Fresher Resume Examples [+ 3 Samples]

This page provides you with Fresher resume samples to use to create your own resume with our easy-to-use resume builder. Below you'll find our how-to section that will guide you through each section of a Fresher resume.

Fresher Resume Sample and Template
Fresher Resume Sample and Template
Fresher Resume Sample and Template
Fresher Resume Sample and Template


First of all, congratulations on your graduation!

We get it, we have all been there: you’ve recently graduated and you feel like you lack significant experience. You have little idea on how to write the best resume and you don’t know where to start. Well, let’s start from the fact that you’ve landed on this page, most likely looking for the best fresher resume sample on the web: that’s already a first step!

We are here to help you building that standout resume that will convince the recruiter to give you a chance and to invite you to the office for an interview.

Now, your resume is your introduction: to the recruiter, to your future employer, to the company and to the job itself. Don’t rush, sit down and relax because this extremely important step of the process will define your future couple of years.

Let us inspire you, we have already helped thousands of graduates like you getting the dream job they were hoping for!

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How to Write a Fresher Resume

Most resumes don’t get more attention than 15 seconds: did you know that? Crafting a strong graduate resume is not only important, it is mandatory!

As per the format, differently from other resumes, there is no set in stone format: what is strongly suggested though, is a resume objective section, where you match your career objective and goals with the responsibilities and requirements provided in the job description. Make sure you spend 15 minutes studying the company’s business, mission and values: the recruiter will definitely appreciate if you explicitly mention or reference to those.

Education and internships are obviously very important, but we’ll cover them in depth later.

Use a friendly yet professional tone, don’t be too simple nor boring: and please, don’t be funny! This is not a conversation you’d be having at the cafeteria! Clear, powerful fonts are a must: even if you’re very young, basic fonts are your best option as they can be more impressive than one that’s impossible to understand for the recruiter.

If you want to use many colors, we suggest you attend a painting class after-work! This is a professional resume and your future employers might think that it is a bit childish to have a rainbow on it.

Big headings, clean white spaces and no typos are fundamental, too! Last but not least: save your resume as .pdf, as unfortunately MS Word won’t keep your layout intact.

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The Summary Section

How many graduates resume would you say a recruiter and hiring manager get on a weekly basis?

Did you say 10? Wrong. Higher.

25? Wrong.

50? We’re getting closer.

The competition for graduates is insanely fierce and many of you lack experience: you can win the recruiter’s attention in one way, and that’s through your summary. In fact, this is your 60-second pitch to the recruiter, your chance to convince them that you are worth scrolling down your resume.

A perfect summary should be succinct and precise which means short and not vague. Make sure you showcase your best wins at school or during your internship and you make this section count!


  • Summarize your past 5 years.
  • Tell them what your career goals are
  • Limit the focus to a few specific points
  • Demonstrate your experience with emerging trends


  • Avoid ‘bigging’ yourself up, recruiters don’t always like it.
  • Say you will be the “best graduate” more than once.
  • Be too generic: everyone is motivated and ready to work hard, on paper

Work Experience

Obviously, you lack experience.

You might think “Why would I even fill this if I either have no experience or have only done one internship”?

Well, we strongly suggest you make that internship count!

What, out of the responsibilities you had, can focus on to get a recruiter interested?

What qualities did you develop that could ensure you don’t get forgotten amongst the many other applicants?

What skills have you worked on during that experience that can match the job description?

See, it’s not too difficult!

Don’t forget to use bullet points to showcase the aforementioned: the recruiter will appreciate such an organized layout.

You might also benefit from the following tips:

Do (Summarize your work history)

  • Tell them what qualifies you as their future employee
  • The qualifications you have must be included.
  • Always discuss your best wins of your internship.

DON’Ts (Summarize your relationship history)

  • Don’t badmouth your previous supervisor
  • Don’t lie on your resume, eventually someone will uncover the lie.
  • Don’t stretch this section for too long.


Education is fundamental for a fresh graduate like you. And, after all, this will be your easiest section to fill as you recently finished your studies.

Let’s start from the basics, they are fundamental when dealing with this section of your resume:

  • Which schools you have attended.
  • What you have studied in the past.
  • How long you have studied and what were the outcomes to those studies.

You shouldn’t stop here, though? Can you make your education look more impressive? Did you receive or undertake any educational training? Did you get any extra-courses or certifications that match the description of the job you are applying for? Make sure you include them!

Best Skills for a fresh graduate

This is a very important section for a fresher resume as client’s are searching for specific skills that their hire must have to complete the job.

The best way to know which skills to add here, would be to look in the job description itself and add those skills and related skills in your skill section.

Soft Skills
Positive Attitude
Time Management
Thrive under Pressure
Critical Thinking

What is the best format for a fresher resume?

The best fresher resume format is the one that follows a functional resume layout. It will allow you to add relevant information to your fresher resume without making it look cluttered.

What should be the resume headline for freshers?

A resume headline or resume header should have the following in it:

  • Prospective job title e.g. Fresher Full-Stack Developer.
  • Your name, email and phone number.
  • Links to your project work, portfolio or your Linkedin profile.

How long should a fresher resume be?

A fresher resume should be a maximum of two pages. Anything longer than that would be considered too long by a hiring manager.

Is a summary important in a resume for freshers?

No, resume summaries are not important for a fresher. Instead, consider adding a resume objective to your fresher resume.

Which resume template is best for freshers?

Any resume template that supports a functional resume layout, looks visually appealing and is ATS friendly is good for a fresher’s resume.

Cover Letter: yes or no?

A cover letter usually is welcomed by recruiters. Follow our tips here.

Extra tips

The following are a few additional tips to help you during your resume creation:

DO (make yourself look great)

  • Keep your language neutral.
  • Ensure talents are listed along with your skills.
  • Hobbies can be added to bolster your attraction to recruiters.

DON’T (embarrass yourself)

  • Be unprofessional.
  • Don’t add skills not suited to you

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Fresher Resume Sample and Template
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