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Brad is a web strategist at a multi-disciplinary technology firm. This job focuses on driving web traffic using marketing strategies, web page design, and market analytics. His career journey has included roles in technical sales, cloud computing, enterprise resource planning, and help desk support.

The Challenge:

Not only has Brad held many positions throughout his working life, he is always developing new interests and seeking enrichment opportunities. On any given day Brad can be found meeting with clients, making connections, and learning new skills - even going back to school to do so! This means that he often finds himself in need of a quick introductory bio or resume - he needs to stand out for clients, employers, school applications, and the occasional side job.

The Solution:

With VisualCV, Brad can create CVs that stand out in any context. He can easily tailor his CV to impress current and prospective clients, schools, and interviewers. Whether he needs a robust career resume a brief bio, VisualCV has versatile templates that can be quickly customized for any eventuality.

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