20 Visual Resume Templates For Every Job | Customizable for Word, PDF, Text

No matter what job you’re aiming for, these 20 visual resume templates are fully customizable and perfect for your next job search!

A Visual Resume Template using VisualCV's Gallant template

20 Visual Resume Templates for Every Job

Looking for a visual resume to help you stand out from the crowd? Look no further! These 20 visual resume templates are fully customizable and designed to beat ATS software and help you land your dream job.

Visual Resume Template #1 - Gallant

Visual Resume Template - Gallant

Using bold colors can help your visual resume stand out. The Gallant visual resume template delivers this in spades!

Visual Resume Template #2 - Avant

Visual Resume Template - Avant

The Avant visual resume template utilizes a bold two-column design, featuring customizable color for you to showcase your personality.

Visual Resume Template #3 - Brooklyn

Visual Resume Template - Brooklyn

The Brooklyn visual resume template features a bold header, allowing you to add a photo to showcase yourself or your work.

Visual Resume Template #4 - Onyx

Visual Resume Template - Onyx

The Onyx visual resume template’s banner is eye-catching and elegant – keep the attractive wood look default, or customize with your own image!

Visual Resume Template #5 - Denali

Visual Resume Template - Denali

The Denali visual resume template features a timeline-like work experience section alongside a bold banner. Add contrasting colors for an even more impactful look!

Visual Resume Template #6 - Rainier

Visual Resume Template - Rainier

The Rainier visual resume template’s customizable header image and eye-catching design features come together to help you stand out from the crowd.

Visual Resume Template #7 - Fuji

Visual Resume Template - Fuji

A classic two column resume with a twist, the Fuji visual resume template includes a striking, customizable header image.

Visual Resume Template #8 - Baker

Visual Resume Template - Baker

The Baker visual resume template is subtle without being boring. Its clear organization and bright splash of customizable color make it a great choice for standing out in conservative industries!

Visual Resume Template #9 - Rosa

Visual Resume Template - Rosa

Whether you’re looking for a full background image or a simple splash of color, the Rosa visual resume template allows you to customize to your preferences.

Visual Resume Template #10 - Nevis

Visual Resume Template - Nevis

Nevis is a two-column visual resume template perfect for job seekers looking for an organized, efficient layout.

Visual Resume Template #11 - Elegant

Visual Resume Template - Elegant

Showcase your experience with Elegant, a visual resume template with an eye-catching vibrant header.

Visual Resume Template #12 - Bravo

Visual Resume Template - Bravo

The perfect mix of modern and traditional, the Bravo visual resume template is clean and eye-catching.

Visual Resume Template #13 - Quartz

Visual Resume Template - Quartz

The Quartz visual resume template projects confidence and professionalism with a sleek two-column format and understated colors.

Visual Resume Template #14 - Modern

Visual Resume Template - Modern

Modern is a visual resume template that utilizes several different colors to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd!

Visual Resume Template #15 - Oak

Visual Resume Template - Oak

If you’re looking for a visual resume template that works well as both a printed document and an online resource, Oak’s clickable navigation and clear layout is a great choice.

Visual Resume Template #16 - Clair

Visual Resume Template - Clair

Understated yet elegant, Clair is a visual resume template that uses subtle design elements and pops of color to showcase your personality.

Visual Resume Template #17 - Chloe

Visual Resume Template - Chloe

With just a hint of subtle color, you can choose to customize your Chloe visual resume template to be as bold or as conservative as you need.

Visual Resume Template #18 - Arya

Visual Resume Template - Arya

Arya is a clean, basic visual resume template that comes across as modern and professional without rocking the boat.

Visual Resume Template #19 - Vida

Visual Resume Template - Vida

Vida is a two column visual resume template that plainly showcases your skills and experience without compromising on style and customization options.

Visual Resume Template #20 - Monaco

Visual Resume Template - Monaco

A simple, clean option, Monaco is a visual resume template that puts your experience front and center.

What is a Visual Resume Template

A visual resume template is a resume template that uses design elements to help your resume stand out from the crowd. Rather than a text-only resume, visual resumes use features such as color, design bocking, headshots, and photos.

While some industries favor standard black-and-white text resumes (such as our ATS or Standard templates), a visual resume template allows you to play around with customization and demonstrate a little creativity. Changing up photos and colors can give you a resume truly your own!

When to Use a Visual Resume Template

Visual resume templates can be used in almost every job application and every industry as a way to subtly stand out from the crowd. However, if you’re applying for jobs in particularly conservative industries such as law or government, you may be discouraged (or outright prohibited) from using a visual resume template.

Overall, however, visual resume templates are welcome in most industries – if you aren’t sure how bold you can go, why not try one of our more subtle visual templates?

Tips on Writing the Best Visual Resume

Writing a visual resume can help you stand out – let’s make sure it’s for the right reasons! Here are a few of our top tips for writing the best visual resume.

Keep it clean: Keep your visual resume clean and easy to read. Use a simple, professional template that allows your experience and skills to take center stage. While you design and customize your resume, use consistent colors and be careful not to overwhelm your resume with too many colors and design elements.

Guide the reader: Create a visual hierarchy to guide the reader’s eyes through your visual resume’s important sections. Our professionally designed resume templates do this heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on the content of your resume itself.

Strike a balance: While it may sound counterintuitive, the bulk of your visual resume should be text, not images! Using images is a great way to add visual interest to your resume, but they shouldn’t take over the main point of the document, which is to showcase your skills and experience.

Customize your resume: Just like any other resume, a visual resume should be fully customized for each role you apply for. Highlight skills that the job posting mentions, using relevant keywords that will be picked up by ATS software and hiring managers. Remember to include measurable results in your experience section – it’s great to say that you increased revenue, but saying you increased revenue by 43% is much better.

Visual Resume Templates: Pros and Cons


Eye-catching and Memorable: Visual resumes stand out and are more likely to grab the attention of hiring managers. The use of color, images, and creative layouts can make a lasting impression. Showcasing Creativity and Design Skills: For professions that value creativity and design skills (such as graphic design, marketing, or fashion), a visual resume can serve as a portfolio, demonstrating the candidate's abilities. Highlighting Key Information: Visual elements can be used to emphasize important information, making it easier for recruiters to quickly identify key qualifications and achievements. Personal Branding: Visual resumes allow for more personalized branding, helping candidates communicate their unique personality, values, and style. Suitable for Online Portfolios: Visual resumes are well-suited for online portfolios and personal websites, providing a comprehensive view of a candidate's skills and experience.


Compatibility Issues: Some Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by companies may struggle to parse information from visual resumes, leading to potential compatibility issues. Of course, you won't have to worry about that: all of VisualCV's visual resume templates have been designed to pass ATS screening software! Not Universally Accepted: While visual resumes can be beneficial in certain industries, they might not be suitable for all professions. Conservative industries or traditional companies may prefer a more standard, text-based resume. Overemphasis on Style over Substance: In some cases, visual resumes may prioritize design elements over the actual content, risking the possibility that crucial information is overlooked or diluted. Time-Consuming to Create: Designing a visually appealing resume can be time-consuming, especially for individuals who are not familiar with graphic design tools. Thankfully, using a professionally designed visual resume template from VisualCV decreases your design time significantly, meaning you can continue to create and customize new resumes for each job along your search! Potential for Bias: Visual elements, such as photos, could introduce bias into the hiring process. In some regions, including a photo on a resume is discouraged to avoid potential discrimination based on appearance. File Size and Format Issues: Visual resumes may have larger file sizes, which could be problematic when submitting applications online. Additionally, different devices and software may not display the visual elements consistently.

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