Visual Merchandiser Resume Samples

This page provides you with Visual Merchandiser resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Visual Merchandiser resume.

Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample and Template
Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample and Template
Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample and Template
Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample and Template
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Visual merchandising is all about being creative and strategic, and it’s exactly the same when it comes to building the perfect visual merchandising resume.

Whilst budgets for advertising and promotional campaigns are always increasing, so is the competition: great landscaping, decor, color and texture skills won’t get you too far without a standout resume.

We have inspired many like you with our visual merchandising resume samples: let us help you get the job you always dreamt of.

Research shows that art directors will look at a resume for an average of 6 seconds before deciding what to do with it. Not long, is it? You’ve got to highlight key areas fast and efficiently, using your creative prowess to entice them into reading on.

We strongly recommend a reverse-chronological format to highlight your strongest achievements straight away.

Use clear, easy-to-read font, big headings and plenty of white space: treat your visual merchandising resume layout like one of the display designs you’ve created.

Export your visual merchandising resume in PDF rather than word to ensure that it looks clean when being viewed by recruiters.

The Summary Section:

This is your time to sell yourself - a chance to make eyebrow-raising pronouncements combined with hard-hitting stats that show off your biggest wins.

Use a resume summary if you’re an experienced visual merchandiser with years of experience in promotional campaigns and digital marketing strategies aimed to increase online retail conversion. A good example of a summary section for Visual Merchandising is:

Dynamic and professional Visual Merchandiser with 10+ experience in increasing system-wide sales. Developed and led key in-store promotional campaigns across a range of fields. Increased system generated sales and walk-in rate of Spike Lee store by 80% last financial year.

Alternatively, here’s one that will probably not get much attention:

Visual Merchandiser with lots of years of experience. Have worked on promotional campaigns and increased sales by researching consumer behavior.

With our resume builder you will get tips and examples to inspire you to build the best visual merchandising resume.

You should use this section as an objective statement if you’re a junior visual merchandiser: it will give recruiters the best sense of your motivation and desire to further your professional practice.

A fresh graduate visual merchandiser objective statement could look like this:

Creative, driven and passionate Visual Merchandiser Graduate seeks in-house position with Spike Lee department store. Competent with MS Word and Coral Draw, have 4 years experience in retail sales and relish working outside comfort zones.

Use something like this if you’re not keen on getting your foot in the door:

New Visual Merchandiser wants job with Spike Lee. Lots of experience selling clothes, can use Word.

Work Experience

This is your moment to make your visual merchandising work history fit the job role. No matter if you’ve got years of experience developing developing pricing and tag concepts, or are just starting out in part-time window arrangements, we can make this section shine.

Have you single-handedly been responsible for improving a business’s walk-in rate by 150%? Do you roll out visual strategies across a range of outlets, auditing on implementation and inventory policies? Make that count!

Visual Merchandising Resume with Experience: You need to consider these points before actually detailing any specifics: List your most recent job first Highlight the qualities that are pertinent to the job ad Have you proven that you meet these qualities? Use bullet points to state your achievements

Don’t overload this section, but do use it to showcase your achievements and your duties. Start with the company name, your position and then the dates you worked.

Laurell Stores Visual Merchandiser 2013-present Developed in-store promotional campaigns and coordinated digital marketing strategies for launch Manage 5 in-house VM on conducting time-motion analysis testing to improve customer experience Upped sales from $300,000 in 2013 to 600,000 by 2016

Alternatively, here’s a visual merchandiser work history sample that falls a little bit short:

Larrell Stores Visual Merchandiser 2013-present Promo campaigns Managing a team Made increase in sales

Visual Merchandiser Resume with no experience: We recommend you take on some voluntary experience in the visual merchandising field to help build your portfolio. It could be anything from a small visual branding job for a friend’s business, or a part-time role in the sales field.

CoffeeBiz Freelance Visual Merchandiser 2015-present Assisted in re-arranging service counter and open up visibility Worked with other members of staff to address customer experience issues Improved CoffeeBiz’s profits by 55% on an annual basis from 2015 to present

On the other hand, something like this probably won’t get you past the first few seconds:

Freelance Visual Merchandiser 2015-present Helped with store lay out Improved sales of business

Check out our detailed resume guide for more information on how to write your visual merchandising work experience.


Experience counts for a lot in the visual merchandising field, but having a sound educational backbone is integral as well. Be sure to include any training programs you’ve been on, or any award certificates you’ve been given - but make sure they match the job description. Specialisms in areas like window dressing or display arrangement are really advantageous in visual merchandising and can help you stand out from the pack.

You will want to include the following information: Where you’ve studied What you’ve studied When you studied Any certifications you’ve earned (Window Dressing, Fashion Visual Merchandising, Display)

All the information listed here must be truthful. If you’ve got a gap in your education or work history, let your recruiter know. The same goes for lack of experience - don’t be afraid to say you haven’t graduated yet, or are making a complete career change.

Bachelor Visual Merchandising Swinburne University 2007-2010 GPA 3.8 Major in outlay strategy and customer retention Industry placement for “World famous Myer window Christmas curation”

Here’s a visual merchandising education section that needs a bit more information:

BA Visual Merchandising 4.0 GPA Myer window placement

Best Visual Merchandiser skills:

Highlighting your technical and soft skills can give recruiters or art directors that extra push in considering you for the role. They form the backbone of the job description, and allow you to show off the technical acquisitions you’ve made over the years.

Hard skills Soft Skills Coral Draw Creative Current and future design trends Adaptable Window dressing Commercial Awareness Computer Aided Design (CAD) trained Independent FDDI Time management Managing budgets Suppliers management Proficient in Adobe suite Hands-on Post Production Manual Dexterity Store Space Optimisation Overstock Inventory Management

Extra tips

Cover letter: Yes or no? Follow our simple tips here to write the perfect visual merchandising cover letter. Doing one may help attract potential recruiters to your resume!

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Highlight your crucial role in the retail store
  • Add any specialised training programs you’ve been on, like CAD training or window dressing
  • Include specific achievements where applicable, like a successful branding campaign

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie)

  • Sell your experience short
  • Be too vague about achievements - use hard figures and statistics where possible
  • Give unfactual information

If you’d like to get some more inspiration, you should check out our visual merchandising resume templates. Professionals like yourself have been using it to transform their careers!

Visual Merchandiser Resume Sample and Template
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