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" I love how it makes me stand out in a competitive job market. "

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A long-time user of VisualCV, Aftab is an ambitious and dedicated journalist, columnist, and editor who works for a major national newspaper in Glasgow, Scotland. Before he became a permanent employee of this newspaper, he worked freelance as an editor and current affairs columnist for online news sources. He works passionately and independently, placing a high value on hard work and self-reliance.

The Challenge

As a freelancer, Aftab was continuously on the lookout for new jobs and contracts. Throughout this ongoing process, he found it difficult to differentiate his CV from a typical, traditional CV format. As an ambitious contributor to a creative and crowded industry, he knew that the job market was very competitive and that he needed every opportunity to make himself noticed. Aftab needed a CV creation process that allowed him to quickly customize a resume to suit specific applications and stand out among typical resume formats.

The Solution

Aftab Uses VisualCV to create, host, and share his CV. VisualCV provides him the eye-catching templates to help him stand out, the ease of use to allow for quick updates and customization, and the accessibility to help him share his CV with the people who need to see it. For Aftab, VisualCV has made the job hunt not only easier, but more efficient.

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