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Customize your resume for each job application

Customize your resume for each job application using VisualCV to ensure your application has the best chance of success.

Step 3: Creating a custom resume for a perfect job application

Estimated time: 25 mins

Difficulty: Low

The days of sending a general resume in for a job and getting the interview are over. There is too much competition for every job. In order to give yourself the best chances at success - you need a custom resume for each position.

Luckily, VisualCV makes that easy. In fact, it takes just 4 steps.

1. Create a copy of your general resume

Your general resume is what you created in lesson 1. Simply click “New Resume,” select the resume you would like to copy, then click “copy.”

This will take an exact copy of all that data, which can then be customized for the job application.


2. Choose an appropriate design:

VisualCV includes a variety of designs. The design to use for your custom application depends on the company you are applying for. Are they more modern, trendy? Choose a design that suits.

Are they more traditional, and business-like? Choose a more toned-down design. You might want to delete the extras such as a portfolio and multi-media for a more traditional application.

3. Customize the content:

A great resume is like a great suit - it is perfectly tailored to the position. Here are the most important steps to customizing your resume content.

Analyze the job description

Read the job description, and note the job title, responsibilities, location and specific requirements. Record any words used multiple times throughout the posting. Change your tagline to match the job title.

Use the exact same keywords as the job title in your personal tagline or summary. This immediately shows that you both want the job, and are a good match for it.


Update skills

If you do have the skills asked for in the job description, add all of them to your resume. Be very specific and use the same words as the job posting.


Update work experience

In the accomplishments section of your work experience, change specific action words to match the words of the job description. change work experience


Add your location

Don’t publish your exact address, but add a location field on your resume that matches the job posting. If your location is not near the job posting, make clear in your cover letter that you are looking to relocate.

4. Publish:

Once you have customized your resume - click share. You can then send the employer one of the following: An email cover letter that includes a link to your private online resume (each resume has it’s own URL), as well as a PDF version of that resume.

A PDF export of the custom resume that can be submitted to applicant tracking systems.


Important tips to remember….

  • Never lie on your resume - ensure that all the customization you are doing does not inflate your work experience or credentials
  • Read the job description throughly, and try to picture the type of person the company is trying to hire when customizing your resume
  • Read carefully for any additional directions you may have missed

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