Christopher Church

Meet Christopher Church

" When I apply for a job or someone asks if I have a resume, I send them my VisualCV and they're immediately impressed. "

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Christopher is a freelance growth marketer, social media maven, content creator, and writer. A marketing graduate, Christopher discovered the world of freelancing while on the job hunt and hasn’t looked back since.

The Challenge:

Working freelance means having the freedom to choose your clients and work for yourself. It also means having the responsibility to find and manage jobs yourself, without the support or endorsement of an agency to fall back on. Chris has to find opportunities and secure new work, all while balancing current projects. To do this, he needs a compelling portfolio that sells his skills and demonstrates his talent without taking up too much of his time to maintain.

The Solution:

Christopher uses VisualCV to stay connected and maintain a professional online presence. Many business connections today are made online - Christopher has even landed jobs through Slack! VisualCV allows for a robust portfolio and compelling resume that is easy to keep up to date and share with clients and potential clients. Christopher’s VisualCV showcases all of his most relevant projects and skills - to make a great impression, all he has to do is make the connection and share his VisualCV link.

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