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" The Visual CV helped my paper application stand out above the others, but the Web Visual CV had a team of interviewers trying a sample online lesson...with the ukulele! "

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Rob is a dedicated and enthusiastic Educator or, as he prefers to say, Learning Architect. He designs and implements educational activities that inspire students to create, collaborate, and learn. He teaches English and Science, and he is passionate about engaging students and helping them to discover how they learn best.

The Challenge

Despite his teaching experience of more than a decade, Rob was finding it difficult to get a call back when applying for jobs. He found that a plain, traditional resume could not effectively capture his passion for learning and commitment to students’ self-discovery. Rob’s approach to learning design is best represented in a more engaging, visual style.

The Solution

When Rob began submitting his resume as a VisualCV, he began to receive callbacks and interviews almost immediately. Coupled with a robust portfolio, his VisualCV showcases his passion for his students and his teaching philosophy of engagement and participation. Rob landed several work projects with a resume that shows his commitment to surpassing the limitations of a textbook and empowering students to develop their own learning styles.

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