Production Coordinator Resume Examples and Templates for 2022

This page provides you with Production Coordinator resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Production Coordinator resume.

Video Production Coordinator Resume Sample and Template
Video Production Coordinator Resume Sample and Template
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Production Coordinator Resume Overview

If you’ve always dreamed of working in film and television, you might have found yourself looking into becoming a production coordinator. Production coordinators are valued members of an on-set team, and you’ll have to be skilled in many different areas in order to succeed in this role. From leadership and management skills to knowledge of film and television production, your favorite shows and movies simply wouldn’t happen without production coordinators.

Of course, if you’re looking to secure a job as a production coordinator, you’ll first have to create a resume that stands out from the rest. The competition in this industry is fierce, and you’ll need to find a way to differentiate yourself. Thankfully, the VisualCV team is here to help you every step of the way! Read on for production coordinator resume examples to land you your dream job in 2022.

What is a Production Coordinator?

Production coordinators are in charge of running the production office for a film or television production. This office is the administrative wing of the production, meaning they’re in charge of the fine details that make up the larger show or film. The production coordinator will work with the production office from start to finish, including pre- and post-production. Depending on the budget and size of the production, the production office (or PO) can be a major warehouse-style building that also houses storage, props, wardrobe, conference rooms, casting rooms, and edit suites, or it could be a smaller room specifically for production staff.

The production coordinator has a hand in everything from scheduling the office calendar and organizing the physical office layout to hiring the shooting crew and compiling legal paperwork. Everyone who works in the PO, from catering staff to production crew, was likely hired by the production coordinator.

Research suggests that potential recruiters look at a resume for an average of 6 seconds. With so many variations in a professional production coordinator resume, it can be tricky to know what the differences are.

In general, your production coordinator resume should contain the following:

  • A summary
  • Your experience
  • Your Education
  • Your skills, including any professional certifications

The Best Format for a Production Coordinator Resume

Writing your production coordinator resume in a reverse-chronological format is ideal when looking to show off your skills, experience and accomplishments.

Be sure to use big headings, clear and neat typeface and plenty of white space when constructing your resume. Export your production coordinator resume in PDF rather than Microsoft word - the result will be a professional and intact product to deliver to recruiters.

3 Production Coordinator Resume Summary Examples

Your summary should be short and to the point. This is the very first thing a recruiter will see, so make sure you’re putting your absolute best foot forward. Highlight your level of experience if you aren’t applying for entry-level positions, or your recent academic accomplishment if you’re a new graduate. Make sure to read the job description carefully and adjust your resume to fit it -- as long as what you’re saying is true, of course!

Many recruiters and companies now use Applicant Tracking Systems to automate and streamline the recruitment process. While this is a great benefit for companies, some applicants have been met with the frustration of their resumes not ever being seen by a real person -- if the resume doesn’t get past the ATS software, it’s usually discarded. Thankfully, VisualCV’s resume templates have been specifically designed to beat applicant tracking systems, making your production coordinator resume much more likely to make it in front of the right person.

The Wrong Way to Write a Production Coordinator Resume Summary

Your summary shouldn’t be too wordy or personal – that’s what your cover letter is for! This first step in your production coordinator resume exists to give hiring managers a brief glimpse into your personality and experience. Not all hiring managers agree that a resume summary is necessary, but if your resume summary is clear, to the point, and hones in on what the job description is asking for, include it!


  • I’m a production assistant with 10 years of experience working on movie sets. I’ve had many different responsibilities over the years, so I’m sure I’d be able to handle whatever you throw at me in this new position.

Production Coordinator Resume Summary Sample

Established production coordinator with 15 years of experience. Recently wrapped a $10 million film on schedule and on budget. Experience in building high-performing teams.

Professional Summary for a Production Coordinator

Production coordinator with 5 years of experience and a comprehensive background in the film industry. Experience running production offices for both independent and major films and streaming television.

Production Coordinator Resume Summary Example

Motivated and energetic production coordinator with experience in determining best staff fit for each task and thinking on the fly. I have three years of experience working in independent film and solving problems before they arise, and have wrapped my last two productions under budget.

Do You Need a Production Coordinator Resume Objective?

Many people think resume objectives are a requirement for each and every production coordinator resume they write. However, production coordinator resume objectives are only recommended for people looking to transition into a production coordinator role from a different field.

Production Coordinator Resume Objective Example

Motivated, enthusiastic production coordinator with experience in student film production. I’ve recently completed my BA, majoring in Cinema with a minor in Business, and I’m looking to leverage my management and film experience into a successful production coordinator role with this production.

How to Describe Your Experience On Your Production Coordinator Resume

This is where you can really start bragging. Alison Green, author of Ask a Manager, highlights the single biggest resume mistake she saw in her time as a hiring manager: “Writing a resume that reads like a series of job descriptions.”

“The bullet points they use to describe what they did for each job just list activities and read like a job description for the role might,” she says. “For example, ‘edit documents,’ ‘collect data,’ or ‘manage website.’”

While writing the experience section of your production coordinator resume, focus on what you accomplished at each position.

Production Coordinator | The CW | 2019-2021

  • Oversaw all phases of production, from pre to post-production, to ensure a seamless output and schedule
  • Scouted filming locations for several major television shows, often finding less expensive alternatives which resulted in under-budget shoots
  • Led bi-weekly production meetings to proactively identify and resolve issues

A hiring manager will be looking for the facts. What did you do at your previous jobs that made you stand out? For which projects did you receive the most praise? Providing tangible facts shows hiring managers that you have the potential to do the same at your next job.

Do (Summarize your work history)

  • Include at least two pieces of work experience, if possible
  • Let the recruiter know what you have enjoyed about these experiences.
  • Showcase figures and percentages that demonstrate success.

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Avoid talking about bosses or previous employers.
  • Explain why you were fired or let go from a past role.
  • Talk about you if it doesn’t involve your work.

A Bad Production Coordinator Job Description on a Resume

Consider the following entry.

Production Coordinator | The CW | 2019-2021

  • Oversaw production
  • Scouted filming locations
  • Led production meetings

This entry focuses on responsibilities you had at a previous job, but doesn’t describe what you achieved there. Hiring managers will likely already understand the types of tasks you performed at previous jobs. Your goal is to show them how good you are at performing those tasks!

How to List Skills on Your Production Coordinator Resume

What skills should you include on a production coordinator resume? While you should always try and list the skills that the job posting is asking for, there are some skills that come with the territory of being a production coordinator. Looking for more information about adding skills to your resume? Check out our resume skills guide here.

Top Production Coordinator Resume Skills in Demand in 2022

Hard Skills for Production CoordinatorsSoft Skills for Production Coordinators
Final DraftFlexibility
Final Cut ProCollaboration
Digital Video ProductionMulti-Tasking
Graphic and Visual SenseSelf-Starter
Valid Passport/Driver's LicenseOrganization

Top Soft Skills for Production Coordinators


It takes a lot of organization to run an entire production office! When writing your production coordinator resume, make sure to highlight your organizational skills. On any given day, you might be scouting locations, hiring production staff, and putting out fires with catering… before lunch! Demonstrate your knack for organization by sharing different ways you’ve kept everything in previous positions running smoothly. For example, discussing how you were in charge of multiple simultaneous projects implies to the hiring manager that you know how to stay on top of your responsibilities.


In the same way that you’ll need to be organized to be an effective production coordinator, flexibility is also key. With all of those responsibilities, you should understand how to prioritize and change your schedule and priorities at the drop of a hat. Hiring managers will usually be looking for flexibility to be listed in your work experience and resume skills section on a production coordinator resume.


Because production coordinators work across departments over the course of a production, you’ll need to have a collaborative spirit to succeed. Demonstrate to a hiring manager that you can effectively communicate with anyone, from production assistants to talent to directors, and show your willingness to collaborate by sharing examples of times you’ve worked effectively in a team.

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Production Coordinator Salaries

A production coordinator’s salary really depends on the overall budget of the production or production company for which they work. Small, independent productions won’t pay as much as major studio productions. According to Comparably, the median salary of a production coordinator in the US is $46,000. However, higher earners – very experienced production coordinators or those who work for major studios – make up to $250,000.

Keep in mind that, depending on the cost of living in your state or region, salaries may fluctuate. If you live in a city with a very high cost of living, for example, your salary may be much higher, but your day-to-day expenses will also be more expensive.

How to Become a Production Coordinator

Production coordinators generally hold an undergraduate degree, but others gain experience in the film and television industry through internships or community college production programs. To become a production coordinator, you should first familiarize yourself with all aspects of the production office on a set. As a production coordinator, you’ll be in charge of most – if not all – of the comings and goings in the production office, so gaining work experience in any of these departments can ultimately be extremely beneficial. All production coordinators should have a strong understanding of departments such as accounting, camera, and payroll.

What Should You Study to Become a Production Coordinator?

Most production coordinators earn undergraduate degrees in related fields to film production, but there’s no one set degree that all production coordinators should hold. Many production coordinators come to the industry through degrees in film, marketing, or communications. You may also consider a diploma or other certificate in film production from a college or filmmaking school.

Production Coordinator Career Path

Before you can become a production coordinator, you’ll usually have to put in a few years as a production assistant. Production assistants keep a set going by running errands for directors and producers, as well as printing and distributing scripts and relaying messages between crew members.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the ins and outs of life in a production office, you may have the experience and connections necessary to work your way up to a production coordinator position. This is a dream career for many, but if you’re hardworking and ambitious enough, you may aspire to work your way up to a production manager or producer role.

Final Thoughts

If the idea of working in TV and film production sounds like a dream come true, you might consider a job as a production coordinator. However, desire to live a Hollywood lifestyle is only one small part of this career. You’ll also have to think quickly and on your feet, be prepared to pay your dues, and network constantly to help yourself work your way up the ladder. If that still seems like a fun and rewarding challenge, then you may have found your perfect career!

A professionally designed resume is one way to make your application stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose to use eye-catching color, a unique format, or simply a clean and polished template with your skills and achievements on display, a VisualCV Pro membership could be the thing that takes your career to the next level.

Video Production Coordinator Resume Sample and Template
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