5 Simple Resume Templates

Simple Resume Template

Browse our collection of the best simple resume templates. And, read our guide on how to write a simple resume.

simple resume template

What defines a simple resume template?

Minimalistic design, clean layout, clutter-free, and yet easy to help you stand out - those are the characteristics of a great basic resume template.

However basic these templates are, it takes a professional to create a simple resume template that can score 4/4 on all those characteristics.

There are 5 simple resume templates that you can easily use and customize. Designed by people who care, loved by people who hire!

5 Simple Resume Templates

Bravo Simple Resume Template

bravo simple resume template

A great simple resume template for both: professionals with significant experience, and recent graduates.

Simple Resume Template for Corporates or Executives

Simple Resume Template for Corporates or Executives

Classic structure with a clear design that showcases your experience in a way that displays your leadership, deep industry experience, or diverse skills that helps you stand out.

Tradition - Simple Resume Template

traditional simple resume template

If you are looking for a resume template that’s simple and can fit well for any role - our Monte resume template is the best choice.

ATS - Simple Resume Template

ATS simple resume template

A single-column, ATS-optimized basic resume template. Great for experienced professionals.

Arya - Basic Resume Template

Arya simple resume template

When it comes to left-aligned date formats on a basic resume template - Arya template stands out. You can stand out in a pile of resumes with minimal editing.

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What is a Simple Resume Template?

A simple resume template is a template that’s easy to read, has minimal design elements, and minimal styling. Additionally, the choice of fonts would be limited to a handful of fonts e.g. Times New Roman, Roboto, etc. The overall color schemes that these simple resume templates follow are either white, grayscale, or any other light color.

Unlike other resume templates, simple resume templates typically have the following sections in them:

  • A contact information section with your full name, current city, and links to your Linkedin or portfolio site.
  • A resume summary or objective section.
  • A work history section.
  • An education section.
  • A skills section.

When to Pick a Simple Resume Template?

A simple rule to follow to decide whether a simple resume template is best for your job search:

  • If you are applying for academic jobs, a simple resume template is what you should prefer.
  • If you are applying for jobs that receive few applications and aren’t very competitive. You should opt for a simple resume template.
  • When a single-column layout is required - most simple resume templates are single-column based, so it becomes easier to select a template.
  • If a simple resume template is required for an internal transfer interview. In that case, follow your organization's guidelines (if any) and select the right template.
  • If you are applying for a creative role where your creativity will be judged right from the first touch - a simple resume template may not be the best choice.

How to Make a Simple Resume Template?

To make a simple resume template, start a simple resume layout. Additionally, write short and direct lines. Avoid using too many words and keep it as simple as you can. Focus on highlighting your achievements and key strengths throughout the resume.

Components of a Simple Resume Template

There are three components of a simple resume template:

  • A simple resume design.
  • Easy to read fonts - could be sans-serif or a serif font family.
  • Colors - no or minimal colors.

Online Simple Resume Template

Are you looking for simple resume templates that you can edit and customize online? Try out our simple online resume templates that have been tried and tested by millions of candidates.

Printable Simple Resume Templates by VisualCV

Need a simple resume template that you can print and use during an in-person interview? You can customize any simple template available here and print them on A4-size paper.

Simple Resume Template Dos and Don'ts

What to Avoid When Using a Simple Resume Template?

Avoid the following when using a simple template to write your resume:

  • Adding long chunks of text.
  • Keep the length of a section unnecessarily longer than it should be.
  • Adding special characters to the template.

Do the Following When Using a Simple Resume Template

  • Use short sentences and make sure that you use easy-to-read words.
  • Use bullets whenever you can, it makes reading a simple resume very easy.

Pros and Cons of Using and Simple Resume Template

Pros of Using Simple Resume:

  • ATS-friendly resume templates that won’t get rejected during the automated scanning of your resume.
  • Perfect fit for applying to traditional or academic roles.

Cons of Using Simple Resume:

  • Won’t help you stand out, especially if you are applying for jobs that value creativity.
  • Fewer options to present information to your resume e.g. showcasing skills, published work, or certifications.

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