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This page provides you with Recruiter resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Recruiter resume.


If there’s any professional that should know the importance of a perfect resume, it’s a recruiter. You see hundreds of resumes everyday, right? But that doesn’t mean that you feel confident to construct the perfect one for yourself: at the end of the day, not all recruiters are great resume writers!

Don’t worry though, our recruiter resume samples have helped many like you to craft the perfect resume that helped them stand apart from their competitors. Over 3 million hopeful employees have been using our resume samples to build their dream career - now is the perfect time for you too.

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Technical Recruiter Resume Sample and Template
Executive Recruiter Resume Sample and Template
Senior Hr Recruiter Resume Sample and Template
Technical Recruiter Resume Sample and Template
Technical Recruiter
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You know very well how little time recruiters spend looking at resumes. You’re in the same game but on the other side of the fence now. You need to catch your fellow recruiter’s attention quickly, and keep it.

If you’re highly experienced in the industry, with a number of recruits under your belt, crafting a reverse-chronological resume will allow you to showcase your past achievements and selling experience in hard figures and statistics.

A clear typeface, big, bold headings and lots of white space is essential when constructing your resume. Exporting your recruiter resume in PDF over Microsoft Word will make sure it’s ready to be viewed by professionals.

The summary section:

Summarising your experience in a succinct and professional way can help seal the deal when vying for that first interview. Be as specific as possible, outlining your specialisms and highlights your key wins as a recruiter from the outset.

Are you known for upping revenue in your chosen field of expertise? Are you consistently decreasing hiring time across the board, leading to high approval ratings and bigger bonuses? Now is the time to showcase these wins.

Personable and results-driven recruiting consultant with 5+ years experience in pairing clients with industry positions and targets. Have increased profits across company roster by an average of 15% per annum, leading to reduced hiring time. Seeking to leverage high performance in further networking and talent acquisition.

Alternatively, here’s a summary that requires more achievements and less personal duties:

Results-driven recruiter with 5 years experience. Have helped get clients in work and increase their network.

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Just starting out in recruitment? No problem. Using the recruiter summary section as an opportunity to include an objective statement will allow you to list transferable skills and key motivations to employers.

Here’s a great junior recruiter objective statement:

Passionate entry-level recruiter with qualification in HR. Highly versed in online content creation, SEO optimisation and social media, Looking to leverage these skills in the world of recruitment, using digital means to source quality clients.

This section, however, falls a bit short on inspiring:

Entry-level recruiter wants position at your recruitment agency. Quick learner but don’t currently have the skills needed for the role.

Work experience:

If recruitment is all about sales, then consider recruiter work history as the key ingredient in whether or not you’ll get hired. Whether marketing recruitment campaigns is second nature, or you’re just starting at your first firm, we’re here to help. Showcasing your best wins and achievements from the past is a sure-fire way to get your hiring manager’s attention.

Recruiter Resume with experience: We recommend you take these steps before listing your experience Highlight the qualities listed in the recruiter job app Can you prove that you meet these qualities? Use bullet points to make information easier on the eye Start with your most recent job, especially if it was a big one

Highlight the company, your position, the dates involved and your duties or responsibilities. We don’t recommend overloading this section, but definitely include key statistics and figures in the process.

Varcity Recruitment Recruiter 2015-present Filled 200 positions across industries within first 6 months of hire Executed full opening of major PA manufacturing station Performed HR functions as needed, reducing employee demands when short-staffed

On the other hand, here’s a work experience section that could use a bit of work:

Varcity Recruitment Recruiter 2015-present Helped seal deals between clients and companies Helped manage HR work Worked with a team

Recruiter Resume with no experience: We recommend taking on some voluntary experience in the sales field to help build your portfolio. If you’ve gained experience in the sales world, like selling insurance door-to-door, or liaising with clients, be sure to include it. Think about particular past experience that you can leverage to apply to the field of recruitment.

Fairfield Jeans Sales Assistant 2016-present Assisted in sales of key product lines, managing stocktake and sales figures to ensure net profit over the year Managed social media accounts and website content for Fairfield Jeans Developed relationships with company stockholders, working across multiple locations and adapting to new formats

This example, however, falls short on listing comparative skills or attributes:

Sales Assistant Fairfield Jeans 2016-present Worked as a team Looked after store on day-to-day basis ICT trained

If you require more more tips on writing your recruiter work experience check out our detailed resume guide


There’s more to recruitment than just tertiary education, so make sure you list any additional courses or training you’ve done, providing it matches the job description. You can undertake courses that specialise in recruitment, HR or management to bolster your tertiary experience.

Include these pieces of information in your education section: Where you’ve studied What you’ve studied When you studied Any certifications you’ve earned (Recruitment Consultant, HR and Recruitment Skills, Recruitment Management)

Make sure that everything you include here is truthful. Gaps in employment due to illness or holidays need to be mentioned. If you’re a junior recruiter or new to the industry, let recruiters know.

Bachelor in Business Administration Chicago City 2012-2014 GPA 4.0 Developed and directed the school newspaper business Assisted in recruiting writers for Alliance Press Dux of Business Communication

Alternatively, here’s an education section that could use a bit more detail:

Bachelor in Business Administration Chicago City 2012-2014 GPA 4.0 Dux of Business Communication

Best Recruiter skills:

Technical and soft skills form the nuts and bolts of your recruiter resume. It’s essential that the skills you list here are specific to the job description, as fellow recruiters and hiring managers will assess you based off of them. Soft skills relate to interpersonal qualities, whereas hard skills are tangible and apply on-the-job.

Hard Skills Soft Skills
Extended knowledge of industry markets Active listening
Comprehensive vetting procedures Cell
LinkedIn Networking
SEO proficiency across ICT Adaptability
Producing interview kits Good communicator
Personalised networking Emotional intelligence
Effective marketing recruitment campaigns across media platforms Efficient problem solver
Negotiation of client salary Attention to detail

Extra tips:

Cover letter: Yes or no? Let your future employer know that you’re the right recruiter for the job by composing a perfect recruiter cover letter. Check out our cover letter examples now!

Some extra tips: DO (make yourself look great) Highlight skills and experience in sales and recruiting Add any training programs you’ve been on, like consultant or management courses Include any specific stats or KPIs of your best successes

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie) Discount sales experience Write unprofessionally Give fictional information

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