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" I have used VisualCV for years; it is very user-friendly for someone without web development skills like me. "

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Ariel is a talent sourcer, recruiter and HR advisor based in Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys the fast pace of the HR world, the public-facing aspect of recruitment, and collaborating with decision-makers throughout an organization. Ariel’s role includes candidate sourcing and screening, and she is deeply invested in improving the application process for all candidates. She also acts as a marketer to promote her company brand and as a researcher to source passive candidates.

The Challenge

As a recruiter, it is essential for Ariel to be reachable online, ready to connect with potential candidates and applicants. She must always work to maintain her visibility and accessibility so that she can easily be found by job seekers. Great communication is integral to all aspects of talent acquisition and management, such as online outreach and personal branding.

The Solution

Ariel uses VisualCV to complement her online brand and improve her online discoverability, as well as helping to solidify connections made online. Her VisualCV functions as both an online log of her professional development and major projects, and as a search engine optimization driver for people looking to reach out to her and the company she represents, helping her to connect with the right candidates.

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