the technical column, and more interpersonal skills in the soft column.

SQL ProficiencyResearch
Java ScriptTeam Work
Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA)Problem Solving
Computer architectureTime Management
HDX and MultimediaAttention to Detail
Microcomputer applicationsWork well under pressure

Computer Engineering Cover letter: Yes or no?

Convince your future employer that you’re the one, simply attaching to your resume a convincing computer engineer cover letter. If you need inspiration, check out our cover letter examples here.

Extra tips

It’s always handy to include some extra tips, and, if you made it to the bottom of our Computer Engineering Resume Samples page, you definitely deserve them!

DO: (make yourself look great)

  • Include any specific industry experience, like extensive troubleshooting or data analysis
  • Add any specialised training programs, like FMA, WEM or App Layering
  • Include any specific statistics of your best successes, like improved functioning time on key applications

DON’T: (embarrass yourself or lie)

  • Sell your professional experience short
  • Write unprofessionally
  • Give facts without being able to prove it

Looking for icing on the cake? Make your life simpler with our computer engineer resume templates! Designed to help you stand out from the crowd, our resume templates have helped many like you take their career to the next level.

Computer Engineer - Technical Assistant Resume Sample and Template
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