10 inspiring resume designs to get you hired
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One of the most overlooked elements of a standout resume is design. How you design your resume is almost as important as how you highlight your achievements and skills.

If you are actively seeking your dream job, then it is important to not let your resume drown in a sea of mediocrity. You will have merely seconds to grab a recruiter or hiring manager’s attention, so it is critical that your resume stands out.

Design is crucial in that it not only makes your resume more aesthetically appealing, but can also help your resume highlight the most pertinent information for recruiters and hiring managers.

While it’s important to be professional when designing your resume, it doesn’t mean that it has to be uninspired and boring. Hiring managers and recruiters see thousands of resumes, and it’s important to set yourself apart from the pack. If you are looking for ways to amplify the design of your resume or CV, check out some of these inspiring resume designs below and try simple steps to create a more visually appealing resume. Note that mileage may vary - always use your discretion when applying for a job. While some of these might work great for a creative field, they might not be the best fit for an application to an investment bank.

Use a Header Image

A header image is great if you are looking to add a personalized touch to your resume design. Adding a back dropped portrait of yourself can draw attention to your resume, as it adds a personal touch and gives recruiters a frame of reference for who you are. If you have ever heard the expression “it’s nice to put a face with the name.” then you will understand the psychology behind this design element. Make sure that if you do use a portrait of yourself, that it is a clean and professional photograph. Also, make sure that it doesn’t take up half of the page, noting that it should be used to compliment your career achievements, not distract from them.


Design by: Sean Halpin


Design by Bartek Zyglowicz

Pay Attention to Vertical and Horizontal Elements

Design your resume to have the same visual elements and user experience of a well-designed and well-functioning website, as most resumes and CV’s today are digital. Many websites are laid out with a main header image and text that is supported by box images below the main image in an appealing vertical design. This will help improve the flow of your resume and make it more visually appealing for recruiters and hiring managers.


Design by Steve Fraschini


Design by S1M

Use Graphs to Illustrate Quantifiable Information

Hiring managers and recruiters love to see quantified information because it helps to illustrate your actual accomplishments. It’s one thing to say that you helped your company grow; it’s another to illustrate the actual growth, allowing it to be received in a clear and concise manner. Get creative in how you display this information to your resume reader. Many of our resume designs have graphs and other appealing visual elements that can help show your accomplishments.


Design by Anne Thai


Design by Studio Creosoul

Choose a Great Font

Even though a great font selection might seem like a minute detail that is skipped over by recruiters, it can highly elevate the look of your resume or CV. While on a singular level, fonts seem rather arbitrary. However, type more than likely makes up the majority of your resume, so making sure your font is sophisticated can be a critical design step.


Design by Michael Doran


Design by Emilie Daboussy

Use Complimentary Colors

Some people might say that colors are a no-no, but colors can really help a resume design pop, especially for those working in a creative field. However, if you are going to add color make sure they are colors that benefit your resume and match. This probably isn’t an issue if you are a creative professional, but if you want to spice up your resume a bit, maybe ask someone with a good sense of color for their opinion.


Design by Michael Belong


Design by Eleni Gkizi

Use the right resume for the job

We hope these resume designs are an inspiration for you when applying for your next job. Always remember that there is no traffic on the extra-mile, and a few inspiring changes to your resume could be the difference between an interview and the resume black hole. Happy job hunting!

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