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When you're applying for jobs as a veteran, resume writing services can make all the difference.

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If you’re leaving the military and ready to enter civilian life, veteran resume writing services are a great way to land your next job.

Applying for civilian jobs as a veteran can be difficult. It’s important to translate your service into skills that hiring managers will understand when they read your resume, as many recruiters and employers are not familiar with military experiences.

Veteran resume writing services can help you take what you learned in the military and turn it into a great resume that will land you an interview.

How does a resume writing service work?

Using a resume writing service as a veteran is simple. All you need to do is provide your existing resume, answer a few questions, and let our team of resume experts do all the hard work. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Send us your resume

After you purchase resume writing services with VisualCV, our resume writing team will ask for your current resume.

Don’t worry if the resume isn’t perfectly up-to-date, or if it hasn’t been tailored for your new job search. This document is only the starting point for our resume writing team. It will give them a summary of your career, some key skills and highlights, and a sense of the experience you are bringing to your current applications. A resume you wrote years ago and haven’t updated since the last time you were looking for work will suffice.

If you don’t have any resume at all, just writing down your past jobs and dates of employment will help our team get started.

You can use a PDF, Word document, or VisualCV resume to submit to our resume writing team.

Step 2: Connect with a professional resume writer

Once you have submitted your resume, the VisualCV resume writing team will reach out to you with a few questions. They will ask about your career goals, your past experience, and the job you are applying to.

This information will help our team write a resume that is suited not only for your career, but for your current applications. It’s important to tailor your resume for the job you are applying to, and the resume writing team will help do just that.

If you have any questions, concerns, or special requirements for your resume, this is your opportunity to let the writing team know. It’s important that the resume writing process is collaborative. This way, you can be sure that both you and the resume writing team know exactly what to expect, and that you are getting the best possible resume for your career goals.

Step 3: Receive your professionally written resume

Once you have completed the questionnaire, our resume writing team will get to work. They will take all of the information you provide and produce a professional resume that is sure to land you your next job interview. Based on your previous experience, questionnaire responses, and any other comments you provide, our team will hand-craft the right resume for your career.

Your resume will be ready in three business days.

Once you have had a look at your resume, you can reach out to the resume writing team with any questions. We want to make sure you have the best resume possible, so any feedback is welcome.

If you would like to experiment with resume formatting, don’t forget to check out VisualCV’s resume templates.

Once you have your resume, you’re ready to start applying. You can send your resume to potential employers, post it on job boards, or bring it with you to your next interview. With a great resume, perfectly customized to suit your experience and career goals, you are sure to land your dream job in no time.

Veteran resume tips

If you want to get started on your resume before taking advantage of veteran resume writing services, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Avoid jargon and acronyms

Coming out of a military context, you may have developed a habit of speaking in the language of the military. This will include a lot of jargon, initialisms, and slang that won’t be familiar to civilians.

When writing your resume, avoid using these specialized terms as much as possible. Civilian hiring managers may not know what “NCOIC” or “Pte” means. It is best to phrase everything in a way that doesn’t require any special knowledge, and to spell out acronyms so they can be fully understood.

Highlight transferable skills

Not all military skills will transfer directly to your next civilian role. When writing a resume, try to showcase the transferable skills that work well in any field. This will likely include soft skills, like time management, decision-making, and critical thinking. Productivity skills and people skills are useful in any field.

Use action words

When describing your work experience in past roles, don’t rely on boring descriptions of duties or responsibilities. It’s important to demonstrate that you were successful in each position and took an active role in the organization’s success.

To do this, use active language like organized, managed, and demonstrated when describing past achievements. Your work experience should make it clear that you are a great team member with leadership qualities, and your word choice will help show that.

Write a great cover letter

Once your resume has been written, don’t forget to write a cover letter. While the resume is the most important part of a job application, a great cover letter can be an important asset. Your cover letter is your opportunity to tell your career story, and say in plain terms why you are a great fit for the company you are applying to.

Writing a veteran resume

Even if you’re using a veteran resume writing service, you should have an idea of what a veteran resume should look like.

When leaving military service, it’s important to find ways to translate the skills you learned in the military into skills that will be useful in a civilian position. Further, you will need to be able to contextualize your skills and experience in a way that civilian recruiters and hiring managers will understand. The details of your service might be impressive to other veterans, but someone who works in recruiting may not recognize how they are relevant to the role they are hiring for.

While your career is unique, a veteran resume will have the same structure as a typical civilian resume. Your resume should include these sections:

  • Contact information
  • Summary
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • Skills

You may also want to include sections like:

  • Volunteering experience
  • Training
  • Certifications
  • Publications
  • Clearance level

..and more.

For each section:

Contact Information

The first section in your resume should be your contact information. It’s important to let any potential employers know how to reach you. In your contact information section, make sure to show your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • City

You don’t need to include your full address, or any other personal information. If you like, you can include a link to your LinkedIn profile or other professional accounts online.


Your summary is your elevator pitch to an employer.

A professional summary, while optional, is a great way to introduce yourself in a resume. In a few short sentences or bullet points, you can use your summary to describe your key skills, qualifications, and, if necessary, a brief explanation of your career so far and why you are looking for civilian roles. This section should be short, but if done right it can be what hooks the employer and convinces them to keep reading.

Work Experience

Your work history is a key part of your resume. In this section, you can list previous jobs and describe your responsibilities and achievements in each role. This is where you can really show the experience you have gained and your accomplishments from previous jobs.

List past jobs in reverse-chronological order, beginning with your current or most recent position. For each entry in your Work Experience section, be sure to list:

  • Job title
  • Company name
  • Employment dates
  • Job description

In each job description, the focus should be on achievements rather than responsibilities. This means using measurable, quantifiable metrics like sales numbers or team size. Concrete examples of accomplishments will be more impressive than a boring list of duties.


Your Skills section is where you can quickly and concisely list the skills and competences that make you a great employee.

When deciding which skills to highlight, consider both hard and soft skills.

Your hard skills, or technical skills, are the skills specific to a particular job, task, or tool. This can include things like welding, bookkeeping, or C++. When you write your resume, be sure to include the technical skills that are both impressive and relevant to the job you are applying to.

Your soft skills are the people skills that make you great to work with in any field. This includes skills in teamwork, leadership, and communication. These are skills that you may have developed in your military career that will translate well to civilian life, no matter what industry you enter.


Your Education section is important, but doesn’t need to be long. It is where you can list your degrees and diplomas simply and concisely.

In your Education section, list your academic credentials in reverse-chronological order. For each item, include:

  • Degree
  • School name
  • Graduation year (optional)

If you are a recent graduate and want to place more emphasis on your education, you can also include a description with details like specializations, GPA (if it’s high), or relevant classwork.

If you are an older job-seeker, you may want to omit your graduation dates, as they will give an indication of your age.

Why use a veteran resume writing service?

Of course, writing your own resume is free. Why would you pay someone to write your resume when you could do it yourself?

Writing a resume is a specialized skill that takes years of experience to perfect. Even if you are great at your job, you might not know what makes a great resume. A professional veteran resume writing service will know exactly how to turn your skills and experience into a great resume.

Benefits of a resume writing service include:

Career expertise

If you’ve spent any time applying for jobs, you know that it isn’t easy. Navigating all the different job boards, recruiting agencies, and company websites is difficult and often boring, and getting to know what each organization wants can be difficult. Customizing your resume so that it’s perfect for hiring managers in your industry is easier said than done, even if you have years of experience in your field.

When you use veteran resume writing services to write your resume, you will have someone on your team who intimately understands the job market. They will be able to highlight the right qualifications and tailor your resume so that it is perfectly aimed at the job you want. Our resume writers bring years of experience in the resume writing industry, and they know exactly how you can take your skills and experience and present them so that they land you interviews.

Three day turnaround

When you purchase resume writing services with VisualCV, you will receive a completed resume in three days.

Writing a resume takes hours, and life doesn’t stop to wait for you to finish. If you’re working in your current position, applying for new jobs, spending time with your family, keeping up with household chores, and so on, do you have the time to write a resume in the next three days?

And if you do, do you know that it will have the quality of a professionally written resume? When you leave your resume with professionals, you can rest assured that your resume will be written, customized, and ready to submit in three days, with no delays or indecision.

If you are actively applying for jobs, it’s important to meet any posted deadlines. When you submit to VisualCV’s resume writing services, you know that you will have it in three days and no later, and it will be ready to submit right away.

Eye-catching templates

When you use VisualCV to create an application-ready resume, you will have access to all of VisualCV’s professional resume templates.

This means that you can choose the perfect resume template for every application. VisualCV’s templates are professionally designed and highly customizable, so you can be sure that you will have the perfect resume template no matter what field you are in.

The perfect resume template will depend on your industry, the company you are applying to, and your personal style. With VisualCV, you can easily swap between templates to test them out, without having to rewrite or reformat your existing resume content. All templates are professional, stylish, and ATS-compatible, so you will have no problems finding the right template for your next application.

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