How to Write a Wordpress Developer Resume [with Tips and Examples]
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To land a job as a WordPress developer, you need a great WordPress developer resume.

WordPress is a very popular platform for creating websites, so specializing in WordPress development can be a lucrative career move, whether you want to work as an in-house developer at a large company or create WordPress websites on a freelance basis. WordPress development can also be a great way to expand your programming skill set, as it can include web design, information security, database management, and more, depending on the workplace.

Because the platform is so popular, however, the market is full of developers with lots of WordPress experience. If you want to land an interview for a WordPress Developer position, it’s important to have a resume that will stand out in a crowded field.

To help you write your eye-catching WordPress developer resume, this article will show you:

  • How to write a WordPress developer resume
  • What sections to include in a WordPress developer resume
  • WordPress developer resume tips
  • WordPress developer resume example content

What is a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer is a web developer who works with WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source content management platform. It is a system for creating and managing websites, from blogs and landing pages to ecommerce stores and forums. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building a website, powering more than a third of all websites on the internet.

WordPress uses plugins and themes to help developers build websites. It’s free, customizable, and easy to use. Many companies around the world use WordPress architecture for their website, so developing a robust WordPress skill set is a great way to grow your web development career.

As a WordPress developer, you will develop WordPress websites, install plugins and themes, run software tests, design user interfaces, and more. To land a job as a WordPress developer, however, you will need a great WordPress developer resume.

What is a WordPress developer resume?

A WordPress developer resume is a resume that showcases the skills and qualifications that make you a great WordPress developer.

This will include experience working with WordPress, as well as skills in web design, database development, troubleshooting, web security, and more.

Ideally, you will also have examples of WordPress projects you have worked on, and samples of work you have done in previous roles.

A WordPress developer resume is structurally similar to any other resume, but the skills and experience you choose to highlight must be carefully targeted to a WordPress role.

WordPress Developer Resume Example

How to write a WordPress developer resume

The key to a great WordPress developer resume is ensuring that you have all the right details in all the right places. Companies hiring a WordPress developer want an employee with specific skills and experience, and you need to ensure that your resume has what they’re looking for. The best way to do this is to lay out all of your resume sections, and fill them with qualifications targeted to a WordPress environment.

WordPress developer resume sections include:

Contact information

At or near the top of your resume, it’s important to include your contact information. Make sure to list your:

  • Name
  • City and state/province
  • Phone number
  • Email address

As a developer, you should also include a link to your Github or some other online profile, such as LinkedIn. This will show that you have an online presence and prove that you are an active web developer.

WordPress Developer Resume Summary

A Summary section, while not mandatory, can be an important part of your resume. This section is a short paragraph or bulleted list where you can introduce yourself. Employers only spend a few seconds reading each resume, so by placing some impressive accomplishments in your Summary section you can ensure that they see the most impressive details right away.

WordPress Developer Resume Summary

In your Summary, provide a selection of key skills or achievements that will demonstrate to hiring managers that the rest of your resume is worth reading. Make sure to list some relevant highlights from your career so that your qualifications are visible right at the top of the page.

Dedicated WordPress developer with more than 5+ years of experience in website management and development, with a passion for creating engaging and interactive websites. Skilled in all aspects of WordPress website creation including design, theme installation, plug-ins, and customer service. Advanced technical knowledge in scalability and performance. Additional Experience in SEO and SEM.

WordPress Developer Resume Work Experience

The Work Experience section is the most important part of a WordPress developer resume. This section is where you list all of your previous jobs and provide a job description with highlights from each role. This will likely be the longest section of your resume, as it shows what your career has been up until this point.

In your Work Experience section, list previous jobs in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your most recent job and working backwards. For each job, make sure to include:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Dates of employment
  • Job description

The job description of each role is the most important section. This is where you must write compelling, effective job descriptions that highlight your key skills and achievements, and demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are perfect for the job you are applying to.

WordPress Developer Resume Work Experience

To do this, make sure to select some impressive accomplishments from each role. Specific, concrete examples of successful projects you completed as a WordPress developer, whether they are apps you built, performance improvements you made, or clients you managed, show that you have skills and you have applied them to your job in a meaningful way. The best way to show what you will do for future employers is to describe what you did for previous ones.

One way of showcasing accomplishments is by using quantifiable results. Measurable achievements like user growth, revenue, or customer success scores can all show that you are an effective worker and that you take an active role in tracking your performance. Hard data will be impressive to hiring managers at any tech company.

Further, be sure to use action words when describing past experience. Strong verbs like spearheaded, achieved, and implemented all evoke leadership and initiative, key qualities for an effective WordPress developer.

WordPress Developer Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

  • Perform full-stack website development using WordPress and Hubspot.
  • Сustomize and adapt WordPress templates.
  • Attend stand-ups and other meetings, including business requirement discussions with clients, estimations, technical reviews, and sprint planning.
  • Write and maintaining API integrations with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, BingAds, and Authority Labs.
  • Evaluate staging and production alerts in order to prioritize necessary fixes.
  • Coordinate and maintain staging and production deployments using WordPress.
  • Perform maintenance and bugfixes on core Wordpress architecture.
  • Share ideas and suggest strategies to help clients grow their businesses.
  • Improve application architecture and error handling.
  • Identify technical debts and find room for refactoring on legacy code.
  • Identify room for improvement for the team to increase the productivity and improve relationships with clients.
  • Conduct remote pair programming and help onboard project newcomers.
  • Train new hires to use WordPress environment.

WordPress Developer Google

  • Leveraged a strong understanding of WordPress core to manipulate admin and theme components.
  • Created and maintained reusable code libraries to streamline WordPress development cycle.
  • Made several key improvements on Wordpress frontend, reducing page load time by 55%.
  • Gathered customers requirements & drafted software requirements specification documents.
  • Installed, maintained, and troubleshooted WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Reviewed WordPress technical content including release notes and documentation
  • Designed & developed into Web-based Applications.
  • Implemented the testing methods before launching.
  • Prepared the training materials and sessions.
  • Maintained and executed healthy-check for any Application.
  • Supported the customers and the end-users for any related issues.

WordPress Developer Resume Skills

A Skills section is integral to a successful WordPress developer resume. This section is where you can list your key technical skills and the competencies that make you a great WordPress developer.

In your Skills section, list your skills in a simple bulleted list, with your most relevant skills at the top. It’s important to start with the most important skills so the hiring manager doesn’t have to read far to find what they are looking for. Make sure to include the relevant tools and platforms you have expertise in.


  • Scratch Development
  • Custom Templates
  • Custom Fields
  • Plugin Development
  • Cache Boosting
  • Load Balancing
  • AMP
  • Lazy Load
  • EC2
  • S3
  • Glacier
  • DynomoDB
  • VPC
  • VPN
  • Route53
  • Google Cloud.
  • MySQL

Some job-seekers split their skills into different sections. For example, you might create a section for hard skills and a section for soft skills, or a section for software skills and a section for leadership skills. The exact details of your skills section will depend on your skill set, your career, and the job you are applying to.

WordPress Developer Resume Skills

If you want to draw more attention to your Skills section, make each skill area a heading and include a bulleted list of examples of that skill underneath. This will cause your Skills section to take up more space on your resume, but this can be a great way of giving concrete examples of each skill outside of your Work Experience section. This method is especially useful if you are writing a skills-based resume.

At VisualCV, you can even include a strength rating for each skill for some extra visual flair.

WordPress Developer Resume Skill Strength

WordPress Developer Resume Education

The Education section of your WordPress developer resume does not need to be long, but it is still important. While a formal education isn’t necessarily required for a successful WordPress developer career (as long as you can demonstrate your self-taught WordPress skills in your resume), many companies will be on the lookout for candidates with a degree in a technical major. A diploma or bachelor’s degree in computer science or something similar will be an asset to your career, and it will look great on your WordPress developer resume.

In your Education section, list your degrees in reverse-chronological order. For each accreditation, include:

  • Degree and major
  • School name

You can also include your graduation dates, but this is optional.

WordPress Developer Resume Education

If you are an experienced developer with lots of professional experience to show on your resume, you don’t need to add any more detail to your Education section. If you are a student or recent graduate, however, you may want to include more information about your coursework in order to fill out your resume. If this is the case, you can include things like your GPA, relevant coursework, or any impressive projects that you worked on.

Additional WordPress Developer Resume Sections

While the sections shown above are adequate for most job-seekers, you may have some other qualifications that don’t quite fit. If this is the case, you can add extra sections to your resume to fit those details in. Optional resume sections include:

Volunteering experience

Volunteering experience is as good as work experience if it is directly relevant to your career. If you have volunteered for any local charities or community organizations, you can include those positions in a Volunteering Experience section.

Volunteering can also be a great way to build your skills when you are just starting out. Volunteering to build or maintain a WordPress website for a cause or group you believe in is a great way to gain experience that you can add to your resume.

Professional Memberships

Professional clubs and groups can be a great place to build connections and create a network in your industry. While not all memberships will be relevant to your career, if you belong to any web development organizations or WordPress-related groups, listing them can show that you are actively involved in your field.


As a WordPress developer, you should have a selection of projects that you can provide employers, showing that you have contributed to a WordPress environment before. Not all previous projects will be public, but if you can provide links to relevant projects right on your resume it will allow the hiring manager to see concrete examples of your past contributions. Your Portfolio can consist of a list of links, project descriptions, or simply a single link out to a personal portfolio website.

Customize your resume

It’s important to customize your resume for every application. A generic resume that you use for every application won’t cut it. Each company will be looking for a specific skill set, and it’s important to tailor your resume to match. Even if you are only applying for WordPress developer roles, it’s important to customize your resume for the specific company.

To do this, carefully read the job posting, company website, and any social media feeds associated with the company so you can tailor your resume to suit their requirements and company culture.

Beat the ATS

An Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, is a software tool that reads resumes and passes the best ones along to the hiring manager. Many companies use an ATS to streamline their hiring process. If you want to land an interview, you will have to get past the ATS.

To do this, you should first customize your resume. Make sure it has all the same key words as the job posting, as this is what the ATS will be looking for.

Next, make sure your resume is formatted in a way that is easy for the ATS to read. This means it needs clear headings, readable text, and simple formatting. Avoid complex formatting elements like tables and text boxes, as these will confuse the ATS.

To ensure your resume is right for the ATS, you may want to try out an ATS template.

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