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This page provides you with Makeup Artist resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Makeup Artist resume.

Makeup Artist Resume Sample and Template
Makeup Artist Resume Sample and Template


Makeup artists are professionals whose medium is human body and they apply makeup and prosthetics on others in various industries including theatre, television or salons.

Every Makeup artist will write about their experience and work history but our resume samples have been made to help you stand out from the crowd and have been trusted by over 3 million people.

What should a makeup artist put on their resume?

A makeup artist should put the following on their resume:

  • Include any certification(e.g. certification in skincare lines) or a course that you’ve taken in the past.
  • Add your special skills (e.g. bridal makeup, airbrush makeup, etc).
  • Add your cosmetology and retail skills. Retails skills are something that hiring managers care deeply about.

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How do I make a resume for a makeup artist?

To write a resume for a makeup artist follow these steps:

  • Select the right makeup artist resume template depending on your work experience. Go for a template that supports reverse chronological order if you have work experience.
  • Write a short professional resume summary or objective that summarizes your experience in makeup artistry.
  • List your makeup artist work experience in a reverse chronological order starting with your current or most recent position.
  • Add your certifications to the certification section in the resume.
  • List your makeup skills in the skills section.
  • Reduce the length of your resume to one page.

How do you put freelance makeup artist on your resume?

To add your freelance makeup artist experience on your resume, simply add “Freelance Makeup Artist” under your work experience section and list all the freelance makeup work you did under it.

Makeup Artist Resume Summary/ Objective Section

“Is it really needed? Can’t I just write my past experience, which shows I’m qualified”.

Absolutely Not. Hiring managers receives about 100 applications for a makeup artist position and each and every one writes about their past experience. This makes it extremely impossible for the manager to decide who to hire, so that’s why a good summary section on top of your resume helps them make a final decision.

A perfect summary should be succinct and precise which means short and not vague. An example might be:

Passionate Makeup Artist with 5+ years of experience and proven skills in sales and product knowledge. Seeking to double sales for Mods Salon. Built recurring client base by understanding every client’s unique requests, working together with them and increased positive customer comments by 36%. Increased profits more than $100,000 for the management by upselling various skincare products.

If you think you don’t have experience as a makeup artist, you can use your other experiences to prove your potential.

Energetic Makeup Artist with 3K+ Instagram followers and 10+ regular clients, skilled in personal makeup and responding to customer needs. As a member at theatre company, facilitated with regular makeup. Received 95% positive feedback from management for punctuality, creativity, and flexibility.

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Makeup Artist Resume - Work Experience Description Section

Follow these steps to write the perfect work experience description:

  1. Precise
  2. Not more than 5 bullet Points
  3. Use action words with results

A beginner’s example is as follows:

__Freelance Makeup Artist New York, NY – 2017- Present

  • Freelance makeup artist with 15+ regular clients.
  • Handled instagram and youtube accounts with more than 2k+ active followers.
  • Filled in as makeup artist at Habib’s Salon 2x per month.
  • Handled makeup for 5 weddings for bride and all bridesmaids with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

An experienced make-up artist example would be as follows:

Makeup Artist – Sassoon Hair Salon New York, NY – 2014-2019

  • Sold $5K+ per week of proprietary products.
  • Rated 4.5/5 on StyleSeat and Makeup + Me blog.
  • Trained 5 makeup advisors.
  • Performed 30+ client assessments and makeup applications per week.

Makeup Artist Resume - Education Section

Education for a makeup artist is as important as it is for someone doing engineering. It shows hard-work and drive. An example of a good education section might be:

Cosmetology Program – Carsten Institute of Cosmetology New York, NY – 2017-2019

  • Excelled in beauty make-up and bookkeeping coursework.
  • Pursued a passion for client assessment and skin care specialist.
  • Commended by the Dean on interpersonal skills.

Makeup Artist Resume Skills

You know you’ve got the skills required and your experience shows it, so why have a skills section? Well, it’s important because it shows if you’ve got the right skills for this specific job.

The best advice would be add skills already mentioned in the job description you’re applying to. But here are a few examples:

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
WaxingInterpersonal Skills
Skin CareCommunication
Facial TreatmentCustomer Service
Booking AppointmentsCreative Thinking
RetailDetail Oriented
Inventory ManagmentTime Management
Product KnowledgePerceptiveness

Makeup Artist Resume - Certification or Licence Section

Certain states or provinces have requirements for beauty professionals to have licences. So check for your state or countries requirements and then work towards or if you already have, add those licences. An example of how to add licence would be:


  • Licensed Cosmetologist, New York State
  • Licensed Nail Technician

Interests or Other Things Required

To show that you’re career driven and really want to become the best in your field, it’s nice to add things that you do outside work and school that lead you towards your goal.

Some examples might be:

Social Media

  • Instagram: 3,623 Followers
  • Youtube: 2,410 Followers


  • Member, Professional Beauty Association.
  • Regular listener, This Week in Makeup podcast.
  • Teach yoga classes 2x per week for fun & fitness.

Networking Events

  • Women in Leadership, Gave presentation on looking professional.
  • Women's Business Accelerator, Gave talk on dressing for success.

Contact Information Section

What use is the resume, if the hiring manager cannot contact you easily. Make sure you put this information on the top where it’s easily accessible and has all forms of contact information including:

  • Full Name
  • Work Email
  • Current Phone Number
  • Address
Makeup Artist Resume Sample and Template
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