5 visual resume examples that will blow your mind
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1. Robby Leonardi

Instead of a static document, Robby created a full-fledged game for viewers to run, jump, and fly through his resume.

2. Philippe Dubost

Philippe created this Amazon inspired sales page that led to over 1.5 million visits and his dream job at Birchbox.com in 2 months.


3. Matthew Epstein

Capitalizing on the mustache trend, Matthew created this epic video which led to over a million views on youtube and a pretty sweet gig.

4. Gary Corr

Not your traditional infographic resume, Gary adds a lot of creative flair in telling his story to employers with this inspiring resume.


5. Saranyan Vigraham

Proving that you don’t need design chops to tell a great story, Saranyan’s visual resume has over a quarter million views on slideshare.

As you can see with these 5 visual resume examples, being unique is essential to stand out in today’s job market.

James Clift

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James Clift

Co-Founder & Director

James is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of VisualCV. He has spent the last 10 years building businesses, from window cleaning to software. His passion is helping individuals create the careers they want.

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