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Polina is a passionate marketing manager with a focus on digital marketing. She works for a marketing agency where she collaborates with large companies to create smart and impactful digital marketing campaigns. Polina has loved brand communications since studying behavioural psychology in her first year of university and she has continued to learn and grow ever since. She is constantly improving her expertise in digital marketing, including topics like big data, performance marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, web design and Google Analytics.

The Challenge

Since beginning work with her current employer, Polina has moved teams no less than six times, and her responsibilities have been challenging and varied. Beginning new roles and responsibilities can be demanding, and keeping track of it all is no easy feat. As a career-minded individual, Polina needs a way to record and showcase her career growth visually. This is for both career purposes and for her own personal reflection.

The Solution

Polina’s VisualCV provides an elegant visual representation of her career progress. In it, Polina can clearly display the roles she has held, the goals she has achieved, and the skills she has developed. Her VisualCV is easy to update and maintain, so career developments are easy to record and highlight.

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