5 Virtual Resume Samples to Inspire your VisualCV
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Having a virtual version of your resume is necessary for any job hunt. It is a living online document that you can add much more to than a traditional resume and always keep updated to differentiate you from the competition.

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Here are 5 virtual resume samples to help you get inspired to build your own virtual resume:

Robbie Leonardi

Robbie Leonardi created the most epic interactive resume of the year with his playable online resume. In it, you can move his character through levels that display his skills, portfolio, and work history. Hard to beat for creativity and memorability.

Haraldur Thorleifsson

Not only does Haraldur win the “Most Epic Name” award, he created a stunning online portfolio site, complete with links to case studies for his specific projects. A must-see for graphic designers and creative types.

Sean Fraser

Sean got creative with his video resume, and told his story using Lego. A creative way to show off his skills while still getting the important points across.

April Zero

Much more than just an online resume, April Zero is a project started by Anand Sharma to track and display all aspects of his life, from fitness to travel to photography. The result is a beautiful online experience that showcases his design chops, programming skills, and commitment to being awesome. Not for the faint at heart.

Raphael Amari

Our very own Raphel Amari shows a great example of how adding photos, videos, and skills to a virtual resume really makes it stand out.

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