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Success story user Ishra

I've used VisualCV for in-house and agency roles specifically but also recommend VisualCV to all my circles. It's seamless to use, making it easy to share your experience and story.

Ishra is a positive and dedicated marketing professional who believes that diversity and individuality produce positive contributions and ideas. She developed a love of marketing at an early age, and has continued to learn and develop her skills and interests to an intermediate level, keeping up to date on fashion, trends, and social media.

The Challenge:

Marketing is about people. Great marketing is created when creative people of all types come together with an understanding that different experiences and perspectives are complementary and valuable. While this aspect of the marketing arena produces better ideas and solutions, it also makes it more difficult to stand out - the field is as crowded as it is diverse. Ishra needs a resume that will showcase her unique experiences and capabilities in a way that catches the eye.

The Solution:

Ishra uses VisualCV to share her story. VisualCV’s creative templates allow her to clearly display both her experience and her personality. It is important for Ishra to show not only her skills and experience, but her individuality in order to stand out. VisualCV gives her a platform to do just that.

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