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" Visual CV gives my resume that little extra something to distinguish it from the rest in the pile. The ability to quickly create a new format using the slick looking templates is why I use this product. "

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Jezza is a project manager and Agile coach. His work blurs the line between business and technology as he endeavors to improve the way software is delivered. He excels in communication and planning and is dedicated to ensuring that his Agile team is motivated, happy, and has no roadblocks as they deliver continued benefit to the client.

The Challenge

Throughout his career, Jezza has earned a great reputation and met many industry contacts. Over time, many opportunities have developed through the strong professional relationships that he has established. As Jezza’s proficiency and experience are varied - his background draws from both the tech industry and from the business world - job opportunities can arise from diverse sources. Having cultivated these relationships, Jezza knows that a personal touch is needed in his approach - including the resume he delivers.

The Solution

Each application deserves its own unique approach, and VisualCV allows Jezza to provide that quickly and without hassle. With VisualCV, Jezza can easily create a base resume to copy and customize for every opportunity. Tailoring his resume is simple - he can target each opportunity without relying on the same general resume, and without starting from scratch every time.

Create your VisualCV today and land your next job faster.

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