How to Write a Cloud Services Developer Resume [With Examples]
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If you were writing a resume for a Cloud Services Developer role 5-8 years ago, it would’ve been so easy.

It was a time when you could install Docker, Docker-compose and get a Jenkins server up through Docker containers and call yourself a Cloud Developer.

Just basic container orchestration could’ve landed you your dream job back then.

Things have changed a lot though.

The job market is competitive. General cloud deployment maturity is high. And, hiring managers are very picky.

So, if you are applying for a Cloud Services Developer position (e.g. SRE, Cloud Engineer, etc) in 2023 or beyond - you need an amazing resume!

In this guide, you’ll learn what hiring managers expect from a Cloud Services Developer resume. We will also show you how you can create your own based on your experience and skill level.

Let’s first start with a few Cloud Services Developer resume examples

Cloud Services Developer Resume

cloud services engineer resume example

Cloud Services Engineer Resume

cloud engineer (SRE) resume example

Experienced Cloud Services Developer Resume

experienced cloud services developer resume

Now that you’ve seen a range of Cloud Services Developer resumes, let’s start with how you can write one for yourself.

To begin with, you need to understand the most common sections that every Cloud Services Developer resume should have.

Sections Every Good Cloud Services Developer Resume Should Have

Most hiring managers expect a Cloud Developer resume to have the following sections in it:

  • An objective or summary section.
  • A section with your work history.
  • A section with your cloud certifications.
  • A section with your skills.
  • A section to show your educational credentials.

The rising hiring Cloud Engineer bar demands that your resume must have the following information in it.

Now, with that in mind, here’s how you can write your Cloud Services Developer Resume.

How to Write a Cloud Services Developer Resume

To write an amazing Cloud Developer resume, follow these steps:

  1. Show that you have the ability to learn. Your ability to learn new infrastructure abilities is very important to a hiring manager. Highlight anything that shows you’ve done it before.
  2. Highlight what you’ve achieved when it comes to microservices, infrastructure, architecture, etc across your summary and work experience.
  3. Clearly list all recognized cloud certifications.
  4. While listing your skills, create a separate section for technical and soft skills each.
  5. Keep your resume’s length to 1-2 pages.
  6. Add a link to your Github, technical blog, open source contributions, etc.

Let’s break down the advice provided in the above section and see how it applies to Cloud Developers with:

  • 0-1 year
  • 1-2 years
  • 2-5 years
  • and, 5+ years of Cloud services experience.

How to Write a Resume for a Cloud Developer Resume with 0-1 Year Experience

As someone with less than one year of cloud engineering experience, emphasize the following:

  • Give an overview of infrastructure modules you created (even basic Terraform modules will be considered valuable).
  • List the programming language as a minimum level of familiarity (e.g with Go + Terraform) is required from most candidates who have a 0-1 year of Cloud services experience.
  • While writing your resume objective and experience, make sure you can communicate that you can read docs, diagnose issues and do something beyond a simple-how-infrastructure work.
  • List your past projects, especially if they display your programming skills or cloud infrastructure skills.
  • Finally, keep your resume to one page.

How to Write a Resume for a Cloud Developer Resume with 1-2 Years Experience

To write a resume for a Cloud Services Developer with 1-2 years of experience, you should:

  • Show that you’ve some proficiency with infrastructure (e.g. Terraform) and cloud (e.g. GCP).
  • Highlight any modules that you might have created (e.g. terraform modules).
  • Show past work that followed design principles like PCI, Zero trust, HA, etc.
  • Write a summary that lists your top cloud achievements displaying what you are capable of (good at high availability? Use your summary to show it!).
  • Add work history (reverse chronological order following STAR format) section.
  • Under the skills or technologies section - clearly list Terraform, Cloudformation, etc.
  • Keep your education section brief. However, if you have worked on a master/Ph.D. thesis around cloud infrastructure - list it and add a short description.
  • List all cloud certifications in a separate section.

If you have more than two years of cloud engineering experience - your focus should be on creating an outcome-based resume.

Creating a self-congratulatory Cloud Services Developer resume wouldn’t work beyond this experience level as:

  • Saying fast learner isn’t valuable at all when you have no outcomes to show.
  • Beyond this experience level, it is expected that you are good at leveraging Stackoverflow, Google search, etc to solve basic cloud service problems.
  • You need to show what you were responsible for, what you did to solve/manage it, and what results you achieved.

How to Write a Resume for a Cloud Developer Resume with 2+ Years Experience

Any Cloud Services Developer with 2+ years of relevant experience needs an outcome-based resume. Here’s how to write one:

  • Build your entire resume around the core skill you have (e.g. availability, performance, microservices, etc).
  • While writing your summary, describe the core skill with a number of years of experience, the infrastructure tools, and the cloud platforms you are proficient with.
  • While writing your work history follow the STAR format to show the impact you’ve made.
  • Layer the thoughtfulness of your cloud engineering by briefly explaining the design principles involved.
  • Finally, select a reverse chronological resume format to list everything.

Let’s now look at a few examples of Cloud Services Developer resumes and understand how to write each individual section.

Write A Resume Objective if you are an Entry-Level Cloud Services Developer

If you are an entry-level Cloud Developer you need to write an objective. The goal is to connect your existing skills and projects or relevant past experience to the position that you are applying for.

Ideal length of a Cloud Services Developer’s objective should not be more than three lines.

Template to Write your Cloud Services Developer Resume Objective

“Aspiring Cloud Developer with experience in [skill 1], [skill 2], and [skill 3]. Passionate about [list your top passion here] and looking for [challenge or interesting opportunities].”

Write a Resume Summary if you Have More than One Year of Cloud Development Experience

While writing your resume summary list the following:

  1. Your total years of experience.
  2. Your infrastructure tooling and general cloud proficiency.
  3. Any notable achievement.
  4. Your core area of work as a Cloud Services Developer.

Here’s an example of how you can write a Cloud Developer resume summary with 2+ years of experience.

Cloud Services Developer Resume Summary Example

2+ years of experience on a lean team of 4 engineers, managing enterprise-wide Azure DevOps, infrastructure, and automation for a manufacturing company of 100,000+ employees. Responsible for 99.999% high availability internal applications.

Here’s a Cloud Services Developer template that you can use to write your own resume summary: “[x] years of experience of [cloud] when it comes to [core responsibility 1], [responsibility 2], and [responsibility 3]. [Achieved something] [through cloud services].”

A bad way to start your resume summary would be to use overly verbose and vague language. Here’s an example of a bad resume summary that’s guaranteed to get a Cloud Developer to get rejected: “Dynamic and creative Cloud Services Developer with 4 years of experience…”

The words “dynamic” or “creative” don’t really mean anything in this context.

And, when a hiring manager is going to spend as little as six seconds reviewing your application - will only increase your chances of getting rejected.

Let’s keep this momentum and apply similar principles to your Cloud Services Developer resume’s work history section.

How to List Your Work Experience on Cloud Services Developer Resume

The key to leave a lasting impact on a hiring manager is by writing a work experience section with extreme care.

We will use the STAR framework to write an example work experience of a Cloud Developer’s resume.

Cloud Services Developer Resume Work Experience Example

Cloud Services Developer Aug 2021-Present

  • Redesigned the live patching system on GCP using object storage, Cloud Functions, load balancer, CDN, and reduced deployment time from 1 hour to 5 minutes.
  • Operated multi-cloud deployments using Terraform and Gitlab CI/CD pipelines.
  • Transformed a monolithic deployment pipeline running on 1 virtual machine to a GKE cluster, increasing deployment success rate from 60% to 95%.
  • Automatically deployed more than 2000 game servers on AWS Gamelift using custom python scripts.

Note how each and every bullet point in this example is crafted to leave an impact on a hiring manager.

We would recommend that you take some time to write yours.

List Your Education on Cloud Services Developer Resume

The way you write your education section depends on whether you are an experienced Cloud Developer or an entry-level Cloud Developer.

For entry-level Cloud Services Developer resume:

  • List your degree, and college/university name along with the starting and ending year.
  • If your GPA is more than 3.7, list it.
  • If your coursework was highly relevant to cloud engineering, include relevant details.

For experienced Cloud Services Developer resume:

  • List your college/university education in a short section. Ideally, only keep the institution's name and list your course’s name when it comes to listing your education.
  • Give a hiring manager more context by adding the start and end dates.

Adding anything else to an experienced Cloud Developer’s resume would be unnecessary in most cases.

As you write your Cloud Services resume, you need to remember that a good resume is short, impactful, and has little to no fluff.

It is no surprise that most poor Cloud Services Developer applications that face rejection have a lot of fluff in them. Most of the time it isn’t even intentional, and it happens subconsciously.

The key to reducing fluff from a technical application is to review it at least twice and cut down anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Top Resume Skills to Show You Are the Best Cloud Services Developer

  1. Database
  2. Programming
  3. Networking
  4. DevOps
  5. Virtualization
  6. Security
  7. Disaster recovery
  8. Web services
  9. Microservices
  10. API development
  11. API management
  12. Scalability
  13. Software architecture
  14. Cloud automation
  15. Orchestration
  16. Container management
  17. Deployment
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