Meet Cecily

" After ten years in recruiting and staffing, I appreciate how easy it is to view and share my Visual CV - simply click on a link and voila! Gone are the days of inbox-clogging attachments. Visual CV made it easy for me to network online, and more convenient for my contacts to network on my behalf. "

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Cecily is the manager of convention staffing at a private, not-for-profit membership organization that markets the Orlando destination globally. She is responsible for the successful sales and delivery of professional staffing services, providing people powered solutions to create one-of-a-kind events . She is also the founder of an e-commerce business that sells athleisure apparel and lifestyle products that aim to empower everyone, especially women, to be true to their real self.

The Challenge

With a varied career and a focus on networking and bringing people together, Cecily needs a resume solution that allows her to easily create attractive, targeted resumes for any situation, whether it is consultative sales, talent acquisition, or operations management. She needs a way to customize her resume to effectively showcase her experience, enthusiasm, and leadership capabilities for each opportunity.

The Solution

Cecily uses VisualCV to easily create and share resumes for any occasion. She hosts her main resume on a personal domain, where it is searchable and easy to share with clients, and maintains multiple customized resumes, each tailored for a specific audience. This way, Cecily has the perfect resume ready for every professional networking opportunity that arises.

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