PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Examples

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Examples

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #1

As both a public and private school teacher Sarah has worked with students as young as pre-school and as old as seniors in high school. She's passionate, hard working, collaborative, and has a desire to help all students learn and grow.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #2

Attentive and creative PreSchool Teacher passionate about helping young children develop emotional, social and educational skills. Familiar with developmentally appropriate activities and experienced by providing nurturing environments conducive to learning. Promote physical, emotional and social health to complement academic progress.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #3

Highly motivated, enthusiastic and positive individual with great organizational and communication skills. Solution based problem solver seeking a position as a PreSchool Teacher.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #4

My philosophy as an educator is to create a nurturing, motivating and stimulating learning environment to support and guide children through their educational paths. I'm a firm believer that each student is an individual and try my best to engage them in their unique way; whether it be multi-sensory, behavior modification, differentiated instruction or a simple check in so they know I'm engaged in them.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #5

I am ambitiously devoted to my students, motivated and a hardworking PreSchool Teacher who truly enjoys working with children and teaching. I don't shy away from challenges. My goal for my students is to experience meaningful, interesting learning that applies to their lives, stretches their knowledge and further develops their holistic growth.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #6

A positively motivated, energetic team player who has a strong desire to grow a career in the field of early childhood education as a PreSchool Teacher. She has a long track record of delivering high quality care and learning opportunities to children aged between two and five years old. I am very passionate towards my work which includes designing, pattern making, stitching and cross stitch. I am a creative person with versatile skills.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #7

Preschool Teacher with 7 years experience in child care. Worked as caregiver to ages 2-4 years of age for 5 years. Recently I have been teaching children ages 4-6 years. Looking to branch out with children of different age groups and social backgrounds in order to implement different styles of teaching that can help children reach their fullest potential.

PreSchool Teacher Resume Summary Example #8

Passionate teacher with 4.5 years of experience in preschool teaching. As a lead teacher at ACME School, I helped raise parent satisfaction by conducting regular assessments and follow up of the students. Skilled in creativity, patience, communication, empathy and positive attitude.

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