Electrical Engineer Resume Samples & Templates

This page provides you with Electrical Engineer resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of an Electricla Engineer resume.

Electrical Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Electrical Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Electrical Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Electrical Engineer Resume Sample and Template
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There’s no doubting that the field of electrical engineering is on the up - but with this high growth, and the salaries and benefits that follow, comes an abundance of highly qualified candidates all applying for the same jobs.

Our professionally designed electrical engineering resume samples will help you stand head and shoulders above the competition, commanding your future employer’s attention.

VisualCV has helped over 3 million prospective professionals achieve their career potential, so now is the time to get inspired and build your dream career.

With the average time spent looking at a resume lasting approximately 6 seconds, it’s essential to make that time count.

Follow the sleek and professional reverse-chronological resume format to highlight your biggest wins and achievements in the electrical industry, straight from the get-go.

Use big, clear headings and a clean font type like Arial when constructing your resume.

Exporting your electrical engineer resume in PDF rather than Microsoft Word will ensure that it looks clean and intact when being viewed by other professionals.

How to Write an Electrical Engineer Resume Summary

Consider this section as your elevator pitch to prospective employers. It gives you the opportunity to convince them to read on, instead of throwing your resume in the slosh pile with the rest, bidding farewell to your electrical engineering career.

If you are a highly experienced electrical engineer with years of experience in technical-management, testability analysis, communication systems and circuitry, make sure you highlight this as soon as possible.

A great electrical engineering resume summary for the highly experienced is:

  • Senior electrical engineer with 15+ years of experience and attention to detail.
  • Deal proficiently in communication and mechanical systems on commercial and industrial levels.
  • Proven success in upgrading old X system to C++, cutting testing time in half.
  • Desire to bolster knowledge and experience in systems, technical-management and circuitry to maximise productivity.
  • Willing to travel.

Here’s a sample that’s guaranteed to never get you past a first glance:

  • Electrical engineer seeking big company.
  • Skills in systems and management.
  • Can work solo or in a team.
  • No access to car but can travel if necessary.

With our resume builder you will get tips and examples to inspire you to build the best electrical engineering resume.

If you’re an electrical engineer with less experience, or happen to just be starting out in the industry, we highly recommend using a resume objective to show your enthusiasm for the job, and to cover your lack of experience.

Junior Electrical Engineering Resume Objective Sample

Enthusiastic and professional entry-level electrical engineer. Designed and drafted electrical systems for three-storey apartment complex on university placement. Consulted with local fire department on efficient energy systems.

If it’s still a little early for you to be highlighting all of your impressive placement work, you could write an entry-level engineering resume that looks something like this (not recommended unless necessary):

Entry-level Electrical Engineering Resume Objective Sample

Junior electrical engineer seeking entry-level position. No experience in the professional world but am eager to learn. I possess great interpersonal skills and a growing knowledge of the industry.

Additional electrical engineering summary sampeles below.

Electrical Engineer Resume Summary

Possessing a deep understanding of circuit analysis, programming experience in several computer languages, hands-on hardware proficiency of implementation, knowledge of communication protocols such as I2C, SPI and UART.

Assistant Electrical Engineering Resume Summary Example

Proficient in architecting software for embedded systems using LabVIEW. 10+ years of experience of SCADA programming with a deep expertise in the diagnosis, analysis and successful troubleshooting of micro-mechanical systems.

Our resume builder will give you tips and examples on how to write your resume summary or any other section. You can easily copy them straight into your resume - it will save you a ton of time.

Electrical Engineering Resume Work Experience

This is your real time to shine and show prospective employers your real, hands-on experience in the industry. Whether you’ve had decades of experience over mechanical, industrial or commercial roles, or are just getting your feet on the ground, be sure to showcase your best wins first.

Experience in electrical engineering can be valued in so many ways, so be sure to highlight where you’ve had success. Are you a pro in dealing with electrical failures? Have you designed emergency generator systems for big clients that have saved money?

Electrical Engineering Resume with Experience: We strongly recommend you take these four steps before listing your actual experience Highlight all of the qualities listed in the job add Ask yourself if you have proven that you meet these qualities List bullet points to make information easier on the eye Start with your most recent job

Highlight the company, your position and the dates involved. Then, without overloading too much describe your duties and achievements. Quantify stats wherever possible.

Good Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Dolby Electrical Engineer 2010 - present Managed the guidance, workflow and training of 10+ professional employees Drafted and reviewed circuitry designs that improved efficiency of systems by 25% Senior engineer for testability analysis Implemented executive plans in various work locations

Here’s an electrical engineering resume that comes up a bit short:

Bad Electrical Engineer Resume Sample

Electrical Engineer Dolby 2010-present Looked after a team of workers Managed circuitry systems Worked in various locations

Electrical Engineering Resume with no experience: If you’ve just entered the workforce or are fresh out of university, we recommend taking on some voluntary experience in the electrical engineering field to help build your initial experience. This will ensure you have the most professional entry-level resume sample possible.

A great electrical engineering resume looks like this:

Freelance electrical engineer assistant: 2017-2018 Managed test methodologies for local family business Improved circuitry for local fire station light systems Volunteered as an assistance electrical engineer on a local job with Dolby

On the other hand, here’s something that’s a little more rough around the edges:

Electrical engineer assistant. Yet to gain any experience Volunteer Waiter

For more tips on writing your electrical engineering work experience, check out our detailed resume guide.

Electrical Engineer Resume Education

It’s important to know that your experience in electrical engineering goes far beyond the classroom. While it’s really important to highlight your tertiary qualifications, it is also handy to list any training courses that you’ve undertaken - they will give you a leg up on the competition and also highlight your willingness to continue learning. Make sure they fit the job description, though.

Most of all, include these pieces of information in your education section: Where you’ve studied What you’ve studied When you studied Any certifications you’ve earned (CAD, PLC, SCADA)

Make sure you that what you are telling your prospective employer is truthful. Even if you haven’t graduated yet, always let them know. You can indicate your willingness to improve your ‘professional practice’ - that’s a great way to say to avoid saying ‘education’ too much.

Here’s an example of what to include:

Monash University BS in Electrical Engineering Focus on analogue and digital circuitry GPA 3.92 Pursued an independent study program in performance systems

If you don’t want your education to stand out, include something like this (not recommended):

2015 BA in Electrical Engineering Monash University 3.5 GPA

Best Electrical Engineering skills

In the digital era, recruiters and employers can just search for keywords in your electrical engineering resume. Not only is it really important to outline your engineering skills, it is also fundamental that they match the job description.

Prove your skills and let them shine in your electrical engineering resume: don’t forget, soft ones relate to qualities and hard ones relate to real, tangible and specific skills in the field.

Hard skills

Programming (C/C++/Java)Problem-Solving
Circuit DesignLeadership
Electrical measurementsOrganisation
Power TransmissionDecisiveness
Electrical drivesAttention to detail
Power electronicsCreativity
Renewable energy fundamentalsAccuracy

Electrical Engineering Cover letter: Yes or no?

Do you want a higher chance to convince your future employer that you are the one they are looking for? Check out our cover letter examples to get some real inspiration!

Extra tips

Well, you made it this far in our Electrical Enginering Resume Sampòe and we feel like you deserve some extra tips! There you go:

__DO: (make yourself look great and perfectly suited for the role) __

  • Show engagement throughout your electrical engineering resume
  • Add any engineering conferences you have attended
  • Include any specific numbers of your best successes

__DON’T: (embarrass yourself or lie) __

  • Underestimate your specialised experience
  • Be unprofessional in writing
  • Say you know things without being able to prove it

Your resume looks great now, but if you are still even 1% unhappy, why don’t you let us inspire with our CV templates? Professionally designed to stand out from the crowd in the simplest way possible, our electrical engineering resume templates have helped many like you take their career to the next level!

Electrical Engineer Resume Sample and Template
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