Medical Doctor Resume Examples & Samples for 2022

This page provides you with Medical Doctor resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Medical Doctor resume.

Medical Doctor Resume Sample and Template
Medical Doctor Resume Sample and Template
Medical Doctor - Physician Resume Sample and Template
Medical Doctor Resume Sample and Template


As a Medical Doctor, you are well aware that yours is one of the most competitive and fiercest industries out there.

If you are looking to get inspired by the best medical doctor resume sample in the market, close those other web tabs you’ve opened: you have reached your destination!

There are so many key details in your profession that you might be a bit confused and unsure of what to include and what not. We are here to help you, as we helped thousands of doctors over the last year. They asked, we delivered, and they are now enjoying that dream job they had always been looking for!

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How to Write a Medical Doctor Resume

As we mentioned earlier, competition in your field is extremely high: you need to craft an excellent Medical Doctor resume.

We’ll keep it simple and organize, so let’s start from the format: the reverse-chronological layout will introduce the recruiter and hiring manager to your freshest wins up front.

Use friendly tones: they are far better than a simple fact-to-fact style as it can often be off-putting. You are a professional and you need the recruiter to understand that.

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How to Select the Right Doctor Resume Format?

Select the right Doctor resume format based on the level of experience you possess. If you are an entry level Doctor, we suggest you select a functional resume format. If you have significant work experience, going for a reverse chronological resume format is best.

The type of fonts used must also fit the style you’re aiming for: use clear, powerful fonts. Unfortunately there are some fonts which are difficult to read and that’s off-putting. Instead, a basic font can be more impressive than one which is impossible to understand.

It’s the same with the colors used in the resume. Using several colors to highlight the more important elements can appear to be a good decision on the surface but deep down, it’s a very bad idea. Employers can think it’s a bit childish to have a rainbow of color on the resumes. Stick to one very basic color, usually black, and you’ll find it works far better.

Match clean white spaces with big headings.

Before you send out your resume, check the grammar: for a Medical Doctor like you, attention to detail is fundamental and we don’t want the recruiter to bin your resume just because of a typo.

Last, preserve the layout of your resume saving is as a .pdf document: don’t use Microsoft Word!

How do I write a resume for a Junior Doctor?

To write a Junior Doctor’s resume follow these steps:

  • Select a resume template that’s visually appealing for a recruiter.
  • Write down your personal details and work experience for each rotation.
  • Customize your Junior Doctor’s resume by looking at the specifications of the job advertisement and include what’s relevant to your resume (e.g. ACCS).

How do I write a resume objective for a Doctor?

To write a resume objective for a Doctor follow these steps:

  • Add your vision for what you want to do as a Doctor when it comes to the job application.
  • Mention a specific interest from your field that you are passionate about.
  • Keep the Doctor’s resume objective to 3 lines max.

The Summary Section

This section is your chance to pitch the recruiter in 60 seconds, to convince them that you are the perfect fit for that medical doctor position you are applying for. Help them make a final decision with a succinct and precise summary.

DO (Summarize your employment)

  • Summarize the last 3 jobs you have had.
  • Mention relevant skills.
  • Talk briefly about duties you’ve been responsible for previously.

DON’T (Summarize your life)

  • Avoid ‘bigging’ yourself up, recruiters don’t always like it.
  • Use more than 6 sentences in this paragraph.
  • Avoid writing a list of every achievement you’ve made since junior high school.

Work Experience

Recruiters who like what they see will go onto reading about your work experience and it’s this which can absolutely bring you to an interview. What experience you list can get a recruiter interested but also ensure you don’t get forgotten amongst the many other applicants.

There’s so much you could add that it is fundamental for you to pick your top responsibilities. Are you a surgeon who operate on patients to treat multiple injuries and threatening ilnsesses?

Have you deal with cancer, physical deformity and broken bones? Make sure you include all of that in this section, to show a recruiter why they should pick you. What is more, the history of your employment could allow a recruiter to say for certainty you’ve got the experience to work as their Medical Doctor.

You might also benefit from the following tips:

Do (Summarize your work history)

  • Tell them what qualifies you as the best profile out there
  • The qualifications you have must be included.
  • Always discuss your most relevant work history.

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Don’t add more than three previous employment information
  • Don’t lie, someone will find out
  • Don’t go over 2 pages, that’s enough

If you need more tips on writing the best work experience section for a great Medical Doctor like you, check out our detailed resume guide.


Education simply shows the person you are and where you’ve started, so please make sure you take your time to further elaborate on this section. You most likely have rigorous education and training/certifications you have taken over the years: four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and, depending on your specialty, three to seven years of an internship or residency program. It is fundamental that you showcase your education!

You always have to include the basics when dealing with this section of your resume:

  • Which schools you have attended.
  • What you have studied in the past.
  • How long you have studied and what were the outcomes to those studies.

How do I write a resume objective for a Doctor?

To write a resume objective for a Doctor follow these steps:

  • Add your vision for what you want to do as a Doctor when it comes to the job application.
  • Mention a specific interest from your field that you are passionate about.
  • Keep the Doctor’s resume objective to 3 lines max.
## Top Medical Doctor Skills

This is a very important section for a Chief Engineer’s resume as client’s are searching for specific skills that their hire must have to complete the job.

The best way to know which skills to add here, would be to look in the job description itself and add those skills and related skills in your skill section.

Soft SkillsHard Skills
LeadershipGeneral Medicine
Detail OrientedPediatrics
Team workSurgery
Positive AttitudeAnesthesiology
Thrive under Pressure (Long hours)Cancer Treatment
ThoroughnessEmergency room

What are keywords in a Doctor’s resume?

Keywords in a Doctors resume are important words that either the ATS or a hiring manager would look for in a Doctor’s resume.

Cover Letter: yes or no?

A cover letter usually is welcomed by recruiters. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

The following are a few additional tips to help you during your resume creation:

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Use a neutral language
  • Ensure talents are listed along with your skills.
  • Add any medical research

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Don’t attempt to be too funny.
  • Don’t badmouth previous hospitals you have worked for
  • Don’t add skills not suited to the position of medical doctor.

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Medical Doctor Resume Sample and Template
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