Medical Receptionist Resume Samples [+ 4 Examples]

Your next position is waiting for you, and our Medical Receptionist resume samples are ready to help you get it. Experiment with resume templates in the VisualCV resume builder to find one that suits you. Our templates are expertly designed to help you stand out from other applicants.

Medical Receptionist Resume Sample and Template
Medical Receptionist Resume Sample and Template
Medical Receptionist Resume Sample and Template

Medical Receptionist Resume Overview

As a Medical Receptionist, you’re the face of your employer’s business. It’s important that your resume is professionally put together, showing off your skills, strengths, and experience.

VisualCV’s Medical Receptionist resume samples are designed to include all the “must-haves” employers are looking for. You’ll notice that most of our templates showcase work history first and foremost. That’s because experience is a huge asset when applying for a job in the medical field. Whether you list in detail all your previous duties, or just provide a brief overview, depends on how many prior positions you’re listing. Remember, your resume shouldn’t be longer than one double-sided page. In addition to past work experience, our Medical Receptionist resume templates give you a chance to list your skills and education. While not all positions require you to have formal training, relevant courses and diplomas can set you on a higher level than other applicants.

Our professionally designed medical receptionist resume samples have helped over 3 million professionals, so now is the time to be inspired through these real life examples and start creating your dream career.

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What is a Medical Receptionist?

Many people consider medical receptionists to be the beating hearts of a medical office. As a medical receptionist, you’re likely the first person a patient sees upon entering the office, meaning you often act as the face of the practice. If that wasn’t enough, you’re also responsible for managing patient intake, scheduling appointments, answering and directing calls, and filing medical records. As a medical receptionist, you’ll often deal with sensitive information and ill or distraught patients – but your experience, skills, and level head prevails over it all.

Research suggests that potential recruiters look at a resume for an average of 6 seconds. With so many variations in a professional pharmaceutical resume, it can be tricky to know what the differences are.

In general, your medical receptionist resume should contain the following:

  • A summary
  • Your experience
  • Your Education
  • Your skills, including any professional certifications

The Best Format for a Medical Receptionist Resume

Writing your medical receptionist resume in a reverse-chronological format is ideal when looking to show off your skills, experience and accomplishments.

Be sure to use big headings, clear and neat typeface and plenty of white space when constructing your resume. Export your medical receptionist resume in PDF rather than Microsoft word - the result will be a professional and intact product to deliver to recruiters.

3 Medical Receptionist Resume Summary Examples

Consider this at your elevator pitch, your potential hook to recruiters that will put you leagues in front of your competition. Use this as a summary if you’re an experienced medical receptionist with years of prescription dispensing and logging, making your best skills and achievements stand out.

Many recruiters and companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems to automate and streamline the recruitment process. While this is a great benefit for companies, some applicants have been met with the frustration of their resumes not ever being seen by a real person -- if the resume doesn’t get past the ATS software, it’s usually discarded. Thankfully, VisualCV’s resume templates have been specifically designed to beat applicant tracking systems, making your medical receptionist resume much more likely to make it in front of the right person.

The Wrong Way to Write a Medical Receptionist Resume Summary

Your summary shouldn’t be too wordy or personal – that’s what your cover letter is for! This first step in your medical receptionist resume exists to give hiring managers a brief glimpse into your personality and experience. Not all hiring managers agree that a resume summary is necessary, but if your resume summary is clear, to the point, and hones in on what the job description is asking for, include it!

DON'T: Medical receptionist with 5 years of experience greeting patients.

Medical Receptionist Resume Summary Sample

Medical receptionist with excellent communication and problem solving skills to schedule and process administrative tasks for incoming patients. Managed EHRs for visits of over 100 patients a day.

Professional Summary for a Medical Receptionist

Patient-focused medical receptionist with 10 years of experience, making me adept at anticipating physician and practice needs. Detail-oriented with a knack for adapting quickly to new and changing technologies, as well as handling office and administrative tasks within busy practices.

Medical Receptionist Resume Summary Example

Experienced medical receptionist dedicated to handling all interactions with patients and team members in a professional, courteous, and personable manner. Optimized workflow in previous clinic using new scheduling software which resulted in a 50% increase in overall patient satisfaction.

Do You Meed a Medical Receptionist Resume Objective?

Many people think resume objectives are a requirement for each and every medical receptionist resume they write. However, medical receptionist resume objectives are only recommended for people looking to transition into a medical receptionist role from a different field.

If you’re a new graduate, you should use a resume objective statement to convey your transferable skills and desirable industry experience to recruiters. This will allow you to compose the most professional entry-level medical receptionist resume possible.

Medical Receptionist Resume Objective Example

Recent graduate medical receptionist seeking to utilize my creative problem-solving, organization, and people skills in a fast-paced, multi-physician practice.

How to Describe Your Experience On Your Medical Receptionist Resume

This is where you can really start bragging. Alison Green, author of Ask a Manager, highlights the single biggest resume mistake she saw in her time as a hiring manager: “Writing a resume that reads like a series of job descriptions.”

“The bullet points they use to describe what they did for each job just list activities and read like a job description for the role might,” she says. “For example, ‘edit documents,’ ‘collect data,’ or ‘manage website.’”

Have you got experience improving pharmacy automation and in turn reducing medication errors? Have you increased customer retention by significant numbers by improving pharmacy efficiency? Now is the time to make this known to recruiters.

A great work experience entry is as follows:

Medical Receptionist | Pear Tree Medical Center | 2015-Present

  • Scheduled patient appointments using a telephone booking system
  • Offered excellent administrative support, ensuring continued reliability when making appointments and providing medical information
  • Managed approximately 100 patients or calls during each shift, making or answering telephone calls and answering questions from patients
  • Received positive feedback from patients for providing assistance with navigating Medicare claim processes

A Bad Medical Receptionist Job Description on a Resume

Consider the following entry.

Medical Receptionist | Pear Tree Medical Center | 2015-Present

  • Scheduled patient appointments
  • Offered administrative support
  • Managed approximately 100 patients or calls during each shift
  • Received positive feedback from patients

These entries focus on responsibilities you had at a previous job, but don't describe what you achieved there. Hiring managers will likely already understand the types of tasks you performed at previous jobs. Your goal is to show them how good you are at performing those tasks! Be specific – it’s great to say you received positive feedback at work, for example, but what was the feedback on, and why did you deserve it?

If you require more tips on writing about your work experience, check out our detailed resume guide.

How to List Skills On Your Medical Receptionist Resume

Hard Skills for Medical ReceptionistsSoft Skills for Medical Receptionists
Multi-Line Phone ExperienceCommunication
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) ExperienceMultitasking
Data EntryOrganization
Medical Billing ExperienceTechnical/Computer Skills
Medicare ExperienceInterpersonal Skills
HIPPA ComplianceDependability
Insurance VerificationInitiative
## Most Important Soft Skills for Medical Receptionists
### Interpersonal Skills
As a medical receptionist, you have the power to make or break a patient’s perception of the clinic overall. Even when patients are irate, in pain, or simply complaining about wait times, you’re usually one of the only people they can speak to. Showing empathy and professionalism at all times is crucial as a medical receptionist, so employers want to know that you have strong interpersonal skills.
### Organization
Between filing medical records, scheduling appointments, and handling phone calls all day, a medical receptionist has a lot on their plate! Being able to remain organized and on top of your duties every day can be a difficult task, but an organized medical receptionist will have a much easier time keeping everything together – and the healthcare professionals they work with will appreciate it, too!
### Initiative
A large part of working as a medical receptionist is anticipating the needs of the practitioners at your clinic. Doctors and other healthcare professionals are usually extremely busy people, and, ideally, a medical receptionist should be able to anticipate their needs and find creative solutions before a situation becomes problematic. Being able to take initiative and find answers quickly is a hugely beneficial skill for a medical receptionist to have!
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## Medical Receptionist Salaries
Medical receptionist jobs are in demand everywhere medical practices exist, meaning that with determination, the right skillset, and a killer resume, you should be able to find a medical receptionist job just about anywhere. But how much will you be making at your new gig?

According to Indeed, the average annual salary for a medical receptionist in the US is $35,000.

Keep in mind that, depending on the cost of living in your state or region, salaries may fluctuate. If you live in a city with a very high cost of living, for example, your salary may be much higher, but your day-to-day expenses will also be more expensive.

How to Become a Medical Receptionist

Technically, you don’t need any additional or specialized schooling to become a medical receptionist. As long as you’ve graduated high school or have a GED, you could be eligible for medical receptionist jobs. In these cases, training is provided on the job, and it’s up to you to learn how to become the best medical receptionist you can be.

However, if it’s an option for you, specialized post-secondary training to become a medical receptionist can be hugely beneficial for your career. Not only will you be more qualified for the medical receptionist jobs to which you apply, you should also have an easier time getting started once you find a job – you’ll need less on-the-job training, which is an appealing time-saver for employers.

What Should You Study to Become a Medical Receptionist?

If you’re interested in completing a post-secondary community college program to be a medical receptionist, you’ll most likely be looking into Medical Office Assistant (MOA) courses (these courses may have different names depending on your location, so be sure to do your research before applying). In your course, you’ll study computer administration processes as well as light medical topics, which will allow you to understand, on a basic level, everything going on in your office.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve always been great at multitasking and love interacting with people, you might find that a career as a medical receptionist is perfect for you. As the first person patients, healthcare workers, suppliers, and anyone else comes into contact with in your office, you understand the importance of this job, and you’re ready to do it well.

A professionally designed resume is one way to make your application stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to use eye-catching color, a unique format, or simply a clean and polished template with your skills and achievements on display, a VisualCV Pro membership could be the thing that takes your career to the next level.

Medical Receptionist Resume Sample and Template
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