How to build your personal brand using VisualCV

Before you begin you will need to create a VisualCV by clicking on the “Get started” button below. VisualCV is a free cv and resume builder that is perfect for creating and enhancing your personal brand.

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1. Link to your VisualCV

Increasingly, employers are turning to social media to discover new candidates in the hiring process. Having your VisualCV visible on various social channels is an effective way to have employers contact YOU about your work experience. Here are the top sites to link to your VisualCV.


Add a link to your VisualCV from your LinkedIn profile summary to give viewers a more in-depth and personalized look at your qualifications and skills.



Allow people you interact with on Twitter to get a quick snapshot of your skills by adding a link to your VisualCV in your Twitter bio. Twitter and VisualCV


Your email signature:

On average professionals send over 30 emails per day. This is a huge missed marketing opportunity! Add your VisualCV signature to your email, and start building more personal connections. Twitter and VisualCV


2. Create a personal website:

What do 80% of employers do once they view your resume?

Google Search your name.

A personal website with a custom domain that hosts your resume is the best way to ensure your name pops up on top of the results. Having your VisualCV as your personal website makes it super easy to keep updated.

Here’s how to link your VisualCV to a personal domain name

If you already have a personal website, consider adding your VisualCV as a link on that too - to ensure your professional life is well documented.

3. Share & gather feedback:

Your online resume (like your career) is a work in progress. Send your VisualCV to 5 friends or colleagues, and ask them “What could I improve about my VisualCV?”

Their feedback will help you build an even better VisualCV.

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