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Wish writing a Salesforce Developer resume was as easy as writing this "hello world" Apex code?

// Apex class definition public class HelloWorld { // Apex method public static void sayHello() { // Print a message System.debug('Hello, World!'); } }

That's exactly what we are going to do here. We will show how you how to write a job winning resume(with examples).

3 Salesforce Developer Resume Examples

Salesforce Developer Resume Sample 1
Salesforce Developer Resume Sample 2
Salesforce Developer Resume Sample 3

Junior Salesforce Developer Resume Sample

Junior Salesforce Developer Resume Sample

Senior Salesforce Developer Resume Sample

Senior Salesforce Developer Resume Sample

How to Write a Salesforce Developer Resume

Your summary is the first thing most hiring managers will see when they look at your resume. It should go without saying that it needs to be impressive! Hiring managers are famously short on time—if they don’t like the look of your resume at a glance, they’ll probably put it aside and move on.

A good summary should be short, direct, and eye-catching. Aim for about three sentences if you can. Use your summary to draw attention to your strongest qualities, skills and achievements right away, so that even if the hiring manager doesn’t read any further, they still see you at your very best.

Don’t let your summary get too wordy. Hiring managers will lose interest fast if your summary is too personal or too long. You can tell them more about yourself in your cover letter—but keep your summary short and to-the-point!

Here’s an example of a great Salesforce developer resume summary:

Example of a Good Salesforce Developer Resume Summary

Driven, creative and solution-focused Salesforce developer with 4 years of experience. At Nyoom Technologies, customized Salesforce Customer 360 for in-house use, incorporating 35 new features and improving productivity by 25%. Committed to leveraging my product knowledge and experience in house at Salesforce.

This works because it gets right to the point of why this candidate suits the requirements of the job. It calls attention to their experience, their strongest skills, and statistics that support their most relevant achievements. It also shows their specific commitment to Salesforce with a quick name-drop at the end—an easy way to show that you haven’t just copied and pasted a generic summary into your resume.

How List Your Work Experience on Your Salesforce Developer Resume

In almost every situation, you should list your work experience in reverse-chronological order—starting with the most recent job, then working backwards. You should list the job title, the company you worked for, the approximate dates of your employment in that role, and a bulleted list of your biggest achievements from that job. Wherever you can, you should back up those achievements with statistics that demonstrate exactly how successful you were.

Here’s an example of a great experience listing for a Salesforce developer:

Salesforce Developer | October 2019-present Nyoom Technologies | New York, NY

  • Designed and implemented customizations for Salesforce Customer 360 based on consultation with management and end users
  • Incorporated 25 new features into the product, improving user productivity by 25% over one quarter
  • Developed and created a new platform to host Salesforce Customer 360, improving server speeds by 15%

This listing contains all the bare-bones information hiring managers will need to know about the candidate’s former role. It also includes their biggest achievements, using statistics so hiring managers can understand at a glance how successful the candidate really was. Plus, it highlights a number of relevant skills—including soft skills like collaboration and consultation, which are vital for a developer.

Education Section for a Salesforce Developer Resume

As a Salesforce developer, there’s plenty you can include in your education section! You can list your bachelor’s degree, as well as any certifications you’ve earned. This is the place to show hiring managers that you’ve put the work into learning about Salesforce, and you have the credentials to show for it.

Like your work experience section, your education should usually be listed in reverse-chronological format. Start with your newest qualification (which will usually be your most advanced qualification), and work back. Include the qualification you earned, the institution where you earned it, and the dates of the beginning and end of your studies.

You can also include any awards, prizes or accolades you earned during your studies. But if you already have plenty of work experience, this can take up space that could be used more wisely. It’s usually only a good idea to do this if you’re a fairly recent graduate—or if those accolades were really prestigious.

Here’s an example of an education section for a Salesforce developer resume:

Bachelor of Science in Computing | September 2011-June 2015 New York University, New York

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder | August 2016 Salesforce Trailhead

Skills for a Salesforce Developer Resume

What are your best skills? An easy way to find out is to read through the job description! Most job descriptions will list the relevant skills you’ll need for the role. You can then identify which of those skills you actually have, and make sure they’re listed prominently on your resume.

Some resume templates use visual aids (like progress bars) to visually represent your proficiency in a particular skill. You don’t have to do that! But it can make your skills section more eye-catching if you do.

Top 49 Technical Skills for a Salesforce Developer Resume

  1. Apex
  2. Visualforce
  3. Lightning
  4. Salesforce CRM
  5. Salesforce DX
  6. SOQL
  7. SOSL
  8. Salesforce Administration
  9. Salesforce Integration
  10. Data Modeling
  11. Salesforce Lightning Web Components
  12. Salesforce APIs
  13. Salesforce Communities
  14. JavaScript
  15. HTML
  16. CSS
  17. Salesforce AppExchange
  18. Apex Triggers
  19. Salesforce Workflow Rules
  20. Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
  21. Salesforce Mobile App Development
  22. Salesforce Data Migration
  23. Salesforce Security
  24. Salesforce Testing
  25. Git
  26. Salesforce Customization
  27. Salesforce Deployment
  28. Salesforce Data Loader
  29. Salesforce Process Builder
  30. Salesforce Service Cloud
  31. Salesforce Sales Cloud
  32. Data Visualization
  33. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  34. Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  35. Salesforce Lightning Flow
  36. Salesforce Communities
  37. Salesforce Batch Apex
  38. RESTful APIs
  39. SOAP APIs
  40. Salesforce Permission Sets
  41. Salesforce Change Management
  42. Salesforce Analytics
  43. Agile Methodology
  44. Database Design
  45. Debugging
  46. Business Process Automation
  47. Salesforce Einstein Analytics
  48. Salesforce Einstein AI
  49. Salesforce Platform App Builder

Do your research into the company where you want to work, and choose your template accordingly!

VisualCV offers a range of amazing templates to suit every industry and profession. Whatever you need from your resume template, we’ve got you covered.

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