Network Engineer Resume Samples [+ 3 Examples]

This page provides you with Network Engineer resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Network Engineer resume.

Network Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Senior Network Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Assistant Network Engineer Resume Sample and Template
Network Engineer Resume Sample and Template


As our economy becomes increasingly digitized, network engineers and other IT professionals are in demand. However, with huge salaries on offer, expect to face stiff competition. To help you get an edge, you need a fantastic network engineer resume.

This guide will show you:

  • How to write a network engineer resume that is better than 90% of other applicants
  • Excellent network engineer resume examples
  • How to write an impactful network engineer resume objective or summary
  • Valuable tips and tricks that you can use to increase the chances of getting called up for an interview

What is a Network Engineer?

A network engineer helps design, set up, and manage a computer network within an organization. Networks have become an integral part of our lives as we have become reliant on computers for work and socializing and everything in between.

Network engineers ensure that we can pass data through digital and telecommunication networks. However, networks are complex and ever-changing. Ensuring they are updated and maintained is essential to healthy functioning.

Network engineers have a wide array of duties. Some of their more familiar roles are:

  • Installing equipment like routers, servers, and switches.
  • Monitoring the network and performing fixes and troubleshooting
  • Ensuring the network is performing quickly
  • Making sure the network is secure
  • Backing up information to help prevent data loss and other issues

Of course, this is a high-level overview of the duties of a network engineer. As you read our network engineer resume examples, you will get a better idea of the role and the specialized responsibilities involved in the job.

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Network Engineer Resume

Kristine L. Turner Summary Goal-oriented and collaborative IT professional with many years experience applying hardware and software design, installation, and administration to several growing businesses. Seeking a challenging and rewarding Network Engineer position where my experience, training, and unique abilities would be of mutual benefit. Experience Network Engineer, TechUSA | October 2009 - Present

  • Designed and implemented campus networks for several locations, including services like corporate data, MPLS, VoIP, WIFI, Layer 2 and 3 security, etc.
  • Performed as a lead engineer in a corporate headquarter home project; installing redundant WAN connections, Cisco ISE, multilayer CISCO 4000 and 6000 switches, VSS, and multiple ASR 1001 routers.
  • Assisted in collapsing the network core in the data center to removed complexity from the data center environment
  • Acted as the lead on several network projects, which involved gathering needs from application and business owners, ordering and configuring network equipment, managing vendors and installations, and testing implementation.

Education Masters of Science in Computer Science, Stanford University 2006 - 2008 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Stanford University 2004 - 2006 Cerfitications 2013 - Present Microsoft: MSCE, MCITP, MCSA, MCTS, MCP

Cisco: CCNA Data Center Skills

  • VMware
  • SCSI devices
  • Active Directory
  • IDE Hard Drives
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Microsoft Office Suite

Why is this network engineer resume example good?

This is a great network engineer resume because it's tidy and easy to read. All of the relevant details are included in clear dedicated sections. The candidate lists contact details and a resume summary which neatly demonstrates their experience as an engineer.

Furthermore, they explain their work history and break down many of their duties in an impressive way. Their education section demonstrates their qualifications and shows that they have been keeping up with the high-paced world of computer networking by listing their certifications.

Finally, they list out their top skills to show the value they will bring to the role.

Senior Network Engineer Resume Example

Cory Zuber Summary Dedicated and detail-oriented Senior Network Engineer with 10+ years of experience developing business solutions and operating data communication systems. Skilled individual with a passion for excellence and introducing new ideas, concepts, methods, and technologies. Seeking to combine my IT management skills and technical skills in a Senior Network Engineer role. Experience Senior Network Engineer, Atos Pvt Ltd | April 2014 - Present

  • Designed and performed server and security audits, system backup, and other recovery processes in accordance with the company's disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.
  • Ensured network infrastructure was up and running.
  • Installed and configuring networks per application requirements
  • Managed the Windows 2008 directory and MS exchange server 2010 for 24/7 uptime
  • Administered and maintained over 750 users at the data center and shared services globally.
  • Administered & troubleshot Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop with multiple sites and farms.

Senior Network Engineer, Google | April 2002 - April 2014

  • Successfully integrated new companies in the Google Network.
  • Responsible for working with local network teams to document current topology and data flow before converting them into Google's network standards.
  • Developed new sites' network topology and configurations; assisted ops teams in implementing new designs.
  • Technical lead for five operators responsible for field design. Supervised projects and team members in installations.

Network Operations Engineer, Robert Hall Technologies | December 2001 - April 2002

  • Implemented network projects, including WAN installation and upgrades
  • Responsible for router upgrades and support
  • Implemented network for new servers space in the company data center
  • Responsible for router configs and cabling
  • Participated in 5th level on-call duties
  • Created and maintained network documentation for all projects and the Compaq third-party networks

Education Masters of Science in Computer Science, Caltech 1998 - 2001 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Caltech 1994 - 1998 Skills

  • Router upgrades and support
  • WAN installation and updates
  • Great written and verbal communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Server design
  • MS exchange server

Why is this senior network engineer resume example good?

This Senior Network Engineer Resume is good because it's well-formatted and easy to scan. Like the previous example, it contains a resume summary that demonstrates the candidate's experience and overall ambitions. Additionally, it includes a well-broken down but extensive work experience section.

Junior Network Engineer Resume Example

Mark Gonzalez Objective Creative and hard-working Assistant Network Engineer seeking a position with a tech company that will allow me to enhance my existing skills. Looking for a role that will allow me to use my Computer Science degree fully to work towards the success of the business. Experience Assistant Network Engineer, Cisco Systems | June 2020 - Present

  • Initial installation of Cisco Routers and Switches Cabling Crossover and Straight
  • Implemented static and dynamic routing with rip, Eigrp, and BGP
  • Configured Access-list and internet access with Nat and Pat
  • Basic frame relay configuration
  • Troubleshot PC's related hardware and Windows platform
  • Installed and upgraded computer software

Education Bachelor of Computer Science, Unicaf University (MW) 2016 - 2020 Certifications

  • CCNA
  • CCNP
  • Cisco


  • Microsoft Azure
  • SSL Offload
  • Data backups
  • Security
  • Systems upgrades

Why is this junior network engineer resume example good?

This senior network engineer resume example is good because it demonstrates how candidates can position themselves for career advancement. It lays out education, skills, and previous employment to show how their career has progressed with an eye on taking a more senior position.

Selecting the Right Network Engineer Resume Format

Selecting the right network engineer resume format is vital. Our network engineer resume template can help you ensure your important information is listed in an easy-to-read manner.

Hiring managers will often be looking at over 250+ applications for positions. As a result, they'll scan resumes or feed them to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that reads the resume for relevant keywords connected to the position.

The best format will:

  • Display work experience reverse-chronologically (i.e., list your most recent experience first, and work backward)
  • Use a simple, standardized font like Verdana, Cambria, or Georgia
  • Use clearly broken up resume sections for Heading (contact details), Resume Summary, Experience, Education, and Skills.
  • Use 1-inch margins and make use of white space to make the resume easy to digest
  • Keep the resume length to one page
  • Save the resume as a PDF, because it will display well on different screens and devices.

How to Write a Network Engineer Resume

Writing a network engineer resume is easy if you follow basic formatting and use delineated sections. Remember, you want your resume to be easy to scan. Hiring managers should be able to find the relevant information by reading the heading.

The sections you need to include are:

  • Header (with your name and contact details)
  • A short punchy resume summary or objective paragraph
  • Work experience that lists your duties and achievements
  • Education
  • Skills and certification

How to Write a Professional Networking Engineering Resume Summary?

A resume summary is a quick, high-level review of your resume. It's one of the first things a hiring manager will read. As such, you need it to summarize who you are, your experience, and your achievements.

Your network engineer resume summary should use active verbs and touch on only the main characteristics that help you stand out as a candidate.

One great idea is to read the job posting thoroughly and note any keywords or requirements. From there, personalize your summary to hit on some of the points where your experience and education intersect.

Network Engineering Resume Summary

Driven and enthusiast Network Engineer with 5+ years of experience in operations and maintenance of large wireless networks. Thorough expertise in proactively monitoring and resolving incidents with complex wireless networks. In-depth knowledge of data management and Cisco hardware.

Why is it good? This network engineer resume summary gives a good picture of the individual's characteristics and experience. It summarizes their duties and the main attributes they might bring to the position.

Senior Network Engineer Resume Summary

Strategic and knowledgeable professional with 15+ years of experience operating data communications systems. Excellent understanding of several operating systems, proficient in Java and C++. Outstanding communication and problem-solving skills, proven track record in developing business solutions.

Why is it good? This senior network engineer resume summary is good because it fits a lot into a short paragraph. It highlights the candidate's experience running and developing networks and demonstrates their programming skills, which can be useful on the job.

Writing a Career Objective for a Network Engineer

You won't always have first-hand experience of every role you apply for. In these situations, you can write a resume objective instead of a resume summary.

While these paragraphs have similarities in structure and format, the essential difference is that you will have to draw on your education and other related experiences and skills. A resume objective should be used when you are applying for entry-level positions.

The best career objectives are tailored towards the job posting. They tell the hiring manager where you want to go and what skills and experience can help you achieve it.

Sample Network Engineer Career Objective

Reliable and eager individual with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills looking to secure an Entry-Level Network Engineer position. Degree in Computer Science and summer internships at Cisco and Microsoft give me the skills and experience of working in a network environment.

How to Describe Your Work Experience on a Network Engineer Resume

The best way to list your work experience on a network engineer resume is to use the reverse-chronological format. So, start with your most recent or current position and work backward.

Additionally, you should list:

  • Your job title
  • The company name
  • The company location
  • Dates worked
  • Detail your duties, experiences, and achievements

Another powerful technique that you can employ is to use the STAR method to describe your work experience.

The STAR method is a four-part method that is frequently used to answer questions at the interview stage. However, it can work for the job experience section too.

You can break down the STAR Method as:

  • Situation: Talk about your current or previous job. Detail your role requirements
  • Task: Talk about the various problems you had to solve or specific tasks that required your skills
  • Action: Detail what steps you took to resolve your tasks
  • Results: Explain the results of your process, how they helped your workplace, and the skills or lessons you gained via the process.

Network Engineer Resume Example - Work History

  • Responsible for identifying network vulnerabilities across clients' global locations
  • Identified 10+ threats through rigorous manual and automatic infrastructure tests
  • Implemented Cisco 2100 with an FTD platform to identify and track threats from firewall to final network destination
  • Reduced downtime and security issues by 20% across all network

This network engineer resume example is good because it uses the STAR method to explain the candidate's approach to problem-solving. It details what the problem is, how they tackled it, and how the resolution benefited the company with detailed metrics.

Senior Network Engineer Resume Example - Work History

  • Responsible for management and maintenance of global network infrastructure.
  • Proactively installed, upgraded, maintained, and troubleshot networks; efficiently dealt with additional issues as they arose.
  • Researched and procured over $150,000 of infrastructure for deployment on the network
  • Guided the merger and integration of data center and network following an acquisition, saving $250,000 by bringing the project in under time
  • Reduced infrastructure spending and costs by reviewing current solutions, saving $20,000 in monthly costs.

This senior network engineer work experience is good because it details the candidate's vast experience and backs it up with hard data. By putting a monetary value on their achievements, the hiring manager can easily quantify the candidate's work experience.

Top Network Engineering Resume Skills in 2022

A network engineering role has a lot of variety and specialty depending on the company. Here is a list of the technical skills that are in demand in 2022.

  1. Firewall installation and maintenance
  2. Analytics and Troubleshooting
  4. Programming languages (Phyton, Ruby, C+, etc.)
  5. Internet of things (IoT)
  6. DNS
  7. Cloud Storage
  8. Virtualization
  9. Network systems installation
  10. System and Hardware upgrades
  11. CCNP
  12. Cybersecurity
  13. Application flows
  14. Cisco technologies & routers
  15. VMware NSX
  16. Hyper-Converged systems
  17. Network security oversight
  18. Oracle Solaris
  19. Apache Tomcat
  20. Encryption

How to Become a Network Engineer

There are a few different routes to becoming a network engineer. Some of them require attending university, while some other paths are more practical.

A Relevant Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree A bachelor's or master's degree in Computer Science or Engineering is a popular route towards a Network Engineer position.

In addition to a degree, several other diplomas and other certificates in Network Services, Security, and Architecture can give you the grounding required to embark on a network engineer career.

Apprenticeship Some network engineers begin life by taking an apprenticeship in a company. These positions can provide candidates with the skills and experience required to graduate further.

Work Experience Work experience in other IT roles can help you transfer to network engineering. Additionally, if you have studied network engineering in your own time, you might also be able to get freelance work on smaller projects. As you grow and learn more, you will have achievements to back up your applicant.

What Should You Study to Become a Network Engineer?

While you won't always need a degree to become a network engineer, many employers will want to see a combination of a degree alongside some certifications that demonstrate you have kept your knowledge current.

A degree in Computer Science or Computer Systems and Engineering will give you the most relevant knowledge. However, other more general degrees — like Mathematics and Physics — provide transferable skills.

Final Thoughts

Network engineers are in high demand. Writing a solid network engineer resume requires looking at resume examples to understand what hiring managers want to see in a candidate.

Thoroughly reading the job requirements and understanding what skills and experiences are needed will help you stand out and beat the ATS. By personalizing your resume for each application, you can emphasize the skills you have that make you a great candidate.

Network engineer roles are highly technical. The work experience section includes lots of complicated terms and industry jargon. Not all of these terms will be easily understood by non-technical hiring managers. So keep that in mind as you list your experience and achievements.

Overall, keep your resume organized and easy to scan by separating the dedicated sections. Keep the information brief and relevant.

Network Engineer Resume Sample and Template
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