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When you apply for jobs throughout your engineering career, you will need a great resume. Resume writing services can help.

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If you want a resume that lands you an engineering job, an engineering resume writing service can make the difference.

A career in engineering requires hard work and dedication, but even the most skilled engineer in the world can’t get a job if they don’t have a great resume. Writing a great resume is a difficult skill to learn, and just having great engineering experiences won’t land you a job if you can’t describe them correctly in your resume.

To make sure you have a great resume, you may want to try out a resume writing service.

Applying for engineering jobs

Engineering is a competitive industry. If you want to work as an engineer, you will need not only a great resume but the right qualifications.

The different types of engineering job

There are several different engineering professions:

  • Software engineer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Chemical engineer
  • Network engineer

And more.

What you do as an engineer will depend on your specific role. Generally, however, as an engineer you will be responsible for designing, building, and maintaining a structure or system of some kind. If you are a software engineer, for example, you will work with data to build and maintain software. If you are a mechanical engineer you will design machines, whether they are robots, cars, or refrigerators.

Engineering is a very technical job that often requires expertise in various types of math, physics, chemistry, computing, and more, depending on the role. When you train to become an engineer, you will have to specialize in a particular engineering field.

What you need to land an engineering job

Engineering roles usually require a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Similar related degrees may be accepted by some employers. For high-level engineering roles, like managing an engineering team, the employer may even ask for a master’s degree or PhD. The specific requirements for a role will be listed in the job posting.

If you are looking for an entry-level position, your education may be enough to land you a job. If you are looking for a senior role, however, you will also need on-the-job experience to be hired.

When writing an engineering resume, it’s important to understand the needs of the jobs you will be applying for. There will be specific skills, concepts, and tools required for the role, and you need to show in your resume that you understand them.

The engineering application process

Engineering roles are competitive. When you apply for an engineering job, you will need a great resume, a great cover letter, impressive interviewing skills, and the technical skills to back it all up.

The first step in the application process is to submit your resume and cover letter. Employers may ask for additional application materials as well, such as a project portfolio or preliminary technical questionnaire.

If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview. Because engineering firms are always looking for the best possible candidates, there will likely be multiple rounds of interviews with different managers and other stakeholders. You need to prove that you are qualified, competent, and a good culture fit.

One or more of the interviews will be a technical interview. Before hiring you, the company will want to confirm that you are the expert you claim to be. Make sure not only to practice for typical behavioural job interview questions, but to brush up on all the relevant engineering concepts and skills so you will be prepared for the technical review.

How to use engineering resume writing services

If you have never used a resume writing service before, don’t worry: the process is simple. At VisualCV, there are only three stages to resume writing services, and most of the hard work will be done for you.

You can purchase resume writing services from the VisualCV website, where you will be asked for what level of experience you have. Your seniority level can affect what your job search will look like, so it’s important to purchase the right service.

Once you have made your purchase, there are only three steps:

Step 1: Send your resume to our writing team

Before our team gets to work on your resume, they will need a brief summary of your experience. The best way to give them that information is to send them your existing resume.

This means that you shouldn’t delete your old resume quite yet. Even if you haven’t updated it in years, it will help our resume writing team understand your career so far.

If the resume doesn’t have your current position, you may want to quickly update it with up-to-date job titles and dates. This way, you won’t have to supply this information later.

If you have no resume at all, writing a quick one with the jobs, companies, and dates will help speed the writing process along. The writing team will be asking for this information anyway, as it will be necessary to complete your resume, so providing as much information as possible upfront will help a great deal.

Step 2: Answer some career questions

Once you have purchased engineering resume writing services and supplied your existing resume, our resume writing team will reach out with a brief questionnaire about your skills and experience. It’s important to establish your career goals so the team can customize your resume to suit the roles you will be applying for. The more details you provide, the better.

This is your opportunity to make yourself heard. You can describe your goals, your motivations, and your skills. Our team will be able to take the information you provide and use it to craft a unique, targeted, and highly effective resume that will jumpstart your job-search.

Step 3: Receive your new resume

Your new, professionally written resume will be ready within three business days.

In those three days, our professional resume writing team will take your existing resume, combine it with any other information you've provided, and use it to create a brand-new, hand-crafted resume perfect for your job search.

The resume will be customized perfectly, highlighting your best experience and emphasizing the skills most likely to land you an interview. It will be tailored for the career you want, and designed to beat the Applicant Tracking System.

Once you have received your resume, you can make copies of it, continue to update it, test out more VisualCV templates, and send it out in new applications. Now that your professionally written resume is finished, your next job interview is just around the corner.

Why use engineering resume writing services?

Engineering resume writing services might seem like a waste of money when you can write your own resume for free, but professional resume writers have skills and experience that are more than worth the cost. Resume writing is a specialized skill, and even experienced engineers don’t necessarily know what makes an effective resume.

Professional resume writing is an investment worth making. Hare are some reasons why:

Insider knowledge

In a competitive industry like engineering, having the best resume possible is integral. A resume writing professional can take your engineering experience and turn it into a great resume.

Hiring and recruitment is an industry of its own. Your engineering skills will help you get a job, but knowing the recruiting process inside and out can help even more.

Professional resume writers are resume and recruiting experts. They know how to write a resume, how to highlight the right skills and experience, and how to customize an application to suit a specific job. When you work with a professional resume writer, they will provide the knowledge needed for a successful job search.

Writing speed

When you purchase engineering resume writing services from VisualCV, you will have your completed professional resume within 3 business days.

Writing a great resume takes a long time, and customizing a resume for a specific role takes even longer. If you’re a professional engineer, with a career, a social life, and errands to run, finishing your resume in time for an application deadline is no easy task. And even if you do finish in time, how will you know if it’s good enough to submit?

When you use an engineering resume writing service, your finished resume will be in your hands in 3 days, and it will be ready for your next application. You don’t need to worry that it won’t be finished, or that it won’t be good enough to submit. You will have it on time and ready for the application.

Professional resume formatting

In addition to resume writing services, VisualCV offers several professional resume templates that you can use for your job search. When you create a resume in VisualCV, you can easily test out all templates, download them as PDFs, and swap between designs without having to rewrite or reformat the resume content.

Engineering is a highly technical and often formal industry, so you may want to try out some of VisualCV’s more traditional templates first. The Monte template, for example, is a traditional, one-column template suitable for engineering careers. The Corporate template, similarly, is carefully designed with two columns and clear headings, so it can easily fit all of your skills, experience, and qualifications in a single page.

Engineering resume writing services: formatting

What does your engineering resume need?

Whether you take advantage of engineering resume writing services or not, your engineering resume will have to have all the right details. Like most resumes, your engineering resume should have certain resume sections, including:

Contact information

At the top of your resume, include your:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • City of residence
  • LinkedIn profile (optional)

No matter what the rest of your resume looks like, you can’t forget to give employers a few ways to get in touch.

Professional summary

Near the top of your resume, it is good practice to include a Summary section. In this section, include some key skills, highlights, or qualifications that make you a great candidate.

Your summary should be no more than a few sentences or bullet points.

This section isn’t the focus of your resume, but it is still important. A well written summary, with the right skills or achievements, can be what encourages a hiring manager to keep reading the rest of your application.

Work experience

If you are an experienced professional, your work experience section is the most important part of your resume. This is where you can detail all of your past jobs, highlighting your skills and experience in each role.

In your work experience section, list previous positions in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your current position. For each job, include:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Dates of employment
  • Job description

In the job description, highlight your achievements as much as possible. Accomplishments will be more impressive to employers than simple responsibilities. Use measurable metrics as much as possible, like sales numbers, budgets, and team size. Further, use action words when describing your experience to show that you are a skilled worker with strong leadership abilities.


If you are an experienced engineer with years of experience, your Education section does not need to be long. List your degrees in reverse-chronological order, and only write a description for a degree if it has particularly relevant or impressive details.

In each item in your Education section, include:

  • Degree name
  • School name
  • Dates (optional)

If you are a student or recent graduate, your education section is more important. In this situation, you can include more information about your education in order to fill out your resume and showcase your skills. You can include details like classwork, GPA, or relevant projects.


As an engineer, your skill set is very important. A strong skills section is integral to a successful engineering resume. Make sure to list your hard skills, including your skills with the tools you work with and your technical expertise, as well as soft skills, like leadership and communication.

The simplest way to show skills is in a simple bulleted list, with one skill for each bullet. If you want to draw more attention to your skill set, you can make each individual skill a heading and provide examples of each skill in a description below. For an added visual flair, VisualCV even offers skill strength ratings that you can use to show your relative abilities in each skill.

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