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This page provides you with Psychologist resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Psychologist resume.

Clinical Psychologist Resume Sample and Template
School Psychologist Resume Sample and Template
Psychologist Resume Sample and Template
Clinical Psychologist Resume Sample and Template


A Psychologist’s career can take many variations, but with all of this diversification in the fields comes an abundance of competition. In a highly growing and fast-paced industry, you’ve got to stand out from the pack with a professional psychologist resume.

Whether you want to work in clinical psychology as a councillor or venture into educational cognitive psychology, devoting time to crafting the perfect resume is key to your success.

We’ve helped over 3 million professionals like you with their resume, so there’s never been a better time to get inspired and started on yours. Let us inspire you with the best psychologist resume samples and kick off your dream career.

Consider your counselling session with the recruiter as being under 10 seconds - research suggests they look at resume for an average of 6 seconds. Making that time count is essential.

By using clear fonts, easily legible font-type like Arial or Times New Roman, plus big headings with white space throughout the document you’ll already be setting yourself up for success. Export your resume into PDF rather than Microsoft Word as it will ensure a clear and intact final product.

The summary section:

This is where timing counts. Use a summary section to highlight your biggest career achievements and skills in a succinct manner.

Make this section count if you’ve got valuable experience, like managing a clinical practice for 10+ years or working in suicide prevention with young teenagers. It’s the real-world work that will help catch the recruiter’s eye.

A good experience of a summary section for the experienced is:

Clinical psychologist with 10+ years managing private practice, working with at-risk teenagers on a preventative level. Deliver cognitive and behavioural techniques which has led to a 98% approval rating among client base. Looking to leverage managerial skills and move into special education psychology.

This summary section on the other hand falls short of inspiring:

Professional psychologist who works with teenagers would like to move into school work. Started a clinical practice 10 years ago and have a local client base.

Our resume builder will give you tips and examples on how to build the best pharmacist resume.

If you’re a junior psychologist, or making a career change, use this as an objective statement to highlight any transferable skills and express your motivation to learn.

A good example of a junior psychologist objective statement is:

Professional and motivated junior psychologist seeks to hone professional practice in cognitive psychology at All Being Well practice. Desire to leverage experience in cognitive and behaviour techniques and work with at-risk members of the community.

This objective statement, however, won’t have much effect:

Junior psychologist just graduated seeks to work at your company. Completed my thesis on classical clinical psychology and abnormal behaviour. Looking for professional experience, keen to learn.

Work experience:

No matter if you’ve been doing professional research in new education psychology technology for eons or are just starting in the industry, we can help you get the most from your work history.

Have you been of psychology research placements in turbulent global cities? Have you been managing your own clinical practice for decades? This is all ideal information to include in your psychologist work history.

Psychologist Resume with Experience: We recommend following these steps before listing your experience: Highlight qualities and skills specific to the job Ask yourself how you meet these qualities List your experience using dot points Always start with your most recent experience

Start by including the company name, followed by your position and the dates you worked there. Then include any specific responsibilities, achievements and figures.

Developmental Psychologist In Mind 2014-present Managed full roster of 10 regular clients per week, planning and executing private assessments Co-organised and led company research project throughout the city, delivering pop up free consultations to at-risk members of the community Highest client approval rating and discharge timings (95%), in line with national diagnostic frameworks

Alternatively, here’s a psychologist work experience section that falls short:

Developmental Psychologist In Mind 2014-present Working with clients on a daily basis, delivering sessions Did a research project in the community

Junior Psychologist Resume with no experience: By taking on some voluntary experience in the psychology sector you will be able to boost the quality of your resume. To be confident about your resume with could note down the assisting clinical psychology placement you undertook, or the educational psychology charity you worked with part-time.

An ideal junior psychology resume section would be:

Assistant educational psychologist Mind Charity 2015-present Helping to organise daily activities schedules with head educational psychologist, for intimately sized groups of teenagers Completed daily feedback reports, in line with safeguarding procedures Received private referrals from 10 clients to carry on 1:1 activity sessions

Here’s a junior psychology work experience section that doesn’t give enough detail:

Assistant educational psychologist Mind Charity 2015-present Helped lead activities during the day Helped fill in feedback Worked with a small team of psychologists

You can check out our detailed resume guide for more tips on how to write about your work experience.


To work in psychology you need a BA in psychology at the bare minimum, but some professionals study for up to 6 years to work in clinical. Going the extra mile and gaining more niche experience goes a long way though, especially if you’ve done training on topics like wellness or existential psychology.

Include the following in your education section: Where you studied What you studied For long you studied for Any extra certificates (Organisational Psychology, Existential, Psychiatry, Professional Clinical, Disorders, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

It goes without saying that all this information needs to be factual. If you’re entry-level or lacking in experience, use this field to bump up your profile. Any extra work, like industry placements or charity work for a local wellness centre is ideal to include.

Here’s an example of a good psychologist education section:

Monash University BA Cognitive Psychology 2012-2016 4.0 GPA Major in cognitive neuroscience Organised and led university psychology society, running monthly seminars with professional psychologists and modern theories and themes

Here’s an education section that needs more work:

Monash University BA Psychology 2012-2016 Major in cognitive psychology 3.6 GPA

Best Psychologist skills:

A combination of technical, on-the-job skills and softer interpersonal skills will allow you to showcase your professional practice to recruiters. They form the basis of your career as a psychologist. The following qualities relate to a clinical psychologist.

Hard SkillsHeader
Psychometric testsCompassionate
Developing, administering and monitoring treatment therapiesActive listener
Writing ReportsAdaptable
Liaising with hospital professionalsTime management
Assessing client behavior through observationPrivacy
Providing support to carersCritical thinking

| Undertaking clinical research | Self-management | | Initiating positive change in client’s lives | Presentation Skills |

Extra tips

Cover letter: Yes or no? You can help convince your future employer that you are the psychologist they are looking for by writing a great psychologist cover letter. Follow our simple tips here.

DO (make yourself look great) Include relevant skills and achievements to the role Highlight training and courses, like CBT or dementia training Any placements you’ve been on

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie) Sell your transferable experience short Include written errors Include facts if they are actually fiction

If you’re after the best psychologist resume templates, head to this piece we’ve been working on. You can boost your career potential with the help of VisualCV.

Clinical Psychologist Resume Sample and Template
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