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" The design templates in Visual CV are simply amazing, and being able to send out a URL to people as well as generate PDF’s etc. was so handy. "

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Cameron is a software product manager who has worked extensively in both enterprise and consumer markets. He began his career as an entrepreneur, starting a web consulting business turned product company that was soon acquired. He started and sold several other companies before moving into business workflow and automation products at Cisco Systems. There, he works with varied stakeholders and cross-functional teams and uses his own blend of Lean Six Sigma principles to reduce waste and deliver value through faster outcomes.

The Challenge

Despite his track record of innovation, leading customers, and success, Cameron found that breaking into the corporate culture of Silicon Valley was surprisingly difficult. Selling his history of effective entrepreneurship to established companies turned out to be a real challenge. Because Cameron’s wealth of experience and talent drew from some unconventional places, his value was difficult to demonstrate to prospective employers. He needed a new strategy for attracting attention and presenting his impressive set of abilities.

The Solution

Cameron has developed a method for impressing recruiters and attracting attention online - he uses a combination of social media, a personal website, and VisualCV to tell his story. By focusing his energy on taking careful notes and learning lessons from every job application, Cameron was able to develop his perfect resume and online presence for impressing hiring managers and recruiters. With this strategy, he successfully drew the attention of a recruiter who soon hired him at Cisco, where he is quickly learning and adding tremendous value to his team. In fact, he was recently recognized with a Cisco Ignite Award for his important work.

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