3 Bookkeeper Resume Examples & Templates

The US has an estimated 1.7 million bookkeepers. These financial professionals provide an essential service to businesses across various sectors. But with so many bookkeepers to compete with, you need an excellent bookkeeper resume to stand out from the crowd.

Below you will find several proven examples of bookkeeper resumes, alongside templates and instructions on how to write a solid bookkeeper resume summary.

What is a Bookkeeper?

Bookkeepers record and provide accurate financial information about a business. Two of their core duties are reconciling bank records and entering data. However, many bookkeepers are also involved in their company's general accounting.

Other bookkeeper tasks involve working in:

  • Accounts receivable, creating and sending invoices
  • Accounts payable, ensuring that invoices from service providers or suppliers are accurate and paid on time.

Additionally, many bookkeepers perform tasks related to monthly reporting, payroll, and even tax filing.

Full Charge Bookkeeper Resume Sample and Template
Bookkeeper Office Manager Resume Sample and Template
Bookkeeper Resume Sample and Template
Full Charge Bookkeeper Resume Sample and Template

Bookkeeper Resume Sample

Andrew S. Foster San Francisco, CA 94108 | andrewsfoster@email.com Summary Reliable Bookkeeper with 4+ years of experience in single and double-entry accounting for small to medium-sized businesses. Proficient with QuickBooks Pro and Online, and Microsoft Excel. Excellent administrative skills with an Associate degree in accounting.

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Work Experience

General Bookkeeper, BRADY Property | June 2019 - Present

  • Responsible for accounts receivable and payable for a mid-sized shopping mall
  • Developed relationships with tenants and vendors and dealt with account queries
  • Tracked tax documents for 15+ vendors
  • Implemented weekly reports system to track delinquent accounts, reducing outstanding monthly debt by 30%

Bookkeeper, RETAIL CITY | August 2016 - June 2019

  • Performed weekly reconciliations for four bank accounts, ensuring accurate records and identifying inconsistencies
  • Generated monthly balance sheets, income statements, and other reports
  • Prepared weekly bank deposits of around $50K on average

Education North Iowa Area Community College. Mason City, IA January 2013 - May 2016 Associate of Applied Science in Accounting


  • Quickbooks Pro and Online
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Microsoft Excel

Why it’s good: This bookkeeper resume is good because it is clear and easy to digest. The resume summary is short and sweet but manages to pack in many relevant details. For example, it highlights the candidate's experience with QuickBooks and Excel and their associated degree in accounting.

Many job postings will identify a requirement of familiarity with specific pieces of software. So, if you are familiar with these tools, make sure to include them in your work experience, summary, or skills section to alert the hiring manager to your suitability for the role.

Otherwise, the work experience section does an excellent job of selling the candidate's bookkeeping skills. It highlights their experience with accounts payable and receivables and quantifies their achievements with some hard data, such as reducing debt by 30%.

Assistant Bookkeeper Resume Example

Sally Davidson 690 Gandy Street Syracuse, NY 13202 | sdavidson@email.com Summary Detail-oriented Accounts Receivable Specialist with 5+ years experience in the medical accounts receivable department. Thorough knowledge of collection and claims procedures with excellent communication skills used in efficient resolution of customer queries. Skilled in preparing weekly and monthly reports in a timely fashion with tight deadlines.

Work Experience

Assistant Bookkeeper, New York Special Surgery Clinic | January 2020 - Present

  • Managed cash flow reporting, analyzed chargebacks, and posted cash receipts
  • Resolved issues related to inaccurate billing, saving the company $25,000
  • Identified and resolved billing variance to ensure system accuracy
  • Contacted clients with arrears and past-due accounts to discuss restructuring and payment plans
  • Compiled reports for senior management to measure portfolio performance

Assistant Bookkeeper, ABC Medical billing | August 2018 - January 2020

  • Maintained accounts payable and receivable, company financial statements, and reports ensuring all income and expenses were - - Reported accurately and within federal and local policies.
  • Performed balance reconciliations and verified the accuracy of all cash entries, reducing errors by 15%
  • Developed annual budget based on sales to keep reports up-to-date
  • Supervised office staff, ensuring compliance with financial policies
  • Managed office supplies and equipment, scheduling maintenance and repair
  • Maintained confidential records, verified work hours, and salary entries for payroll

Education City University of New York, NY Sept '16-May '18 BA in Science


  • QuickBooks Pro and Online
  • Accounts payable
  • SLA fulfillment
  • Financial reporting
  • Sage Business
  • Bulk filing
  • Customer support

Why it's good: Again, this bookkeeper resume is great because it’s easy to scan. The resume summary communicates the applicants' expertise across several desirable categories, while the work experience section is solid and includes data to quantify achievements. The skills section is good, too, highlighting software and hard skills that will catch a hiring manager's eye.

Experienced Bookkeeper Resume

Joseph Schaffer 3790 Timber Ridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95814 | jschafer@email.com Summary Driven and experienced Bookkeeper with initiative, resourcefulness, and an ability to deliver business objectives. Experienced Administrative Bookkeeper with experience in advanced administrative tasks. Mentor to new staff members with fantastic people skills. Excellent team player.

Work Experience

Senior Bookkeeper, AMC Corporation | April 2010 - Present

  • Oversaw payroll transfer to QuickBooks, resulting in a saving of over 50+ labor hours per month
  • Performed extra bookkeeping duties, saving the company $7500 in CPA and technical support in 2021
  • Supervised client/vendor relationships, overseeing purchase orders, invoices, and billing
  • Processed credit card transactions, managed disputes and chargebacks
  • Performed daily transaction processing, verifying information and filing it in preparation of reports
  • Collected and processed internal transactions via scanning
  • Conducted research using computer software programs and other resources to resolve customer needs

Education City University of New York, NY September 2007-May 2009 Associates degree in Social Care


  • Peachtree Accounting
  • Sage 100
  • Quickbooks Enterprise
  • Drake Accounting Software
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Client Billing
  • Peoplesoft

Why it’s good: One issue that experienced job applicants can run into is that they have a lot of things they could include. However, that can lead to an overwhelming resume that hiring managers will find hard to read. This bookkeeper's resume does a good job of keeping things concise while highlighting the candidate's obvious qualities.

One interesting dimension of this resume summary is that it works as a good pitch for a more senior supervisor or management position by emphasizing the candidate's people skills and mentoring. Additionally, the skills section lists several pieces of software that they have used over the years.

How Should I Format my Bookkeeper Resume?

A great bookkeeper resume needs to be clear and easy to read. Hiring managers will scan your resume, so make their life easy.

You should include a:

  • Resume header with your contact details
  • Short, punchy resume summary that highlights your skills, experience, and qualifications
  • Reverse-chronological work experience section
  • List of your skills

The Best Bookkeeper Resume Templates

Bookkeeper resumes have to fit in a lot of information. However, it needs to be easy to scan for an applicant tracking system (ATS) or a hiring manager. If you want to get the edge over other candidates, you need to find a way to list your work experience, education, and skills in an easy-to-digest manner.

Including all the details you need can lead to a messy and unclear resume. Thankfully, our resume templates are formatted to get your point across without overwhelming hiring managers.

3 Bookkeeper Resume Summary Examples That Standout

The specifics of a bookkeeper resume summary will depend on the job posting. Hiring managers will generally include the experience and skills they are looking for in the job post. You should study the job posting closely and target keywords and terms the employer has included.

More generally, a good resume summary is like an elevator pitch. You need to explain who you are, what you'd bring to a business, and list a few of your skills and achievements. Additionally, if you include achievements, try to back them up with some concrete data for extra impact.

Hiring managers will either quickly scan your resume or run it through Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). As a result, you need to make it easy to read, clear, and target keywords for the job posting.

Corporate Bookkeeper Resume Summary Example

Precise, detail-oriented corporate bookkeeper with 10+ years of experience at large firms. Expert in account payable and receivables, financial planning, and management. Proven experience and track record in vendor negotiations. Meticulous and enterprising, increased profits by 15% in my current role eliminating financial discrepancies and tightening financial recording.

Why it’s good: This corporate bookkeeper resume summary example works because it crams a lot of information into a few sentences. It highlights A/P and A/R experience and also highlights a flair for vendor management and negotiations. Additionally, it demonstrates the candidate's value by showing how they’ve driven profits for their current employer.

Property Bookkeeper Resume Summary Example

Highly organized property bookkeeper with 8+ years of experience. Managed a large portfolio of clients, taking care of bookkeeping, tax filing, payroll, and account management. Supervised a team of four to ensure client tax compliance. Seeking a role as a senior property bookkeeper where I can help the company grow and mentor junior staff in property tax regulations.

Why it works: This property bookkeeper resume summary is a strong way to apply for a more senior position. It touches upon the applicant's ability to manage a portfolio of clients and perform various accounting tasks. Additionally, it suggests an ability to supervise others. Finally, this resume summary positions the candidate as having a solid knowledge of tax, which is a valuable commodity for a property bookkeeper.

Bookkeeper Resume Summary Example

Certified bookkeeper with 4+ years experience in financial reporting, auditing, financial reconciliation, and processing cash recipes. Strong financial planning skills experience that have helped reduce company costs by 10% while managing a reduced budget. Expert in administering payroll services to ensure timely payout for over 750 employees. Great communicator with a desire and ability to take on further responsibilities.

Why it works: This certified bookkeeper's resume starts by highlighting certification before explaining their vast experience and skills. It presents an example of where they have been able to work with a reduced budget and even tangibly reduce company costs.

Additionally, this resume summary highlights the candidate's experience in running payroll for over 750 employees. By contextualizing these experiences, hiring managers can feel confident that an applicant is ready to move on to the next level.

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How to Describe Bookkeeper Duties and Responsibilities on a Resume

A good bookkeeper resume should be easy for a hiring manager to read. Learning to list your skills properly is essential. ATS and hiring managers will scan your resume to look out for specific experiences and duties. So make it easy for them to find them by listing them clearly and concisely.

The best way to format your experience is:

  • Your job title
  • Company name
  • Dates employed
  • Responsibilities and duties

The responsibilities section is an opportunity to stand out. Many candidates just list their basic duties; however, you can stuff this section with workplace achievements to improve your chances of getting an interview.

Another way that you can improve this section is to use hard numbers to back up your achievements. For example, "helped install new invoice tracking, which led to a 15% increase in revenue."

Bookkeeper Resume Example - Experience Section

Bookkeeper, J&L Business Solutions | January 2017 - Present

  • Performed 100+ daily financial calculations, including interest charges, amounts due, balances, and principal for a large corporation
  • Used financial databases to answer queries for management and clients
  • Prepared and issued bills and invoices to over 200 clients
  • Analyzed invoices to ensure accuracy, saving accounts payable over $15,000 in 2021
  • Input data for databases to record and analyze data
  • Checked over 500 documents per month for errors or discrepancies
  • Trained and mentored two new junior bookkeepers

Experienced Bookkeeper Resume - Job Description

Senior Bookkeeper, ABC eCommerce | May 2015 - Feb 2022

  • Performed bank reconciliations, custom forms, reports, and recorded inventory into Sage50
  • Managed quarterly warehouse inventory count and updated records in Sage50
  • Automated A/R functions by creating a system that created invoices from sales orders
  • Mailed emails and invoices per customer request

Automated A/P function to take advantage of vendor early payment discounts, saving the business 5% on some servers

  • Worked to cut overheads and increase efficiency through the use of digital technology
  • Maintained excellent relationships with management and vendors

Assistant Bookkeeper Job Description for Resume

Assistant Bookkeeper, Wilmington Lexus | June 2018 - June 2021

  • Reviewed and prepared vendor invoices for Accounts Payable, reducing errors by 20%
  • Automated audit collecting, saving 30+ hours of labor each month
  • Ran payroll and entered new employees in the ADP system
  • Compiled statistical reports for management
  • Verified timecards of 10 employees and prepared information for payroll

How Do I Write a Bookkeeper Resume With No Experience?

Applying for an entry-level bookkeeper position can be tricky. Without past experience to fall back on, you’ll need to find other ways to emphasize why you are suitable for the job. The key here is to study the job description and draw heavily from either your education history or related work experience.

The best way to write an entry-level bookkeeper resume is to include:

  • Your basic contact information
  • A resume objective outlining who you are, your ambitions, and what types of skills you will bring to the role
  • Hard and soft skills that are relevant to the role
  • Detailed work history, emphasizing the experiences that make you a good candidate for bookkeeping
  • Document your education and draw attention to certs, qualifications, or subject area expertise that will help you thrive in bookkeeping

Top Bookkeeper Resume Skills in high Demand for 2022

  1. Good grasp of mathematics
  2. Accounting
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Communication skills
  5. Problem-solving skills
  6. Time management
  7. Deferral Transactions
  8. Tech-savviness
  9. Inventory Transactions
  10. Invoicing
  11. Accounts Payable
  12. Accounts Receivable
  13. Auditing
  14. Balance Sheets
  15. Bank Deposits
  16. Bank Reconciliation
  17. Debits and Credits
  18. Depreciation
  19. Financial Statements
  20. General Ledger
  21. Inventory Transactions
  22. Nonprofit Accounting
  23. Journal Entries

How to Become a Bookkeeper

There are two main routes that people take to become a bookkeeper. Perhaps the most common path is to work in a salaried position. Alternatively, you can start your own freelance booking service.

Both of these journeys require several steps.

#1. High School Education

You don’t necessarily need a college education to become a bookkeeper; however, many firms have this requirement. A high-school education will provide you with the basic numeracy, writing, and communication skills to provide the foundation for a bookkeeper job.

#2. Acquire Training

There are several ways that prospective bookkeepers can acquire the training required for the job. Some good avenues are:

  • Taking an online bookkeeping course
  • Finding a bookkeeping apprenticeship
  • Applying for a bookkeeping job while working a related position like administration within a company
  • Applying for entry-level bookkeeping positions

What Should I Study to Become a Bookkeeper

You don’t need to have a college education to become a bookkeeper. That said, many employers prefer candidates with a college education.

If you go down the college route, an Associate degree in either bookkeeping or accounting will train you for most positions.

Unlike accountants, bookkeepers don’t need a license or certifications. However, becoming a Certified Bookkeeper (CB) through the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers or the AIPB will make your resume look far stronger. Additionally, some job listings ask for an undergraduate accounting certificate

Final Thoughts

If you've always had a "numbers brain" and you're interested in the ins and outs of financial literacy, a career as a bookkeeper might just be your perfect path. Whether you're looking for your first bookkeeping job or you're interested in moving up the ladder in your bookkeeping career, a professionally designed resume from VisualCV Pro can help you on your way.

Full Charge Bookkeeper Resume Sample and Template
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