UX Designer Resume Samples [+ 3 Examples]

This page provides you with UX Designer resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a UX Designer resume.

Lead UX Designer Resume Sample and Template
UX Designer Resume Sample and Template
UX Designer Resume Sample and Template
Lead UX Designer Resume Sample and Template


There’s no doubting that the UX industry is up the incline, but how will you make yourself stand out from the hundreds of other industry competitors? Having a professional UX Designer resume will help you get the attention you deserve.

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Go for the sleek reverse-chronological format to ensure that all of your biggest industry achievements are outline from the outset. This will give you the best chance to catch the recruiter’s attention, and keep it.

Complement your big career wins with a clear font like Arial and Times New Roman and big, bold headings to match. Ensure not to overload it with industry jargon - you want lots of white space and an export in PDF to get the best results when considered by hiring managers.

How do I write a resume for a UX Designer?

To write a UX Designer resume, follow these tips:

  • List your best UX design portfolio within your resume header section. It can be a link to your website portfolio or to your portfolio on Dribbble.
  • Write a UX Designer summary at the top of your resume that summarizes your UX design experience, your UX focus (mobile, web or an industry such as eCommerce).
  • When you write your UX Designer experience section, add your UX work experience supported by bullet points that highlight the work you did and the impact it made.
  • List your UX design skills in a UX design section.

What should be in a UX Designer resume?

Every UX Design resume should have a portfolio link, a resume summary and a work experience section.

How to Write UX Design Resume Summary or Objective

You’ve got around 6 seconds to convince your hiring manager of your hireability - so how do you do that? Use a resume summary that showcases your impenetrable experience and career highlights.

Here's an example of a good UX Designer resume.

Good UX Designer Resume Summary Example

Professional UX Designer with 5 years experience wishes to transition to lead UX role with FutureInc. Current lead position with GoldCore resulted in 20% shorter completion times for prototyping low fidelity concepts, leading to a high customer approval rating (97%). Seeking to leverage this experience and transition into design oversight and mentoring role.

Bad UX Designer Resume Summary Example

This summary section leaves a bit to be desired:

UX Designer seeks position with X company. Current lead role at GoldCore involves A/B testing, card sorting and user interviews. Wish to move into a more managerial position.

For tips on how to write a UX Designer resume, please consult our resume builder.

For junior level UX designer, you can use this section as an objective statement. This will allow you to quantity any transferable experience while also addressing your desire to continue your professional practice.

A great entry-level UX Designer objective statement for user experience is:

Good Junior UX Designer Resume Summary Example

Professional and motivated UX Designer with strong skills in research and prototyping low fidelity concepts seeks UX role at Y Company. Through Axure, Sketch and HTML have improved the back end for local food delivery company, user testing their application, leading to a customer approval rating of 95% on the project.

A junior UX Designer objective statement that needs work is:

Bad Junior UX Designer Resume Summary Example

UX Designer with lots of experience in Sketch and Axure seeks job at Y company. Completed a project for a local food delivery company which led to high customer ratings.

UX Designer Resume Work Experience

Not only does you UX designer experience count, it’s essential you make it count in your work history section. Whether you’re hitting 1000+ daily downloads for your latest application debugging or are just about to participate in creating a content development strategy for your first project, we can help this section really light up.

UX Designer Resume Work Experience Example

Future Inc. UX Designer 2016-now

  1. Increased user satisfaction by 20% through redesign project for high-end retail website
  2. Decreased bounce rate by 25% for mobile website, generating over 20K in online sales through launching social media application
  3. Lead UX designer for all design elements, including templates and brand consistency
  4. Consistently delivering projects 5% before deadlines

This work experience section needs a bit of attention:

Bad UX Designer Resume Work Experience Example

Future Inc. UX Designer 2016-now

  1. Worked on overhauling a website for high-end retail company
  2. Delivered projects before deadlines
  3. Worked with a team

UX Designer with no experience: Undertaking experience in designing a wireframe for a retail company or even making a website for your local bakery is all great experience to include. Transferable skills in using Sketch and or Illustrator is also a bonus.

A good junior UX Designer work experience section is:

Good Junior UX Designer Resume Work Experience Example

Junior UX Designer 2016-now

  1. Redesigner webapp for local restaurant delivery service, leading to higher customer ratings (94%) in just 2 months
  2. Improved the UX scores for local bookstore by 10%
  3. Created a site flow for a local homeless charity

This work experience section, however, leaves a bit to be desired:

Bad Junior UX Designer Resume Work Experience Example

Junior UX Designer 2016-now

  1. Helped design applications for companies
  2. Improved UX scores

You can check out our detailed resume guide which has lots of information on how to best writing about your work experience.

How to List Your Education On UX Design Resume

Skills for UX Designers stretch far beyond the classroom, so make this section count with extra industry certificates. A BA in computer science, graphic design or web programming will score you brownie points with recruiters - but certificates like the UX Master Certification program from Nielson Norman, CUA, and Advanced User Experience program will make you even more employable.

Most importantly, include the following information:

  1. What you studied
  2. Where you studied
  3. When you studied
  4. Any extra certificates (UX Masters, CUA, AUS)

BA Computer Science Sydney University 2009-2015 Excelle in human-computer interaction Undertook independent research into designing user interfaces for creative thinkers 3-month industry placement with FutureInc

An education section that could use work is:

BA Computer Science Sydney University 4.0 GPA

Top 8 UX Designer skills

Technical skills form the bread and butter of what it means to be a professional UX Designer. By tailoring your skillset to the job at hand, you can convince hiring managers that you are the one for the position. Give them an impression of how those functional skills will make you a key asset.

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
UX researchAttention to detail
WireframingCritical Thinking
Knowledge of Prototyping tools (Axure)Self-Starter
HTML, Javascript and CSS fluencyStrong communication design intent
Participatory designCreative Thinking
Information architectureVision
Usability testingAdaptability

Extra tips:

Follow our tips here to create a great UX Designer cover letter. It could really help seal the deal!

DO (make yourself look great) Quantify figures and statistics Show relevant industry experience Include any extra certificates you’ve earned

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie) Forget to go tailor your technical skills to the job Be vague about experience Lie about your education

After that career boost? Check out our amazing UX Designer resume templates here (LINK).

Lead UX Designer Resume Sample and Template
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