Marketing yourself online with VisualCV

Congratulations, you’ve created your first VisualCV. You’ve made an important first step towards your next career. Next, it is up to you to market your VisualCV online to give yourself the best chance of landing your dream job.

Here is how top users are using VisualCV to land their next jobs.

Marketing yourself online with VisualCV

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Promote your general resume

Your general resume is an important tool in the job search process. It is not used for a specific job application, but can be used in a variety of ways.

I was applying for jobs in multiple industries, and needed to create different versions of my resume. Some jobs called for a creative portfolio, and others a traditional resume. With VisualCV, it was easy to create both!

-Sloane, Account Manager

What is a general resume?

Your general resume is likely the resume you just finished creating. It is a general resume that display your best work experiences and skills. If you are using it as an online portfolio, you might also want to add multi-media like images, video, and links to your past projects. This resume lives at your specific URL, such as

What do you do with your master resume?

Link from various online profiles: Link to your master VisualCV from various online profiles (Twitter, Facebook, your personal website, and LinkedIn). This allows anyone viewing your profile on those websites to view a more detailed experience.

Add it to relevant resume databases: Upload master VisualCV to relevant job boards and resume databases. You may want to export to PDF before doing so. Here is a list of job boards that may be useful to you.

Note: Only upload your resume to websites that are relevant to you — don’t post it everywhere. Click here for our list of the best job boards.

Create a personal website with your VisualCV

Make your VisualCV your personal website by using a custom domain name. Visit your account settings for details.

Apply for a job with a custom resume

Besides a general resume, VisualCV is designed for specific job applications. When applying for a job, it is important to customize your resume for the job application. Here’s why. To customize your VisualCV, do the following: - Create a copy of your master VisualCV - Choose the right design for the specific job - Make minor changes to your resume to best suit the job - Publish an online resume, or export to PDF

Once you have a custom VisualCV for each job (you can give it a unique name, to keep track of everything), you can then either email the link to an employer, or download a PDF version of that VisualCV and use it for the traditional application process.

Tracking your VisualCV

Once you have created a VisualCV, you can when and how many times it is viewed by visiting your VisualCV analytics dashboard.

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