IT Technician Resume: How to Write, Plus Samples and Examples
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You’ll have tough competition for IT technician roles; IT is an integral part of nearly all businesses, which often comes with great pay and job security. You’ll need a top-tier resume to stand out. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll take you through all the following points:

  • What does an IT technician actually do?
  • How to write an IT technician resume (with examples)
  • How to format an IT technician resume
  • IT technician resume examples

What is an IT Technician?

IT jobs, in general, involve setting up, maintaining and repairing IT systems and hardware within a particular company. IT technicians are on the front lines of that work. Here are just a few of their day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Responding to IT support requests from colleagues
  • Setting up and maintaining hardware
  • Installing and updating software
  • Ensuring internet and cloud connectivity
  • Preventing cybersecurity breaches
  • Troubleshooting problems as they arise

How to Write a Resume for an IT Technician

If you want to land the IT technician job of your dreams, you’ll need an amazing resume. That might sound like a challenge—but as long as you understand the basic structure of a resume, tailoring it to your circumstances is easy!

How to Write a Resume Summary for IT Technicians

Here’s an example of a great IT technician summary:

Aspiring IT technician with a 3.7 GPA from New York University. Experience in building and maintaining websites, databases, and networks as a technician at Nyoom Technologies. Ready to leverage skills and experience to support the IT functionality of XYZ company.

This is a great IT technician summary because it draws on a combination of the candidate’s training and their recent experience. Many IT technician jobs are considered entry-level, so it’s totally fine to treat a high GPA as a relevant achievement! This summary also includes an objective statement about the candidate’s commitment to the company they’re applying to—a good sign that they’ve tailored their resume to the requirements of this particular job.

How to Write an Experience Section for an IT Technician Resume

List your work experience—whatever it looks like—in reverse-chronological order, starting with the most recent item and working backwards. Include the job title, the organization you were with, the dates of your involvement, and a bulleted list of your biggest achievements. And if you have statistics to back up any of those achievements, this is the place to include them!

Here’s an example of an experience section for an aspiring IT technician:

IT Technician | May 2021-present Nyoom Technologies | New York, NY

  • Assisted with day-to-day IT support queries from Nyoom staff, achieving a 95% success rate
  • Overhauled and updated support documentation, empowering staff to address IT issues independently
  • Participated in on-the-job staff training to develop customer service skills

This listing contains all the bare-bones information hiring managers will need to know about the candidate’s previous role. It highlights a number of relevant skills, and describes how the candidate used them, citing a statistical achievement. At this stage in the candidate’s career, that will usually be enough—though as they progress, they’ll need to get into more detail about their specific achievements in previous roles.

How to Write an Education Section for an IT Technician Resume

Here’s an example of an education section for an IT technician:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology | September 2016-June 2020 New York University, New York

  • 3.7 GPA
  • Honor Roll 2017-2020

This section provides all the information a hiring manager might need to verify a qualification. Because this candidate is early in their career, they’ve also included their biggest achievements in a bulleted list. It’s a quick way for them to show that they were an excellent student, and that they can bring that same excellence to their new role.

In-Demand Skills for an IT Technician Resume

  • Troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Networking
  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Virtualization and virtualization technologies such as VMware and Hyper-V
  • Cloud Computing and knowledge of cloud-based technologies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Scripting and Coding
  • Communication Skills

IT Technician Resume Templates

As an IT technician, consider looking for a resume template that’s clean, streamlined and modern, to reflect your skill set and your area of focus. Templates like Air, Slate and Monaco balance a modern style with a traditional layout—the best of both worlds for an aspiring IT technician.

But as long as you do your research into the company where you’re applying to work, it’s hard to go wrong! You can choose an amazing template from our incredible range, and send out your resume with confidence.

IT Technician Resume Examples

IT Technician Resume Example 1
IT Technician Resume Example 2
IT Technician Resume Example 3
IT Technician Resume Example 4

IT Support Technician Resume Example

IT Support Technician Resume Example
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