Staff Nurse Resume Samples

This page provides you with Staff Nurse resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Staff Nurse resume.

Staff Nurse Resume Sample and Template
Nurse Resume Sample and Template
Registered Nurse Resume Sample and Template
Staff Nurse Resume Sample and Template
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Staff Nurses work in one of the fastest growing yet most stressful industries at the moment and staff nurses like you are in high demand, making an outstanding resume a must for you!

You are right, excellent staff nurses like you can find a job tomorrow or, if not, the day after tomorrow! The question is: do you want a job or are you looking for THE job? ;) We are here to give you the power to get the one you have always dreamt of and to help you get recruiters and hospitals take notice of you and your skills.

If you are looking for the perfect staff nurse resume sample to inspire you, look no further.

Here at VisualCV we will help you creating that awesome resume that not only will inspire the employers to take a closer look at you as a staff nurse but will also give you and your confidence a massive boost.

Let us inspire you, we have helped millions to build on their resumes and move their way towards their dream jobs: and guess what, you are next!

How to Write a Staff Nurse Resume

As a professional and excellent staff nurse you are definitely compassionate, self confident and and able to bring a leadership feel to the each role you fill. Having these qualities, though, doesn’t mean that you will be able to get them noticed, that is totally a different task, a fundamental one considering the dozens of competitors out there all vying for the same position. Your resume must make the difference between you getting a second interview and being put to the back of the list: we’re here to help you!

So firstly, you have to think about what information you want or need to add to the resume. Do you plan to include your background before being a staff nurse? Are you thinking more so about recent education rather than the education from twenty years ago? In truth, the education relating to your nursing career is more appropriate and the best place to start off with.

Lastly, you have to remember, employers will look at your resume carefully and if you are inconsistent in places or have conflicting information then there are a few problems at hand. What you need to do to avoid these issues is to actually read over the resume in full and check to make sure you aren’t mistaken anywhere. It really does make a difference.

(And also, PDF over Microsoft Word, please!)

The Summary Section

Everyone has their opinion over summaries in a resume and while some might think it’s a bad idea, why not take a moment to consider it? Summaries are actually useful for many applicants because employers want to see uniqueness. Employers want people to stand out for all the right reasons and opting for a simple summary could be one element that makes you unique!

A good quality summary should talk about you as a person and professional. It’s a brief glimpse at you and that will truly make a real difference when it comes to catching the attention of an employer. We can help you achieve that and you could check out our top tips too:

DO (Summarize your employment)

  • Make a personal statement about you.
  • Include the right personal details that employers need to know.
  • Talk about previous employment.

DON’T (Summarize your life)

  • Add information which might come across as negative.
  • Use language which can be offensive.
  • Opt for technical terms unless it’s absolutely essential.

Work Experience

Employers want to see rich work histories. When you have a fairly decent background as a staff nurse that should all be included in your resume. Employers aren’t necessarily interested in your time as a computer programmer in your late teens they’re interested in the years spent as a staff nurse, in your clinical experience. Always, always bring out the experience that counts. No matter how insignificant it might seem, any nursing work experience can prove vital for you.

But make sure you get as specific as possible: especially in a job like yours, details help recruiters understand what you’ve done and they’re quickly able to understand if you’re the right person for the job or not!

Also, you should not underestimate these tips:

Do (Summarize your work history)

  • Include the type of patients you have dealt with in the past
  • Let the recruiter understand your passion for nursing
  • Put the most important pieces of your employment history at the top.
  • Include the unit type under each job (ER, ICU, L&D, etc.)

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Don’t use language which might offend.
  • Don’t be so negative about your lack of experience.
  • Don’t keep the most relevant information at the bottom of the work history.

Need more tips on writing an efficient work experience section for a great staff nurse? Check out our detailed resume guide!


Applicants often panic when they realize they have to add their education and let’s be honest, you probably won’t relish this either. For most, they don’t like the idea due to the fact their education might be not as well equipped as they would like. However, you’re trained as a staff nurse and even if that’s your only real education, that’s a great achievement.

These are three very important factors which shouldn’t be forgotten about in your resume:

  • When and where you studied to become a nurse.
  • How long have you studied nursing and any other project you might have taken on
  • What are your current qualifications as a nurse practitioner?

You, as a staff nurse, have gone through a great deal of education to get where you are and it’s very important to let your potential new employer know that. It can seem like an awful lot of information to put down but it’s actually good because it shows you have an education to back your skills as a staff nurse. What is more, even continuous education after being a qualified staff nurse can show you have the determination to learn and continue to improve.

Best Staff Nursing Skills

You don’t want to be screened out of an interview simply because you didn’t list your skills. You have talents and you need to let the employers know about them! Skills should show the best side of you and not just as a professional but as a person also. You want these to be one of the things that stand out in your resume and there are lots of skills you have and which should be included.

One of the first things you should have drilled into you is honesty about your past talents or skills is a must-have for any resume! You can incorporate your hard and soft skills into the mix and hopefully you’ll be a standout candidate for the employer.

Soft SkillsHard Skills
Compassion And UnderstandingAdvanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)
Effective CommunicationHospital Experience
Team WorkCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
FlexibilityCritical care nursing
Critical ThinkingPatient/family education

Cover Letter: yes or no?

It’s wise to add a cover letter with your resume. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

We want to make creating a resume easier so here are some extra tips which might come in use:

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Include an updated email address.
  • Use links which link back to a professional profile.
  • Include any specific subspecialty (ie Swan-Ganz Catheters )
  • Talk about promotions you’ve received in previous roles.
  • Let the recruiter know your availability

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Include any bad relationship, even with the worst patient!
  • Don’t talk about your relationship with a partner.
  • Don’t put down you want a certain amount of money.

If an excellent Staff Nurse Resume sample is not enough, why don’t you check out one of the most efficient staff Nurse resume templates in the market? Many professionals like you have successfully used it to take their career to the next level.

Staff Nurse Resume Sample and Template
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