Graphic/web Designer Resume Samples

This page provides you with Graphic/web Designer resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Graphic/web Designer resume.

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Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template
Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template
Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template
Freelance Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template
Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template


Crafting the best graphic design resume should be an easy task, but most professionals in the industry fall short on this front. In a highly creative and popular field like design, where everyone aims to be the next Rob Janoff or Kate Moross, your resume needs to stand out from the pack. Whether you want to start your design agency or create iconic posters for your favorite magazine, you're one quick read away from a perfect graphic design resume sample. We helped over 3 million professionals like you build the perfect resume: there’s never been a better time to get creative, inspired, and land that dream job you’ve always wanted.


Content is king in the graphic design world, but so is the way you manage it. Highlighting every skill and piece of experience under the sun won’t catch the recruiter’s eye - you’ve got to spell it out plain and simple, and make those 6 seconds of consideration worth it.

To increase your chances of standing out, use clear, easy-to-read font, big headings and plenty of white space: this type of graphic designer resume layouts go a long way. You can do this in a reverse-chronological format (highly recommended by most marketing managers) or blend in a combination of functional areas too.

Be sure to export your graphic designer resume in PDF rather than word. This will ensure that it looks clean and intact when being viewed by your future employer.

Last but not least, don’t be too creative in your graphic designer resume, Applicant Tracking Systems and employers look out for substance.


Consider this as your elevator pitch - it should not only highlight your best skills and wins, but also let art directors know, in a heartbeat, what you can do for them.

If you’re well-experienced, an excellent graphic designer resume summary is:

Senior graphic designer responsible for creative management and output of content for moderately-sized firm. Worked on over 100+ briefs, from complex branding packages and advertisements to brochures and media art. Managed 10 graphic designers in-house.

Alternatively, here’s a sample that falls a bit of the mark:

Professional graphic designer with 15 years experience. Looking for more work as a designer. Very good at Adobe Suite. A bit of experience in 3D design processes.

With our resume builder you will get tips and examples to inspire you to build the best graphic designer resume.

If you’re a junior graphic designer or if you have recently decided to change careers, you will need an objective statement that showcases your attitude towards furthering your professional practice. This is more about skills than it is about experience.

A great example for a graduate Graphic designer resume is:

Keen and creative junior graphic designer with sound knowledge of Adobe. Seeking to collaborate on upcoming design briefs with Intermediate Media, leveraging proven strengths in teamwork and creative outcomes.

Here’s a sample that doesn’t leave much to desire and will probably not help you start your career:

Entry-level graphic designer looking for job as a designer. Photoshop skills.


Whether you’re well-versed in 3D software or just starting out in Adobe, we can help you get the most out of your graphic design work history.

Graphic Design Resume with Experience: List your most recent job first Mould your skills and achievements to fit the specific job at hand - if you’re going into a marketing design role in the retail sector be sure to highlight relevant experience in that field Use bullet points to get out the most valuable information first Tailor your graphic designer experience to the advertised job (that is so important we mentioned it twice!) List any award or accolades you’ve earned

Without overloading too much, include the company name, your position and the dates you worked. Then include relevant graphic design experience, detailing statistics and figures wherever possible.

Graphic Designer May 2012 - March 2019 Coles Myer Group Headed major rebranding projects across national stores Managed an in-house team of 10 designers on long-standing company projects Liaised with stakeholders to increase revenue by 22% Personal typography was rolled out over larger projects

Alternatively, here’s a graphic design resume that leaves a bit to be desired: Graphic Designer 2013 - now Coles Myer Group Promo campaigns (logo creation) Managing a team Made increase in sales

Graphic Designer Resume with no experience: Taking on some voluntary experience will help build your portfolio and get more graphic designer interviews.

An ideal junior graphic design resume sample looks like this:

Freelance graphic designer September 2015 - present Mimco Assisted in the design of rebranded logo Received X-Gen award for best visual merchandising roll-out Aided in designing brochures for customer mailing list Best Visual Imagery in the team 2016 and 2017

On the other hand, here’s a junior graphic design resume that needs a bit more detail:

Freelance designer 2015-present Helped with logo Made brochures and wrote online content

Check out our detailed resume guide for more tips on how to write about your graphic design work experience.


Sure, having a BA in graphic design or some tertiary experience at a big design school will score you brownie points. Gaining experience counts for a lot in this game though, especially if you take training courses in using the full Adobe suite.

Include these pieces of information in your education section if you can: Where you’ve studied What you’ve studied When you studied Any certifications you’ve earned (CC masterclass, 2D game graphics, GIMP beginner)

Information included here must be completely truthful. If you’ve had a gap in employment for health reasons, don’t be afraid to mention it. If you have almost graduated and are looking for graphic design entry-level jobs without much tertiary experience, convey this to potential recruiters as well. Add any projects that you’ve worked on, from student-led branding jobs to community business website design.

Here’s an example of an excellent graphic design resume education sample:

BA in Graphic Design RMIT, Australia September 2008 - July 2012 4.0 GPA Major in visual merchandising Internship for David Jones, managing shop front window over holidays

Here’s a sample that needs a bit more information:

BA Design 4.0 GPA VM major

Best Graphic Designer skills:

A mix of soft and hard skills will work ideally in your freelance graphic designer resume. At the end of the day, they are the nuts and bolts of how you work and the skill set you can offer.

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
3D Softwares (3ds Max, Cinema 3D)Excellent branding skills
User InterfaceAttention to detail
Adobe IllustratorResearch skills
CorelDrawColor Theory
FreeHandAccepting criticisms
Adobe Full PackageAccepting criticisms

Extra tips

Cover letter: Yes or no? Writing a graphic designer cover letter can help convince your future employer that you are the one and only. You can check out our cover letter examples here.

DO: (make yourself look great)

  1. Include pertinent certifications and conferences you attended
  2. Highlight training and courses, from CC to 2D game graphics
  3. Add your online graphic designer portfolio

DON’T (embarrass yourself or lie)

  1. Sell yourself short
  2. Include typing errors
  3. Include facts if they are actually fiction

If you are still a bit unsure, why don’t you take the easy road and use our graphic designer resume templates? Take your graphic design career to the next level with the help of VisualCV.

Graphic/Web Designer Resume Sample and Template
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