Ben's Tips: How to change the colour of your resume

Ben Temple | February 16, 2017

A splash of colour is a great way to add some personality to your resume. It can really help your resume stand out and catch the eye of a potential employer, which is why several of the resume templates offered by VisualCV include stylish accent colours.

But did you know that these colours can be customized? You may want to change the colour to suit the job and industry you are applying to, to match your taste, or to complement your personal brand, so VisualCV offers a simple way to change the colour of several of our resume templates.

These VisualCV resume templates support colour customization:

  • Avant
  • Clair
  • Gallant
  • Modern
  • Monaco
  • Monte
  • Oak
  • Vida

If you are using one of these templates and you would like to experiment with some other colours, open the Settings tab on the left side of the editor.


In the menu that opens, there is a colour picker showing the current colour.

colours small

Click this, then choose your new colour from the menu that opens.

colours large

You have now customized your resume colour.

Please note that the part of the resume being customized will vary from template to template. In some VisualCV resume templates, like Monaco and Monte, this will change the colour of the larger title text.


John Smith


John Smith Blue

In other templates, such as Avant and Gallant, it will change the background colour.



Each template is unique, so feel free to experiment with colours to find what works best for you, your resume, and your career goals.

Please note: If you look in the Settings tab and find that there is no colour picker, it simply means that the colour of the template you are using cannot be customized.

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