Managing Director Resume Samples

This page provides you with Managing Director resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Managing Director resume.

Managing Director Resume Sample and Template
Managing Director Resume Sample and Template
Managing Director Resume Sample and Template
Managing Director Resume Sample and Template


Do you see yourself as the next big managing director in town? Have you acquired all the skills needed to make a name for yourself? If you are looking for the best Managing Director resume sample that will inspire you, you have come to the right place. is designed to take care of all your needs. We understand that resumes can be quite tricky to fully design or create. We also understand that being a managing director requires a CV which is nothing short of fantastic.

However, we want you to eliminate all your fears and look forward to working hand in hand with us as we take you on a steady journey to getting you that professional resume. We understand that you have the skills needed and we have the expertise to provide you with that resume that you need. It only takes your cooperation and adept attention to us.

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How to Write a Managing Director Resume?

To write a Managing Director resume, follow these steps:

  • Select the right Managing Director resume template.
  • Add the following sections to your resume: header, summary, work experience, achievements and skills.
  • Try to show how you have helped your organizations in the past with generating more sales, hiring the right team, managing budgets and building leadership.
  • Make sure to add only a maximum of 6 bullet points under each role you had.

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Everyone knows that managing directors are professionals. Let your resume have an identity which is similar to what you what your employers to know about you. Let your resume contain professionalism. Everything from the layout to the format, fonts, headers and spacing should present you as someone professional.

When picking a resume layout, ignore anything that has to do with flair. Stick solely to simplicity. The simpler your resume, the more professional it would look. Avoid layouts which are comprised of more than two colours.

When picking a font, pick something which is very clear. You should also pick a font colour and font size which is the true definition of clarity. Picking a font which is clear will make it easier for recruiters to locate key aspects of your resume. ` The next thing you should note would be to properly space and section your resume. This would increase the overall appeal of its appearance. When it is properly spaced, it becomes easier to read and is even more presentable to the office of the employer. Finally, you should save your resume as a PDF. PDFs are easier to transfer and harder to edit. This would leave all your information and details safe.

The Managing Director Resume Summary Section

When going for a position such as that of the managing director, you can be tempted to load your resume with a lot of information. However, the summary section will help to be a form of guide for the recruiter through the load of information in the resume. A brief summary would help your employer easily highlight all the key points of your resume. It would basically contain the most important parts of your resume.

Managing Director Resume Example - Summary

A business leader with extensive experience in strategy formulations and implementation, P&L, client relationship management, establishing performance management frameworks, change management, cost reductions, continuous improvement, multi-site operations, multi-drop distribution, and implementing new business strategies.

The key points to include in your resume include:

DO (Summarize your employment)

  • Fill in your most recent and relevant duties or responsibilities
  • Highlight your skills
  • Write about your current employment and what makes you a good fit for the job position.

DON’T (Summarize your life)

  • Be overly confident
  • Don’t be too cocky in your presentation
  • Avoid generic formats

Managing Director Resume Work Experience (with Example)

The work history of a potential managing director is the chance he or she has to prove your competence. If you have served in a number of positions which are relevant to the position of the managing director, you are simply telling your employer that you are more than ready to take on your new position. All the roles and responsibilities which you have handled would come in handy right here. If you have served in different other posts in a relevant field, make them a part of your resume. If you have taken part in internships and volunteering which is very relevant to your position, you should also state it. There should however be some restraint to making this section too bulky else you risk boring the recruiter or looking like a braggart.

However take note that your most recent job positions should be stated first. Don’t go ahead stating that you were the clerk of a store in high school before informing your employer that you served as an accountant at a reputable firm. Organize your work experience using the reverse chronological order.

Managing Director Resume Example - Experience

Managing Director

  • Managing a positive relationship with all clients.
  • Managing and delivering all required service-level agreements.
  • Single point-of-contact for all issues related to quality, delivery & production.
  • Successfully implemented qualtiy procedures in the company.
  • Imparting training to people in various departments.

If you still need any work history tips, take note of the following:

Do (Summarize your work history):

  • Utilise SAR (Situation, Action, Result) to demonstrate achievements that had an impact on productivity and profitability
  • Clearly state your promotions during your previous employment
  • List the duties you undertook in the previous employments
  • List all the awards gained from previous employment

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Don’t overemphasize on one job
  • Don’t include jobs you did a very long time ago (such as 20 years ago)
  • Don’t make your history too bulky.

Need more tips on writing an efficient work experience section for a great Managing Director? Check out our detailed resume guide.


The education of a managing director cannot be underestimated. A lot of times, people aiming to be managing directors have years of schooling, training and numerous qualifications and certifications. You have to include the most relevant part of your education your resume. Don’t fill it with information that is too good to be true. If you have a long education experience, try to write only about the major points and aspects of your educational training.

However, these are the basics of the education section of a managing director resume:

  • Which universities and other institutions have you studied in.
  • Your years of training.
  • The qualifications you have been awarded.

After properly listing all the basics, you now have to impress your employer by adding your qualifications. These qualifications serve as an extra yardstick used to measure your competence and professional capacity. If you have any accolades gotten as a result of educational training write it down. Any certifications gotten from online courses, internships, seminars and so on should be included.

Best Managing Director Skills

If you don’t already know, employers will screen candidates in order to make their search simpler and this is where the tricky part begins. In your resume, you may avoid listing your skills or talents which relate specifically to the role of managing director and if that is the case you might get passed over. That’s why you need to make your skills a priority.

What you are best doing is to come up with a brief list of four or five skills you personally have and match them to your hard skills. You can put them onto your resume and you’ll be less likely to be forgotten about or left out. What is more, adding your soft and hard skills can be useful and we can help you achieve this too. We believe these skills are going to be what gets you noticed.

Soft SkillsHard Skills
Ability to motivate a workforceFinancial Acumen
Productive RelationshipsPR and Communication skills
Problem SolvingNegotiation and Communication
Visionary LeadershipPlanning and forecasting

Cover Letter: yes or no?

Why not add a cover letter? It’s simple enough to create and it looks good to employers also. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

These are some few extra tips to make you have an edge

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Always link back to a professional profile online if possible.
  • Try and keep your resume honest and brief.
  • Add recent projects that can stand out to employers.

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Include your in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Word or Excel.
  • Pretend you can do a job when you can’t.
  • Write incorrect information.

If an excellent Managing Director Resume sample is not enough, why don’t you check out one of the most efficient Managing Director resume templates here : many professionals like you have successfully used it to take their career to the next level.

Managing Director Resume Sample and Template
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