Real Estate Resume Samples [+ 3 Examples]

This page provides you with Real Estate resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Real Estate resume.

Real State Sales Agent Resume Sample and Template
Development & Asset Manager Resume Sample and Template
Real Estate Broker Resume Sample and Template
Real State Sales Agent Resume Sample and Template


Your job is all about winning!

And you are very well aware that, in order to win in such a competitive industry like yours, you need the best real estate agent resume sample to inspire you.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you create the best resume you can think of.

Real estate agents like you collaborate with clients, including developers and homeowners, to buy and sell property. Real estate agents are skilled negotiators, keen analysts, and clear communicators. Good people skills are integral to a successful real estate career, as much of the job includes managing relationships with buyers and sellers.

We are here to provide you with a standout real estate agent resume!

How To Write a Real Estate Resume?

As real estate agent is essentially a sales role, your resume should be effective as a marketing document. You have to sell yourself—to both employers and clients—before you can start selling houses!

We strongly suggest a reverse-chronological format for your real estate agent resume to showcase your best wins, your selling experience and your work history.

Use your resume to showcase your passion for real estate and your sales acumen. Real estate is a booming market and a competitive field, so in order to stand out you need the best resume possible. Use a resume template that allows you to showcase not only your experience, but your passion. In client-facing positions like this, enthusiasm for the role is very important to hiring managers.

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Real Estate Resume Summary

Your summary section is your elevator pitch. It is a brief description of yourself and your experience that sells you and your skills to the employer. It shouldn’t contain any long paragraphs detailing every role you’ve ever held, but it should still give employers an idea of why you are the best person for this job.

Here are some quick tips for writing a summary section:

DO (Summarize your employment):

  • Briefly highlight your best achievements
  • Showcase your leadership capabilities
  • Be specific about your skills set
  • Sell yourself: this is your chance to get to the next level!

DON’T (Summarize your life)

  • Oversell yourself!
  • Lie, no matter what, but please don’t lie
  • Fill this paragraph with technical terms.

Senior Real Estate Resume Summary Sample

Highly energetic, ambitious and passionate real-estate professional with 10 years of experience. An award winning real estate professional who has been fortunate enough to experience many facets of the real estate business.

Real Estate Professional Resume Summary

Highly knowledgeable and experienced real estate development professional with a deep understanding of a range of property types and projects. Proven record of successful completion of multiple simultaneous projects both nationally and internationally.

Real Estate Resume Work Experience Section

Write your work experience in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent position and working backwards. With each position, write bulleted lists detailing your key accomplishments and successes, using measurable details wherever possible. Concrete examples of major initiatives that you spearheaded or deals that you landed look great on a resume.

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Highlight your accomplishments in previous roles
  • List your job experiences in reverse-chronological order
  • Be specific about your skills set
  • Quantify your achievements whenever possible

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Write a tedious list of obligations from previous roles.
  • List every position you have ever had, going back to 2002
  • List achievements unrelated to the position

Real Estate Resume Experience Sample

Real Estate Broker Keller Williams Realty

  • Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, leases, and deeds
  • Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of the property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting based on current market conditions
  • Advise sellers on how to make homes more appealing to potential buyers increasing average selling prices by 16% from initial appraisals
  • Evaluate mortgage options, helping clients obtain financing at the best rates and terms for my clients

Real Estate Development Resume Experience Sample

ERA Real Estate Development and Asset Manager

  • Asset management of a portfolio of high-end properties, setting goals and objectives for each property in order to maximize profit by increasing rental income and reducing operating expenses
  • Development of a sustainable leasing strategy to achieve shareholder's financial objectives
  • Management and negotiation of lease contracts with existing and new tenants to ensure high occupancy rate, high collection rates, use of space to the maximum advantage, and continuity of lease
  • Qualitative assessment of tenants based on profitability track record and sustainability parameters

For more tips on writing your work experience, check out our detailed resume guide.

Real Estate Resume - Education Section

Your education section should include the degrees you have earned and the names of the institutions you attended. If you received any prestigious academic awards during your studies, they can also be included, as well as any important projects or memberships that are relevant to the position.

Any extra-course or certification should also be included: make sure you take your time to complete the best real estate agent resume you can think of!

Top Real Estate Skills to Include

Valuable skills in the real estate industry are:

Soft SkillsHard Skills
CommunicationMarket Analysis
FlexibilityLead Generation
Customer ServiceTime Management
Thrive under pressureProperty Manager 5000 software

Cover Letter: yes or no?

A great cover letter has never hurt anyone!

Match a brief one-pager with your resume will give you an advantage over other candidates. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

We really like you, so here’s some additional tips for your best business development resume!

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Include a link to your online portfolio
  • Keep your resume to 1-2 pages
  • List the awards, projects and hobbies that fit the job description
  • Show your promotions or that you moved around at previous companies
  • Tell the truth

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • List an unprofessional email address
  • Say you are good with the Internet: this is not 1996!
  • Use too many colors or different fonts
  • Link to your Social media accounts (unless a professional one)
  • Include anything confidential from your previous jobs

Finally, if you are looking for the best real estate agent resume templates, you should check this masterpiece we have been working on here : many professionals like you have successfully used it to take their career to the next level.

Real State Sales Agent Resume Sample and Template
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